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Another Surgery?!


Gerard has ANOTHER surgery!! poor guy!

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The doctors quickly ran Gerard upstaires into another surgery.
Mikey watched helplessly, as his older brother vomited all over the bedsheets, and himslef.
Gerard was being jabbed with an IV, and he closed his eyes, as the doctors quickly started oxygen tube into his throat. He whimpered as he slipped away.
The surgen cut into Gerard's abdomen, and gasped. His appendix had ruptured. Pus was everywhere.. They took out the pieces of his ruptured appendix, and it took them two hours to get the pus out. After he was cleaned, and rid of all of the poison, he wa sclosed up with staples. It was anotehr two hours before they took him to recovery.
Meanwhile, Mikey was biting his cuticles, and Frank and Ray were fidgeting. All they could think about was Gerard, and if he was going to be ok...
Suddenly, a doctor stepped out.
"Are you here for Gerard?"
They nodded.
"OK, I have some good news. He's going to be fine, the bad news is, he is goiing to be here for a few days, to be monitred."
"What was wrong with him?" Mikey asked.
"His appendix ruptured. Which would explain the vomiting and pain, He was very lucky, some people can die from this."
Frank looked at him, "At least Gee is OK,Mikey."
Mikey smiled.
"Can we see him?" Ray asked.
"Yes, but he has a tube into his stomach to drain the pus out, so he might be in a good amount of pain. Also he might be throwing up from the pain, but its just going to take time."
Frank stood up, "Well, lets go see him,guys."
Ray and Mikey looked at him, "OK!"
They stepped into room 249, and saw thier best friend, and brother, hooked up to various machines, and he was asleep.
"Gee?" Mikey whispered.
Gerard moaned.
"Is he having a bad dream or something?" Frank asked.
"Frankie, he's ill, give him a break." Ray said.
Gerard moaned again.
He opened his eyes, and turned his head into a bedpan, and threw up. Mikey loooked over his shoulder. It was acid, and bile.
"Mikes, my stomach hurts...bad! I think I'm going to hurl! " Gerard moaned.
Mikey looked at Gerard, whose face was pale, and slightly green. Gerard moaned as his stomach churned.
Frank grabbed an unused bedpan, and gave it to Gerard, who was shakily holding it as he emppties his stomach contents. Mikey, and Ray exchanged looks.
"What about the tour...?"
"Gee's too sick to be on tour, he needs to rest."
"What should we do?!"
Mikey grabbed his Sidekick, and called Lindsey.
"Hey, Gee's in the hospital. We're gonna cancel the tour, and let him rest. Iknow how we hate to do this, but Gee's really ill."
Mikey hung up,as Gerard had fallen asleep.
He called his parents.
"Hello? Is that you Mikey?"
"Yeah, Ma. Gerard's sick. He's in an Indianapolis hospital."
"Yeah. Gee's sick. His appendix ruptured. He had surgery. I feel like such a horrible brother...I thought he had the flu for the last week!"
"Michael, its not your fault. Gerard must have thought it was the flu as well."
"Actually he did. I don't know how he put up with it."
"Hey, Ma. I gotta go. Gerard needs me."
He hung up. Gerard looked at him. His lips were chapped, and he looked very ill.
"Mikes...I'm sorry." Gerard whispered, a tear falling down his face.

AAAH!! Poor Gee! :'( anyway heres and update! xo Jules
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