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Fun...In a HOSPITAL?!


this is waht me and Dude come up wtih, on surgery chexmix, MCR, and Sour cream and onion chips....random, but fun. (Mild Ferard...enjoy!) gets serious towrds the end

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Frank was tired of Gerard being emo, he knew it wasn't Gerard's fault...but still, it wasnt right for Gerard to be like this.
"Gee, dude, its not your fault you're in here. Life just sucks sometimes...y'know?"
Gerard smiled, "Sucks...haha."
Frank looked at him with mock disgust, "You pervert!"
"Not like that Frank! Its not like you guys are so innocent. You all hang out with me@ There has to be a reason, for an innocent young guy like you to hang out with a creep like me!"
"Dude. YOu're not a creep, you're beast dude!"
Gerard looked at him, "What?"
"Nothing, just get the damn nurse to check your tubes and wires."
Gerard pushed the call button, and a young woman, about 20, with black hair, and glasses walks in.
"Hello,Gerard. how are you today?"
"Don't fick my Furank!!!
"Ya heard me right here. Don't fick my Furank!"
"Dude, what the hell? Did they fill up your morphine too much, or is it the appedicitus talking?"
"No, its the chexmix goin through my head!"
"We don't have any chxmix dude. You're not even supposed to have solids,with the tube in you."
"Ha. Solid."
"Gerard. I think they gave you way too much morphine! You're acting like a drug addict. Mind you were one at one time."
"Hahahah! Way!! I get it!"
Frank looked at him, "Dude, are you OK?"
"Its like tiny little peoples in mah head!!"
"Ok, nurse dude, change Gee's meds. They're making him wacko!"
"Uh, yeaH. His morphine is too much."
She changed the IVs, and Gerard was babbling to himself about rabid kangaroos.
He looked down at the tube in his stomach, "Is this lypo?!"
"No, its to clean the pus out from the surgery."
"It makes a sucky sound!!"
"OK,dude. Think about how wrong that sounded!" Frank said.
"There are ravenous chipmunks eating my acorns!!" Gerard yelled.
Frank looked at him, "Dude? Are you OK?"
"I see Jesus coming and I'm scared!!" He screamed. He was completely off. Frank and Mikey looked at him.
"Gee, are you sure you're ok?"
"I feel fine, I feel fine, I feel--" Gerard stopped babbling. His expression was blank, and he looked at Frank.
Gerard leaned forward, and threw up on Frank.
"Gee! That's gross!"
"Not my fault I'm on too much meds. Blame the nurse dude."
Frank looked at his best friend. Gerard was lying back as the nurse put in a new IV. When the needle went into his arm he screamed.
Gerard watched the fluid drip down the tube. He was tired of hospitals, and tired of being sick.
Ray came in, carrying some coffee, and doughnuts. Gerard paled.]
"Dude, we got food." Ray said, giving Frank a coffee cup. He gave one to Mikey, and one for himself. Gerard looked at them.
"I hate you."
"I hate you."
"Gee, the doctors won't let you have food for a few days, you just got out of surgery three hours ago."
"Was it three felt like three days,"
Frank sipped his coffee, and smiled at Gerard,who scowled at him.
"What, Gee?"
"NOthing Frankie, its just you guys get to have REAL food, while I'm stuck on having a needle supply all my nutrients, and lemme tell you SUCKS!"
Gerard glared at his friends, and brother.
"God, such a sass queen."
"Sass queen?" Gerard quirked an eyebrow.
"Yeah, you're a sass queen." Frank said.
Gerard looked at them, "I'm hungry..."
Another nurse came in, with an IV bag of nutrients. As they hooked it up, Gerard looked down at his stomach, the tube was still in, and he didn't enjoy it at all
"When do I get this stupid thing out?"
"When the pus clears up, then you get the staples taken out."
Gerard looked down, and saw metal holding his skin together. He cringed. Mikey was looking at him worriendly. Gerard looked at him. Mikey had been with Gerard the hell of highschool, and hte hell of the drug world. He could tell when Gerard wasn't feeling right, and now was one of those times.
"Gee, you don't look OK."
"I'm fine, just tired, and having a tube pushing out the poison in my stomach isn't very pleasent."
Gerard's pain was becoming unbearable since the meds were changed, and he was a bit loopy from all of them. So, for his body to register what was going on, he acted like a 3 year old, and started bawling.
"Gee? What's wrong? Are you OK?" Mikey panicked.
"I see Jesus coming for me, and I'm scared!"
Gerard was so worked up, that the heart monitor was going crazy, and he felt like he was going to throw up, just like before.
"Mikey, I feel sick..."
"How so?"
"Like, I'm going to puke if I don't do something."
Mikey turned on the TV, and American Dad was on. Roger the alien, was always drunk, and was always wearing random disguises.
"Gerard, dude. You don't look like you feel too good."
"You're telling /me/."
He watched the TV, until he fell asleep. Mikey looked at him, "Night bro."
When Mikey left, Gerard threw up his nurtirents, and curled up in a ball.
"Will this ever end?" He whispered to himself.
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