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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [20]

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**Frankie's back** Gerard,Taylor,Mikey, Alicia and Frank are over at the Way's... just hanging out... oh, just read P

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*Taylor's POV*

''So... how'd the appointment go?'' I asked, looking over Gerard's shoulder, across to Mikey and Alicia, whom were sitting on the opposite side of the couch. (We were over at the guy's place btw) Frankie was sitting on the floor, or well, he was, now he's rolling around, acting like he's a dog or something.

Gerard noticed and laughed. ''Frank, what the hell are you doing?''

''I don't know... I'm just bored...'' He sighed, and then sat back up, placing his chin on his knee. He looked up at us and pouted. ''You guys are meanie heads. You won't let me sit on the couch!''

I laughed. ''Frank, there's a empty space right by Gerard and me, get your ass up from the floor and sit with us, silly. We never told you couldn't.''

''I don't want to sit next to him!'' Gerard whined. I knew he was just joking around. I giggled and playfully swat at him. ''Be nice,Gee.'' I looked back down at Frankie. ''Come on, Frank. Ignore Gerard, and come sit!'' I smiled.


''Gerard, shut up.'' Mikey laughed.

''Fine then.'' Gerard mumbled.

I giggled and pecked his lips. ''C'mon Frankie.''

'' Alright, but if he does anything to me, I will kill him.'' Frank warned.

''He won't. I'll make sure he doesn't.'' I gave Gerard a look, and in return, he gave me a innocent smile. I narrowed my eyes at him.

Frank narrowed his eyes. ''Yeah, I don't believe you. The floor is more cozy anyways.''


''So anyways, how did the appointment go?'' Gerard asked, looking over at the other couple. Alicia smiled. ''It went good.''

''That's great.'' I smiled. ''So, when are you going to tell your parents?'' I asked. The question was towards the both of them now. Mikey still has to tell Donald and Donna, and Alicia still has to tell hers. ''They're going to find out soon by themselves, and that's going to be worse.'' I pointed out.

Their smiles dropped. I frowned. ''I'm going to take that as a 'no' then. Guys, really, you need to tell them as soon as possible.''

''We know.'' Mikey frowned.

''Guys, they're not going to disown you or anything like you they they will.... they're your parents, they love you and they'll support you with this...''

''My dad is going to kill Mikey.'' Alicia pointed out. She looked like she was going to break down at any giving second. Ahh, the pregnancy hormones. Mikey face started to pale. ''Aww, shit.'' He mumbled.

''Alicia,Mikey, calm down.'' I soothed them.

''How can we calm down,Taylor?!'' Alicia shouted at me, taking Gerard,Frank, and I by surprise. ''I'm freaking pregnant for fucks sake!''

''Ali,babe, calm down.''

Oh... bad mistake on Mikey's part. You never tell a pregnant woman to 'calm down.', well not unless you want them to go all ape shit on you.

''Do NOT tell me to calm down, Michael James Way. This is all your fault! You should've kept your dick to yourself!'' Alicia screamed.

Frank covered his ears, and started rocking back and forth. ''Make her stop! Make her stop!'' He yelled.

Mikey looked over at Gerard and I for help. Gerard shrugged and looked down at me. I sighed and pushed Mikey away from his screaming pregnant girlfriend.

''Alicia, Alicat, everything is going to be alright, I promise.'' I calmly told her, as I pulled her in, for a hug. Luckily, I felt her hug back.

''I'm sorry.'' She whispered, and looked over at everyone else. ''I didn't mean to go all crazy on you guys. Pregnancy hormones I guess.''

''It's fine.'' Gerard smiled over at her.

''Yeah, it's alright. Just, please don't ever do that again. You made me go death.'' Frank told her, moving his hands away from his ears. Alicia giggled. ''Sorry.''

''Are you going to kill me?'' Mikey whispered, still afraid of his girlfriend, scared that she'll go all ape shit and scary on him again.

