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"Well, This Sucks.."


Sick on tour?! :O

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Mikey was worried/. Gerard hadn't been himself lately, and it /scared him. He had his fears confirmed, as the sound of Gerard throwing up, filled the bus.

He approached Gerard.
"Mikes, go away. I don't want you cathing this stupid crazy flu..."
Gerard cringed, as he puked again.
"I'm, worried Gee. YOu haven't been this sick since Rodrick was born..."
"I know, and I swear I'll be better in a few hours, its just food poisoning...I think."
"OK, bro. I'll get the meds."
Mikey walked away, grabbing the medicine for Gerard.
"Well," Mikey started. "Gee's sick."
Frank looked at him, "How sick?"
"Like, hyper flu sick..I'm scared." Mikey said truthfully.
The sound of pained vomiting filled the bus.
Frank, Mikey, and Ray, all exchanged worried glances.
All agreed that Gerard was going to the hospital.
Mikey grabbed Gerard's beaten iPhone, and called Lindsey.
"Hey, its Mikey, and the guys."
"How's the tour? The kids keep wanting Gee to come home.." She laughed.
"Uhm, about Gee...." He trailed off.
"What's wrong Mikey?"
"He's really sick, he woke up today, shivering, and he's been throwing up all day. I'm scared."
"What about the tour?"
"We're gonna try to take him to a hospital, and see if they'll look at him."
Gerard gagged again.
"Hey, I gotta go, Gee needs me..later."
He hung up, and looked at Gerard.
"Dude, we're taking you to the hospital."
Gerard blinked.
"We're almost there dude."
As they approached the hospital, Gerard had curled up on the couch, and was shaking.
"Mikey..." he moaned. "I don't feel good."
"I know.."
When they got him inside, the nurse took one look at him.
"Blood tests..." was all she said. Gerard's eyes widened.
No! NO anything but that!! NO! he gasped inside his head.

aaaaaaannnnnnnnnd....heres the update. now, I;m off to New York to get cows! :D xo Jules
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