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Poor Gee! Whats he gonna do on tour?

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Gerard woke up the next day, feeling sick, and shaky. He looked around his bunk, and totally thought he was in a coffin. (cue the Green Day referance). He looked at the alarm clock beside him: 11:03 AM. He fell back and groaned. Mikey and Frank were out in the living room area, playing PS3, Call of Duty MW3 had just come out, and they were playing it like a boss.
Ray, was in the back laying down some guitar tracks, for fun.
Gerard stood up, and walked in. Mikey set down the controller, and smiled, "Heey! Gee!"
Gerard waved meekly.
"Hey, how you feeling, man?" Frank asked.
"I dunno, everything hurts," He shrugged.
"What hurts the most?" Mikey asked, concern lacing each word.
"I dunno..."
Gerard walked to the coffeemaker, and poured himself a mug. He sipped on it, smiling as warmth spread to his toes. He didn't feel good at all He smiled as the warmth engulfed him.
"I dont feel good..."
Mikey looked at him, "Why?"
Then he noticed. Gerard was visabaly shaking, and he looked like he was going to drop his coffee mug.
"C'mon, Gee. Let's go back to your bunk..." Mikey led him back to his bunk, and sat him down.
"Gerard, what hurts the most?"
Gerard looked down, "My stomach..."
Mikey quirked an eyebrow, "Have you been doing anything to mess up your scar?"
Gerard shook his head.
"Anythinga t all?"
"Mikey, no. I just don't feel great today..I'm probably getting the flu or something..."
Mikey looked at him, "OK, I'll get the trash can."
He got up, and left Gerard in his bunk.
Gerard pulled the covers close to himself, and shivered. He was sick. And he knew it.
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