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Leaving just a memory

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He had no way to get to Gerard and he knew it.

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Frank clawed at anything in the apartment in search of a way to contact Mikey. He had overturned the bed, the dressers were on their side, the closet door wide open with its contents scattered on the floor. Frank’s eyes scanned everything twice praying to find something, anything but finding nothing. He collapsed in the middle of the floor, head in his hands and started screaming. How could he be so useless? His fists buried in his short hair, pulling and tearing at his scalp. Suddenly all his anger was released and his arms flailed around, breaking everything in the room. What wasn’t already on the floor crashed down, his hands gripping the door and slamming it shut. It closed with a loud band, cracking the hinges, dust falling from the walls. The hinges snapped and the frame cracked, bringing the door crashing to the ground. Frank’s eyes landed on a small tear in the carpet and something shinny underneath it. He crawled over to it, tearing up the carpet to reveal a small necklace. The chain was gold, the pendant hanging on it was a gold key. Frank’s eyes squinted to see all the detail but due to its size, it was hard to do.

“What are you…..” Frank shook his head. “No. I won’t start talking to a necklace.”

He placed the necklace around his neck, gripping it tight, suddenly remembering his task at hand. Frank mumbled “Please….Mikey…..I need you.”

A small tear fell from his eye and he collapsed on the floor again, still clutching the necklace. He had no way to get to Gerard and he knew it.

Mikey made his way out of the coffee shop, clutching his chest leaving a very confused Andy chasing after him.

“Hey! Mikey! Wait Up!” She shouted, trying to catch up.

Mikey however paid no attention to her. His chest was screaming at him and he knew he had to get to Gerard’s apartment. His feet moved quickly and he started wishing he could use his wings. The streets passed by in a blur and after 15 minutes of running, Mikey looked back to find Andy was no longer behind him. The sky was darker signaling nightfall and he knew he didn’t have much time to get back ‘home’ before Alicia woke up. His eyes focused on the large building that held his brother’s apartment before he decided he would just fuck the rules and fly up. He tore off his jacket, throwing it to the ground like an addict to a dirty needle before spreading his wings ready to fly. In one leap he was on the outside of the bedroom window and what he saw threw him off. The room was completely trashed but he could tell it wasn’t trashed in a struggle. Someone had been here and they had been looking for something. That’s when he saw the boy….Frank curled up on the floor clutching a necklace. It all made sense now. Frank must have torn the room apart in search of a way to get to Gerard. So, the boy was braver as he thought……or he was just stupid.

Mikey jumped though the open window, walking over to Frank, trying not to scare him.

Frank was curled up on the floor, clutching the necklace he had found when a shadow brought him out of whatever he was thinking about. He looked up in fear, not sure who was above him but relaxed when he saw Mikey. He slowly sat up, wondering how Mikey had known to come. “M…M..Mikey?”

Mikey nodded, kneeling down in front of Frank. “Frank….what happened to my brother?”

Frank’s eyes fell to the floor. “We…I….He…..this thing and a girl….said he was under arrest…..for….treason….then he…he just…..was gone.”

Mikey’s heart was pounding. If his brother was arrested for treason The Union would kill him. He looked down at Frank. “Frank. Where? Where did this happen?”

Frank looked up at Mikey, tears still in his eyes. “By the river. Right outside this small town in upper Jersey…..Mikey, what will they do to him?”

Mikey stood up, knowing exactly where he was talking about. He walked to the window, crouching on the ledge. “They will kill him….Stay here.”

Frank stood up, running after Mikey. “No! I’m going with!”

He grabbed Mikey’s arm before he could jump off the ledge. This made Mikey turn around and stare at him. “And do what Frank? There’s nothing you can do.”

Frank shook his head. “There has to be something. This is all my fault. If Gee had just let me die……I won’t be the cause of his death. Please…..”

Mikey shifted on his heal, looking Frank in they eyes. “Would you die for Gerard?”

Frank held his gaze. “I’d rather die in agony then live in peace without him.”

Mikey sighed. “Ok…’s what we are going to do…”

Gerard groaned as the light burned his eyes. His fingers grasped around in search of something familiar but the only thing they could find was cold, damp stone. Slowly he sat up, looking around the room found himself locked in. The walls and floor was made of stone, old and grey. There was no window but there was a door. The door was old wood, lined in metal with large nails holding it up. There was a small hole in the door that would allow his captors to observe him with ease. Gerard’s heart was pounding as he leaned against the wall, closing his eyes. He was in so much shit right now.

