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Tonight Tonight

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“Is that such a band thing Mikey? To be like your brother? To have a mind of your own and be willing to die for what you believe in? For what you love?”

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Mikey slowly opened the door and walked in quietly with Frank close behind. He glanced at the living room then to the kitchen searching for Alicia. When he was sure she wasn’t home, he relaxed and told Frank to go sit down. Mikey disappeared into the kitchen only to reappear with 2 coffee cups in his hands.

He handed one to Frank before forcing a smile. “Enjoy it. Its contraband”

Frnak looked up at him with a confused look, The girl in the ally still on his mind. “Contraband?”

Mikey nodded. “Yep. The Union thinks coffee is addicting, which, it is. Any material that can bind a mind in thinking it is needed to survive is considered to be evil.”

Frank looked down at his coffee. “Sounds like The Union are more dictators than leaders.”

“Now your sounding like my brother.”

“Is that such a band thing Mikey? To be like your brother? To have a mind of your own and be willing to die for what you believe in? For what you love?”

Mikey’s gaze hardened “Don’t talk like you know him. You don’t know anything Frank.”

“Do I have to Mikey? Do I have to know every detail to know that he loved her? That he wanted to save her? That he did what he felt was right and you condemned him for it?”

“I did nothing! Don’t blame me for his ignorance!” Mikey yelled, getting angry.

“Exactly! You did NOTHING! You left your BROTHER to DIE! For what?!?!? A kingdom that forces you into their beliefs? Their ideals? They turned you against your own brother yet you stand with THEM!”

Mike shook his head. “No, he turned me against him. I begged for him not to. I told him what would happen and he left anyways. There was nothing I could do…..”

Frank leaned forward, setting his coffee cup down. “Your wrong Mikey. There was everything you could do… still can.”

Mikey looked up at Frank, knowing he was right. “Frank….If this doesn’t work….we we fail…”

“We won’t fail. The only thing you have to loose is the chains on your back.”

Gerard stared at the floor trying not to think about the pain he was in. His wrists were chained above his head making his arms go numb from the blood not flowing like they should. They were bleeding from the cuffs digging into his wrists and while he wouldn’t die from it, the loss of blood made him severally weak. He moaned as he tried to lift his head when he heard someone bang on the cage door.

“Wake up Way. Dinners here” They laughed as the plate was thrown on the floor, making food spill everywhere.

He knew the food was for more torture because his arms were chained to the wall, how was he to eat it? Simple, he wasn’t. He could barely keep his eyes open, let alone move to try and get the food with his legs.

His eyes lifted once more when he heard a voice that he recognized. One that made him think he was going crazy. He thought he could hear his brother.

“Yes, I understand that but as he is my brother, you must let me speak to him. The law states that any family member has the right to visitation no matter the crime.”

“But sir, I have orders to…” Gerard knew that voice. That was the guard. It was the other one that he was unsure about.

“I don’t give a shit what your orders are. You WILL let me see my brother. As the husband of Alicia Simmons, the Commander of Section 12 and the brother of your prisoner, I override whatever orders you have and not only re-order but demand you open that cell.”

Gerard heard footsteps moving towards him and he used all his energy to lift his head to see who was now standing in front of his cell. He could only hold his head up for about 4 seconds but those 4 seconds made his heart skip. Standing in front of him, was indeed his brother. He smiled as his soft brown hair fell in his face and how he had a scowl on his face. Gerard knew the scowl was a mask. He was the look of pain, worry and fear in Mikey’s eyes. Mikey was worried about him. Mikey still cared and that meant everything to Gerard.

The cell door opened and he felt Mikey kneel down next to him before his arms fell to his side, making him slump to the floor. Gerard heard the guard whimper and saw blood spill to the ground before his body followed.

“M…M…” His voice whispered as he forced himself to stay awake. His black hair fell in his eyes so he couldn’t see his brother’s face.

“Gee….oh god. Gee, what have the done to you? What have I let them do to you? Gee I’m so sorry….” Mikey was on the verge of tears. No, strike that, he was in tears.

What Gerard didn’t know was who had killed the guard behind Mikey. He was a pair of converse covered feet walk up next to him before they were replaced by black jean-covered knees. “Gee!”

Gerard slumped closer into Mikey’s arms, falling into the black before he could see the face of his second savior.

2 weeks later

Frank walked into the bedroom like he did every morning. He carried a plate of food, an IV bag and a glass of water. He set the plate down on the bedside table along with the glass of water before changing the IV bag which contained blood that was keeping Gerard alive. After Gerard had passed out, Mikey had somehow managed to get them out of the prison without being detected. Surprising as hell considering their security put Fort Knox to shame. They brought Gerard back to the graveyards and found an old abandoned hospital to keep him in until he woke up. That’s where Frank was now, taking care of Gerard Way, a fallen angel, a feared demon, a traitor, a murder, and the most important person in Frank’s life. The man he loved with all his heart. The man he would die for.

Frank sat on the side of the bed, stroking Gerard’s hair, staring at his face. His eyes were closed and the bruises were almost healed. There were small cuts on his forehead and cheeks but nothing that would scar. Soon, he found himself crying silently and he contemplated praying but then he realized no one was listening. God didn’t exist. The Union did.

His blood boiled at the thought of what they did to Gerard. How they beat him, tortured him, almost killed him. His fist clenched and he forced his eyes shut in anger. He knew his anger wouldn’t make Gerard wake up so he forced himself to think about other things in order to calm down. His hand found the iHome on the bed stand and pressed play, smiling at the song that started playing.

It was Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins

Time is never time at all
You can never leave without leaving a piece of youth,
Our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same again
Believe, Believe in me, Believe,
That life can change, that your not stuck in vain,
We’re not the same, we’re different tonight,
Tonight so bright

Frank looked down at Gerard, the song taking on a whole new meaning. He loved Gerard, they were different but tonight, he knew he needed to believe.

Slowly, Frank begun to sing, his hands taking hold of Gerard’s. As the song came to an end, he saw Gerard’s eyes flutter open making Frank smile, lean down and capture his lips with more emotion than he ever knew was possible. Frank knew this was not the end. He knew they would face battles in the future. He knew The Union would come after them. He knew The Union would find them but when they did, they would be ready. They would face everything together. Together they would survive.

The impossible is possible tonight,
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight.

So, I really didn't mean to end it so soon but when I was writing it just kinda ended. I hope yall like how I ended it this time. Please comment/rate whatever and tell me what ya think!!! :D
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