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Gerard stared at the figure in his room, it was Frank. He had a smile on his face, and some coffee on his breath. Gerard inhaled, adoring the smell of cigarettes and coffee. An alcoholic's best friend, even though he was clean and sober.
"Frankie, whats up?"
"Pedicone....its Pedicone."
"Why are you smiling..? I don't get it!"
Gerard panicked. His heart raced, as Frank's smile widened.
"Frankie! What did you do to him?!" Gerard was close to tears.
"Me, I didn't do anything He...he stole some shit...and we kicked him out."
Gerard let the word stole sink in. His stomach knotted.! This isn't like what happened with! can't! Gerard thought panickedly.
Frank noticed that Gerard was sweaty, and his face looked rather green.
"Dude, are you OK? You look like you're going to puke."
"I'm fine. Just fine. Its, its just I can't handle all this now."
And with that, Gerard vomited all over himself.
Frank just stared wide eyed,at his best friend.
Gerard looked down at himself, puke spread on his leg. He grabbed his bedsheet, and wiped it away.
"Pedicone is dead..." Gerard growled, disgusted.
Frank put a hand on his shoulder, "Calm down, Dyvol..."
Gerard looked up at him, tears brimming his eyes.
"Why does bad stuff happem to people who don't deserve it?" He whispered.
"I don't know, Dyvol..."
"Frankie, why do you call me Dyvol..?"
"...becasue your the dad of Mahlyenki Dyvol, it only seemed fitting." Frank smiled softly.
Gerard grinned. He liked that nickname.
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