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To the Stage


Gerard's first show...with out Pedicone, and the first of him being out and stuff

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Gerard snarled as he walked away, "Fucking idiot, its not my fault.."
Ray put a hand on his shoulder, "We know Gee."
They walked to the stage, without doing thier usual highfives, or band stuff. It was odd, they couldn't do it, not with what was going on.
Gerard walked onstage, trying to calm himself.

"HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS!?" he yelled.
The crowd screamed in response.
"So, We've had some crazy stuff go down in MCR land!" He said, trying to keep himself from crying. "We've had new additions, and some losses...but, its gotta go on."
The crowd screamed as Ray started the riff for "I'm Not OK".
When it was Frank's turn, to say "trust me", he whispered in Gerard's ear, "Trust no-one!*"
Malice was lacing each word, not for Gerard, but for Pedicone.
Gerard felt himself snarl.
After INO,they played Helena, and then all of Danger Days. As they walked off, a fan yelled.
"Where's Pedicone?!" Gerard tried his hardest not to snap. He took a deep breath and walked backstage.
"God, that show was crazy!" Frank said, feeling anger seeth through himself.
"Some fan asked where Pedicone was..." Gerard said, barely over a whisper. He looked shaken, and scared at the same time...he was paler than ever, and Frank was afraid he would faint,
"Gee, its OK...the guy's outta our lives man."
Frank and Ray nodded as Mikey said that. Gerard sat down, and went for a water bottle. HE didn;t even get half of it down, without anger, and hurt coursing through his veins. He looked at himself in the mirror, and growled.
"Fuck Pedicone..!"
Frank raised an eyebrow, this had affected him the most. Gerard was seething with anger, hurt, confusion, and just about any other angsty emotion there was.
He stood looking at his features in the mirror, frowning. He was in bad shape, becasue ofthe long hours taking care of Rodrick and Bandit. He had bags under his eyes, and he went to his bunk, and crashed.
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