A bang at the door brought him out of his thoughts and his eyes shot to the now opening door. A man walked in. He was tall, broad shoulders and a clean-cut beard. His white robes hung just above the ground, exposing his tan sandals. He was the perfect description of a catholic ‘angel’ but Gerard knew this man was far from anything angel-like. His face was empty, brown eyes glaring at the black haired man in the cell.

“Up Way.” His voice was cold and harsh.

Gerard looked at him for a moment before decided it was best not to put up a fight. He stood up and waited for the man to walk into the cell and grab his wrists, twisting them behind his back. Gerard’s hair fell in his face as he kept his dead down, walking past the cells that contained other prisoners. They all stared at him, knowing who he was and not daring to say a word. They feared him…….and they should.

The guard led him though several doors and into a room with steal walls and a large stone table in the middle. Another guard walked in, he looked exactly like the first but with a blond beard and blue eyes. They pulled Gerard to the cold metal table, stripped him of his shirt and strapped him down. The straps were tights on his wrists, the metal freezing his back. He could smell the blood in the room from its previous inhabitant and Gerard wondered if he would have the same fate.

The blond guard watched as the other one left then walked over to Gerard with a sad smile. “I’m sorry”

Gerard tiled his head, slightly confused before a pain shot through him. His eyes widened and his chest heaved forward attempting to escape it. His mouth was wide open as he screamed. Just as soon as it started, the pain was gone, leaving Gerard breathing heavily on the table, eyes wide and mouth slightly drooling.

The guard walked over to him, fixed the straps then looked at the mirrors in the back of the room. Gerard knew there were people behind those mirrors and for a slight second, he wondered if his brother was one of those people.

Mikey walked through the gates dragging Frank behind him with a stern look on his face. The guard let him in with out a second glance, knowing how high up Mikey was. Once in the gates, Mikey pulled Frank off to the side out of sight of anyone on the streets. Frank looked around in aw at what he was seeing. The entire city was built out of white stone reflecting off the night sky. The streets were filled with women and children dressed in robes making their way about. It reminded Frank of something you would see in an old roman city like Pompeii before the eruption.

“Stay here until dark. Don’t move, don’t breath don’t do anything. I’ll come get you. Should someone walk by, hide behind this. If you are found…….I can’t save you.” Mikey was stern, staring at Frank intently to make sure he understood.

Frank nodded. “Ok.”

Mikey gave him one last glace before walking to his home, praying Alicia wasn’t up yet. He slowly opened the door and saw that the lights were still off. After grabbing a drink, he made his way back to bed, sinking down next to his sleeping wife before drifting off into a hellish nightmare.


Mikey stood next to his brother, clutching his torn shirt as they watched their house burn down, their parents still inside. Tears fell from his 12 year old face as he heard them scream in pain from the flames. The night sky was lit in an orange glow, illuminating the men prancing around on horses that surrounded the house. They laughed, kicking things into the fire, yelling when the flames would kick up at the gin being poured into it. Mikey buried his face in his brother’s chest, no longer able to watch what was happening in front of him. That was how he was though. If he saw something he didn’t like, he would just turn away and the problem didn’t exist. His brother however, never took his eyes off the fire. Gerard wrapped an arm around the younger boy clinging to his chest, pulling him in closer. They both stood in the bushes near by, unnoticed by the drunk men causing the fire. Gerard’s eyes weren’t filled with fear like Mikey’s. They were dark, evil and filled with hate for the men who enjoyed killing his parents. Mikey was so innocent and fearful while Gerard just wanted revenge.

They stayed in the bushes until the men were gone, satisfied by the flames they had caused. Gerard’s long black hair brushed his brother’s face as he leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Mikey, they’re gone…..come on.”

Slowly Mikey opened his eyes, tears still visible in the corners. “Gee…….I can’t….they….they…” He couldn’t finish his sentence.

Gerard nodded, understanding what his brother was saying. “I know…..but we can’t stay here. We have to run.”

“Why? Why can’t we be in there with mom and dad? Why can’t we just……Its not fair!” Mikey couldn’t stop himself from screaming, tears falling into the dirt.

Gerard glared at his brother. “Don’t you dare say that. If there is anything that good for nothing drunk of a father taught us its to never give up. Stand up tall and don’t let them see your back. Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again.”

That’s what Mikey did. He stood up, with his brother guiding him and carried on.

End Dream

Mikey shot up from his bed, breathing rapidly and covered in sweat. His face was pale and his eyes were wide. Alicia sat up, looking at him with concern. “Mikes…..are you ok?”

Mikey nodded. “yeah…..just….bad dream.”

Alicia nodded. “Can I do anything?”

Mikey shook his head, “Im guna get some fresh air.”