''No.'' She laughed, and scoot closer to him. ''I'm sorry Mikey. I love you.''

He relaxed and smiled back. ''I love you too.'' and they kiss.

''AWW!'' Frank said, very loudly, causing Gerard and I to laugh. ''They do make a lovely couple.'' I smiled. ''Yeah, they do. But I don't want to see my brother getting it on! So, you two, break it up!'' Gerard yelled at the couple, who were making out. Mikey lifted his hand, and gave him the finger.

I giggled.

Gerard scoffed. ''Well, geez, thanks. I love you too, little bro.''

I laughed. Gee turned to me. ''What are you laughing at, miss?'' He gave me a playfull glare. ''Nothing.'' I stopped laughing, and smiled at him. ''Nothing at all.''

''She was laughing at how Mikey gave you the finger!'' Frank shouted.

I glared over at him. ''Frank! Thanks alot friend! What a backstabber.'' I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

''You know you love me.'' He waggled his eyebrows at me.

''Eww. You're a perv, Gee, did you see what he just did?'' I asked, turning back to my boyfriend. He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. ''I'll kill him later.''

''Thank you.'' I smiled, turning back to Frank, giving him a smirk.


I giggled. ''Revenge,baby, revenge.''

''Yeah, yeah.'' I heard him mutter. I looked back over at Mikey and Alicia. They were still swallowing each other's faces off.

''Would you guys stop it!'' Gerard shouted. ''Keep that up, and I'm going to puke all over you two. I really don't want to see my little brother, getting it on!''

''Fuck off.'' I heard Mikey mumble, as they slowly pulled away from each other.

''Thank You!'' Gee shouted, throwing his hands up in the air, relieved.

''You two really do need to keep it PG.''

''Oh, shut up, Taylor! Gerard and you swallow each other's faces off all the time! Now, that we came across this subject, did you two, you know, do it yet?'' Alicia asking, smirking over at us.

I felt my face blush. Gerard chuckled. ''No, not yet....''

''And why not?'' Frank asked.

''I don't know.'' I whispered. ''I'm not ready, I guess.''

''You're not ready? Oh, come on! Really? I don't believe that for a second!'' Frank shouted, looking over at us.

''Really, I'm not ready!''

''Yeah, okay... sure. You guys probably done it like a hundred times this week.''

Oh my god.. god help me. I buried my head in Gerard's shoulder. ''Frankie, come on, stop it. Stop teasing her. She's really not ready.''

''If you say so...''

Gerard rolled his eyes.

''Anyways.... what do you guys want to do?''

''I don't know.'' Gerard shrugged. ''Let's just chill, I guess...''

''How about we go to Starbucks?'' I suggested, lifting my head up, and looked around the room. Frank nodded his head frantically. ''Yes, yes, yes, YES, YES!!!'' He shouted. Mikey and Alicia laughed and nodded their heads to. ''Sure. Let's go!''

''Oh hell yes.'' Gerard said, kissing my lips. ''You are so my girl.''

I giggled. ''Oh, yes I am.''

''Okay, I really don't want to see my big brother getting it on, so you two, break it up!'' Mikey mocked Gerard, which earned him a glare from Gerard, and giggles from Alicia and me.

''Oh haha. Shut up.'' Gerard said, pulling away from me.

''Who's driving?'' I asked.

''I guess, I will.'' Frank said, hopping up.

''NO!'' Gerard,Mikey, Alicia, and I all shouted. Frank would probably crash into a tree if we let him drive, because he was so fucked up on caffiene. Yeah, he had around 15 maybe 20 cans of coke.

''Fine.'' Frank huffed, storming out the door, he didn't like that we all ganged up on him. I laughed and grabbed Gerard's hand. He smiled and gave it a squeeze, as we walked out the front door.

~ ~ ~
A/N: Haha,I liked this chapter. It was fun to write. I finally decided to add Frankie in again! Yah! lol, hope you enjoyed! :-)
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