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Cronus has failed again!! (now in full detail)

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The day that Cronus failed to take over the city on a second attempt

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Odie: Guys, I have just found out... that Sybaris is vulnerable under her arm!

Jay: Then let's go and strike her down this evening for good. By the way, what time is it?

Oliver: It is... 11:15 AM.

Jay: It is almost lunch then.

(After lunch....)

Herry: Uh... guys?

Jay: What is it Herry?

Herry: Sybaris came back ... again!

Archie: Then we'd better go and destroy her. All in favour?

(Everyone agreeing)

Jay: Sybaris! It's over. Surrender now or prepare to be destroyed!

Sybaris: Actually, I choose neither! CHARRRGE!

(Sybaris grabs Atlanta by her chest)

Archie: Atlanta!! HANG ON, I WILL SAVE YOU!

(Archie stabs Sybaris under her arm)

Sybaris: NO!!!!! I'M MELTING!!

Cronus: MUHAHAHAHA! If you defeated Sybaris, then why don't you get past me!

Jay: We choose to retreat and give you this mind controller! TaTa for now!

Cronus: What cowards they are! Now, I can control this city with the push of this button!

Cronus: Why isn't this blasted mind controller working, and why
do I get the feeling I am being watched?

Cronus: AAAAAAAH!!!!! Giant Parasites!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! ZEUS! DIONYSUS! SOMEBODY HELP!!!! Help.... help....

Theresa: Well, that puts an end to Cronus, but I have a feeling that he'll come back again.

Archie: Ya. Me 2.

Atlanta: Archie... thanks for... rescuing me today.

Archie: Aww... Thanks.

(Atlanta kisses Archie on his cheek.. again)

Archie: Aw... stop... you're making me blush again.

Jay: Well, that's that. Now that Cronus has gone, let's celebrate!

(Everyone Cheering)
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