He stood up, threw on some clothes and softly shut the door so he wouldn’t disturb Alicia from going back to sleep. The cold air felt good on his flushed face as he made his way down to Frank.

Frank sat up against the wall, eyes closed waiting for Mikey to retrieve him when a loud crash made him jolt up. His hazel eyes searched the darkness for the source of the noise when they fell upon a small girl. She had long, greasy un-kept brown hair that fell over her fearful brown eyes. He gasped, not sure what to do. She almost mimicked his motions except she started to back up and whimper. “Please….please don’t hurt me…..”

Frank’s face twisted in confusion. “Why would I hurt you?”

She still didn’t stop whimpering, her back completely against the wall now. “Your……your not….I’m sorry….”

Frank’s heart ached. He knew Mikey had said not to talk to anyone but this girl, what harm could she do? “I’m not going to hurt you…..its ok. Whats your name?”

The girl eyed him skeptically. “Your human.”

Frank’s eyes widened. “yeah…..”

She looked at him with fear in her eyes. “You’re the one with Gerard aren’t you? The one they want so bad.”

Frank nodded. “Do you know where he is?”

She shook her head. “No……why haven’t you killed me yet?”

“What? Why would I kill you? You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“That’s why you’re here… save Gerard and kill us for taking him away.”

“I’m here for Gerard yes but not to kill anyone.”

Suddenly the girl’s eyes shot to the left and they landed on Mikey who was leaning against the wall with a serious look on his face. He took a step forward, grabbing the young girl by the neck. She screamed but didn’t dare fight back. He lifted her up, pinning her against the wall. “Frank! What did I tell you? Talk to NO ONE!”

Frank winced as Mikey yelled at him. He could only watch as Mikey picked the girl up and pulled out his knife. “Your luck this girl is homeless. No one will know she is gone.”

The girl screamed as the knife was plunged into her chest. Tears fell from Frank’s eyes as Mikey dropped the bleeding girl to the ground. He ignored Frank’s whimpers as crawled over to the crying girl, pulling her up in his arms. “I’m so sorry…..I didn’t what this.”

The girl choked on the blood in her mouth before trying to smile. “Its ok.”

She closed her eyes and Frank felt a burst of anger towards Mikey. “Why the fuck did you do that?!? She did nothing wrong!”

Mikey shrugged. “She knew you were here. I told you not to talk to anyone. She died because of you.”

“She was just a child!”

“She was 10. By human standards she would have been at least 20 so no, she wasn’t ‘just a child’.”

Frank couldn’t believe how cold Mikey was being. He didn’t have time to think before he was being called. “Come on. We are running out of time.”

Gerard twisted in pain as electricity shot through his veins. His chest and hips thrust forward in an attempt to escape the pain but just like last time, he couldn’t. When the surge was over, his body collapsed on the cold metal table. His chest heaved up and down as he gasped for breath. Ulegra stood next to him, stroking the side of his face.

“You always were beautiful Gerard. You cold have had everything. Why did you give it up?”

He turned his head away, eyes filled with anger. “Fuck you.”

Ulegra smiled “Oh come now Gerard, there’s no need to be harsh.”

Gerard only glared at her. If she was going to kill him he as going to make his last hours a pain in her ass. She grabbed if chin, forcing him to look at her. “Where is the boy Gerard?”

Gerard tightened his jaw showing he wasn’t going to say anything. She sighed, gripping his chin tighter. “Tell me where the boy is and I won’t kill you”

Gerard glared at her. “I said fuck you.”

Ulegra frowned before letting go of his chin and looking at the man behind the mirror. “Hit him again.”

There was a pause before more of Gerard’s screams filled the room. This time the pain was worse. He could feel they upped the voltage, making his whole body go numb. Ulegra made a motion with her hand and the pain stopped as quickly as it started. Soon a small tray with an assortment of silver knives was next to him. She picked up the smallest knife and placed it on his cheek before slowly moving it down, slicing the skin. Normally a small cut like that wouldn’t hurt but the tips were dipped in acid, burring his skin, eating it away. Opening his mouth and screaming only made the cut split and the pain worse.

Ulegra smiled. “Screaming only makes it worse. Just tell me where the boy is Gerard and it all goes away. I’ll even make you a deal. You can go home. We won’t chase you anymore.”

Gerard’s heart skipped a beat. He could be free. They would leave him alone. For a moment Gerard almost agreed but then he remembered Frank. He remembered the smile on the boys face every time he walked in the door. The way he would cling to him when he was scared……they was he wasn’t scared of Gerard. Frank knew what Gerard was and didn’t run……even after he murdered his parents, Frank still wanted to protect him. That was worth running for eternity.
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