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Detour of Plans


awwwww, poor gee, and poor Bandit

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Bandit woke up the next morning and went to the kitchen. Lindsey was feeding Rodrick soem formula. She scowled.
"What's wrong?"
"Rodrick keeps keeping you and Daddy away from me. You love him more!"
"Hunny. Daddy and I love you so much. Its just, a new baby is a lot of work."
Bandit looked at her, "Where's Daddy?"
"I dont know. Do you want to be my special helper and feed Rodrick?"
Bandit smiled, "Yeah! How do I do that?"
"Just hold the bottle in your hand, and hold your brother like a baby doll."
"Mommy? Is Daddy OK?"
"I'm going to go find him, keep feeding your brother OK?"
Bandit smiled as Rodrick drank the formula. She felt like such a big help.
Lindsey came in.
"Where's Daddy?"
"Daddy isn't feeling very well today."
She stopped.
"Hunny, I'll take Rodrick. You can go see if you can make Daddy feel better."
Gerard looked at her, "Hey."
"You promised you'd take me on a special trip, just me and you." She said, tears welling up.
"Hunny, I'm sorry. I just dont feel very good today."
Gerard groaned.
"Daddy? Should I get Mommy?"
"She's feeding Rodrick right now. Shell be in soon."
"Hey, how are you feeling hun?"
Lindsey looked at him, and Bandit.
Rodrick reached out for Gerard.
"You want Daddy?"
Rodrick fussed.
"Hun, Daddy's sick, he cant get you sick, or you'll be in the hospital."
"All you guys care about is Rodrick!! I wish he was never born!" Bandit cried. She stormed off to her pink room.
Gerard heard a door slam, and he shakily got up, and went to his daughter.
"Go far away!"
"Hun, its not that me and Mommy hate you,. Rodrick is just so new, and we have to make sure he is going to be OK,since he;s small."
"Nuh-uh. You and Mommy want to spend more time with him." SHe cried.
"Can I come in? I wanna have a one-on-one talk."
Bandit opened the door, pouting at her father.

"Hun, you have responsibility now. You gotta be a big girl, and show Rodrick the ropes. YOu gotta look out for him. Me and Uncle Mikey always watch eachother."
"Hey, I wasn;t going to give you this for another week, but I think its time."
"For what Daddy?"
Gerard pulled out a compass.
"Whats that?"
"Its a compass, it tells you what way to go."
"Why do I have it?"
"So you can lead the way for Rodrick, and show him the right direction."
"Yeah, like how to be a good boy, and stuff like that."
"Its a tough job, but I know your up for it Bandit. I love you."
"Love you too Daddy."
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