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"Dude, you're NOT ok"


Gerard thinks he's OK, Mikey and the others don't...whats wrong with Gee?!

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Gerard watched the blood surge up the tube. He cringed, as the sample was bottled up, and his needle was taken out of his arm. He looked down at the bandage on his arm, and shivered. If there was ONE thing he hated besides being sick, it was needles.
He shakily slid off the chair, and ambled to his bandmates. Mikey looked at him.
"Gee..are you feeling ok?"
Gerard nodded.
Yeah, the LAST time you said you were fine, you were puking up your insides Mikey thought sarcasticly.
Mikey looked at his brother, "Bro?"
Gerard looked at his brother. His eyes were clouded over, and he looked very pale.
His hair was wet, and sticking to his face. He looked drunk almost. He whimpered as a searing pain ripped through his head. Tears were streaming down his face. Mikey was completely freaked. Gerard screamed, as he felt his legs crumble beneth himself. He had no idea what was going on. He knew that he was extremely nauseaous, and had a bad migrane. The faces of his friends, and brother, were blurry. He could feel like he was being dragged down, by some invisable force. He collapsed on his hands and knees, and began to violently heave. Mikey. Ray, and Frank crowded around him. They watched, as Gerard, who was completely helpless, hurled all over the floor. Mikey started rubbing his back, and Frank, was holding onto his hair. Ray, was standing at the side in shock.
Gerard had stopped throwing up, and had started to dry heave painfully, Suddenly, as if things couldn't get any worse, Gerard felt something in his abdomen rip. He moaned, and vomited again. Mikey looked closer at Gerard, he was shaking, and sweating profusely, because of a fever. He had a fever
Mikey could tell this wasn't any normal illnes, this was bad He grabbed a nurse, who looked at the ER doctor.
"Get him upstairs into surgery, stat."
Mikey gasped. Gerard was going through another surgery. And this one didn't seem like it would end well...
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