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crazy night

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Gerard woke up to Rodrick crying again. He rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up.
"Lindsey? Whose turn is it?"
"Your turn Gee."
He stood up, and walked into Rodrick's room.
"Hey, Mahlyenki Dyvol, whats wrong?"
Rodrick looked at him. Gerard picked him up.
"Mahlyenki Dyvol, did I ever tell you about how I was at night?"
Rodrick just stared.
"Well, I used to do a lot of bad stuff. I did stuff that woulda hurt Uncle Mikey,and the band."
"I didn't know how to deal, so I did alot of bad stuff. Mikey, he always had to take care of me. Even though, I'm older."
Rodrick looked at him.
"What I'm trying to say is, people are gonna say stuff to you, but don't let them get you down. You're a big, brave boy. There's gonna be a day, where you're gonna have to protect Bandit. She may be older, but she's your sis. You gotta back her up, cause thats what siblings do. OK?"
He looked down at Rodrick, who was asleep in his arms.
"Night, Mahlyenki Dyvol. Love ya."
Gerard put his son in his crib, and kissed him.
Lindsey walked over, "Hey."
"I heard you talking, what did you mean by you did alot of bad stuff?"
"I was stupid, got into drugs and alcohol awhile back. But I'm clean and sober now"
Gerard went to the bed, and looked at Bandit.
"Hey, hunny. What's wrong?"
"Daddy, is Rodrick broken?"
"No hun, all babies cry a lot. They cant talk like us, so they cry."
"He sounds like a dead kitty."
"Daddy, its true!"
"Hunny, I know somethings wrong. What's wrong?"
"You and Mommy love Rodrick more than me!!" She cried.
"Ban-Ban, I know this is tough for you. Mommy and I love you as much as Rodrick."
"Then why do you call him that special name?!"
"Mahlyenki Dyvol? Oh, I read it in a book, and I liked how it sounded. Like how I call you Ban-Ban."
"B, I love you and Rodrick so much. Me and Mommy couldn't even imagine life without you two."
He wiped away Bandit's tears.
"Wanna go do something fun? Just you and me?"
"I dunno, you pick. Tell me tomorrow, OK? I love you B."
"Love you too Daddy."
Then they hugged.
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