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Gee confronts Pedicone. Rated for language.

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Mike Pedicone stared at the group in front of him. They all looked pissed off
Especially the red-haired man in the middle. Tears were brimming in his eye, the red haired man wiped away the tears.
"Why? Why would you do that to us?" He whispered.
"..Look, Gerard...I don't know why I--"
Gerard cut him off, "We treated you like fucking family, Mike!!"
"" Gerard snarled. "Just...get--get the fuck out of our lives!'
"Gerard?" Frank put a hand on his shoulder. Gerard pushed Frank off of himself.
"No...Frankie..let me talk." He whispered. "I have to do this..."
Gerard felt his heart plummet to his stomach. He took a breath.
"Its..just...we treated you like you were our brother! Then..." He choked back tears, "You steal from betrayed, why?"
"Why what?"
"Why the hell are you doing this to us?! Why?! you think you're /better. than us?!"
"Don't. Even. SAY IT!" He screamed the last part, tears threatening to fall.
He wiped away the tears in his eyes.
Mike leaned in, "You wanna know why?! I'll tell you why"
Gerard flinched, ready to take a hit.
Mike smiled, "Its because of you Gerard."
Gerard croaked, "Me?"
"You're always the one who does all the interviews! You, Frank, Mikey,and Ray. Its never me!!"
"That's why?! Some fucking interviews?!"
"Gerard. Ever since you had that little uhm, bastard you've become the center of attention!" Mike snarled, malice lacing each word.
Gerard growled, feeling like he wanted to take a shot at Mike, for calling Rodricka bastard.
"My kids are my fucking business...not yours. Get the fuck out before I call the cops."
"Ahahaha. That's rich, Gerard!"
"What?!" He spat.
"Moments ago you looked like you were going to piss yourself, now you're actingall Alpha-male!"
Gerard moved close, "You wanna know something, Pedicone?"
Mike smirked, "Go."
"Fuck you! You think you can rip up your friend's trust and not give a flying fish?!"
Gerard balled up his fist.
"You hit me, Way, I call the cops."
"Like I give a damn what you'll do!!" Gerard snarled, hitting Mike square in the face.
Mikey flinched. This wasn't his older caring brother. It wasnt' Gee. It was a monster.
Mikey grabbed him, "Gee! Stop! You're going to kill him! You're going to make yourself sick!!"
"Sick?! The only thing that makes me sick, is this bastard sitting in front of me, betraying me!" Gerard snarled. He was about to throw another punch, when his stomach churned sickeningly. He stared at Pedicone, blank expression.
"What's wrong, I thought you were going to kill me?"
He was about to open his mouth, when he suddenly felt like he was going to be sick. he looked at Mike, and promptly threw up on him.
Frank stifiled a laugh, Mikey looked shocked, and Ray was supporting Gerard who was lying on him like a drunk.
Gerard wiped his mouth, "Lets get outta here, before I puke again."
And with taht they left thier former bandmember, and current jerk, in his puke soaked shirt, for dead.
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