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Back in the HOSPITAL!!


AWWWWWWWWWWW, poor gee!!

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Gerard groaned as Lindsey escorted him into the emergency unit/ She gave him a worried look.
"Gee? What's wrong?"
He clutched his stomach and looked at her pitifully.
"Aw, hun, you'll get better..."
I hope she thought the last part.
Gerard looked at her, "What are we gonna do with B,and Mahlyenki Dyvol?"
"I called Mikey, he's gonna watch the kids."
WHen his name was called, Gerard wobbled to the exam room.
The nurse eyed him, thinking he was a junkie who had got a bit too jacked up and drunk,
Gerard glared at him with a I'm-gonna-kick-your-butt-if-you-don't-shut-up look.
Thnurse smiled. Gerard stared at him, hi red hair radiating his anger. He didn't 2ant to deal with a jerk who would want to cause him pain.
"Gerard? Can you tell him whats wrong?" Lindseyw whispered in hiw ear.
"I keep throwing up, or coughing up blood. I had a C-section about a month ago, ajd i brok3 a few ribs."
The nurse quirked an eyebrow. Gerard shot him a warning glare.
"OK. I'll have to order a blood test. I'm thinking its a infection, qnd worse, powwibly blood poisoning."
Gerard tensed up. He didnt want to die........he wanted out. Out of hiw t2iwt3e rqm3, qne his everty move was watchesd.
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