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Gerard cant seem to fall asleep.

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Gerard's chest felt tight, as he coughed into his sleeve. He pulled away, and saw red droplets on his sleeve. He gasped. He was coughing up blood
"Lindsey..." He choked out.
He coughed again, more red staining his sleeve. He looked at his sleeve, horrified.
What is wrong with me? he thought.
Tears welled up, he felt like he was going to die. This time for real
He closed his eyes.
Lindsey walked in.
"Gerard!? Are you OK?!"
"I (COUGH) don't...." another cough. "I don't know!"
She looked at his sleeve, and gasped.
"You need to go to the hospital!"
"No! I'm (cough) fine!"
"No, you need to go."
"I don't want you to feel horrible Gee."
"Please go...for us?"
He quirked an eyebrow. "Go? Like, now?"
"Get me a glass of water, and I'll be fine ..."
He sat up, and wiped blood off of his mouth. His blood.
"I'm calling Mikey...he needs to take care of the kids."
"OK," Gerard whispered.
"Hey, Mikey. I've got a problem, Gee's really sick, and I need you to take care of the kids, can you do that?"
"What;s wrong with him?"
"He's coughing up blood."
"Like, seriously?!'
She could tell he was shocked.
"Can you please come over, I need you...we need you."
"OK, I'll be right over. Try to not scare the kids."
Lindsey wiped away a tear, as Gerard coughed up more blood.
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