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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [21]

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Frank has a little outburst at Starbucks... and the gang has a little run in with Lindsey...

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*Taylor's POV* @ Starbucks

''Frank, you need to fucking relax with the caffiene, that's like your 10th coffee!'' Gerard exclaimed, as we stared at the very hyper Frank Iero. He was so hyper, that everyone in the shop was staring.

''Frankie, calm down.'' I told him.

''Me? I'm calm! What you guys talking about? And hey- WHERE IS MY COFFEE! I SPECIFICALLY ORDERED ONE TEN MINUTES AGO, AND I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT YET! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE, PEOPLE?!'' He shouted, jumping up and down. ''I WANT MY COFFEE!''

''Frank!'' Gerard hissed. ''People are staring. Chill the fuck out, and sit down.''

''NO!'' Frank shouted. ''I WANT MY COFFEE, AND THEN I'LL SIT DOWN!''

''Oh my god..'' Mikey mumbled, putting his face in his hands. ''This is so embarrasing. We really shouldn't have came, with him already like this.''

''I know...'' I groaned. ''Frank, please for the love of god, SIT DOWN! You're embarrasing us!''

''I DON'T CARE! I WANT MY COFFEE! WHERE IS MY COFFEE?!'' Frank yelled, shouting at random people. They freaked out and ran out of the coffee shop in fear.

One of the girls behind the counter slowly came up to us. Oh no... this really can't be good.

''Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave, if you don't stop yelling.''

''I WANT MY COFFEE, LADY!'' He screamed in her face.

''FRANK!'' Gerard,Alicia,Mikey and I shouted.''Dude, calm down! You're going to have us kicked out!''


''Sir, I'm going to have to ask you and your friends to-''

''Wait!' I jumped up. ''Why do we have to leave? Make him leave. Sorry Frank, by the way, but he's the only one acting up.''

''Well...'' The lady, who, according to her nametag, name was Melissa, bit her lip. ''I guess you 4 can stay... but he.'' She pointed to Frank. ''HAS to go... I'm sorry.''

''Alright. We'll get him out of here, don't worry.'' I smiled.

''Alright, but please know that, if he causes anymore trouble, I will have to call the cops. My boss doesn't allow this kind of behavior into the shop.''

''Okay, thank you.''

Melissa nodded her head, and walked back behind the counters. We all turned to glare at Frank, who was cursing and mumbling under his breath.

''Frank, you have to get out now, I'm sorry.''

''I want my damn coffee.'' He muttered.

''You have had WAY too much caffiene today, mister. Now go out to the car and stay there, we'll be out there in a few minutes.'' God, I really sound like a mother right now.... how embarrasing.

''Fine, mother'' He hissed, before storming out. See? I told you!

''That was just wow.'' Alicia breathed. ''I should've recorded that!''

''Don't worry, I did.'' Gerard chuckled. Alicia beamed. ''Great!'' She grabbed his cellphone from out of his hand and watched the video Gee took of Frank's little outburst.

''Okay, can you guys promise me something?'' Mikey asked, looking at all of us.


''Promise me, that we'll never take Frank out in public ever again, wheen he's like that, okay?''

''Promise.'' I said, with a little laugh, and cuddled up to Gerard. He smiled down at me, and kissed my forehead, pulling me close to him.

''Eeep!'' Alicia squealed.

''What?'' Mikey asked.

''Gerard and Taylor! They are so cute together!'' She cooed, grinning over at us. I blushed, and Gerard laughed. ''You have a cute blush.'' He whispered in my ear. I shivered, because I felt his warm breath hit my neck. ''Umm...thanks.'' I said, blushing again.

Alicia smiled and rested her head on Mikey's shoulder. ''We should go. I'm tired and Frank is probably getting impatient.''

''How are you tired? It's like 2 in the after-''

''Pregnant, remember?'' Alicia reminded him.

''Oh yeah...''

''Yeah. So let's go...''

''Great. My butt hurts from sitting.'' I whined, causing Gerard to laughe. ''Oh shut up.'' I hit his shoulder, playfully.

''Oww!'' He whined. ''Mikey, Taylor hit me!''

''He laughed at me!''

Mikey rolled his eyes. ''Okay, children. That is enough.''

Alicia giggled.


As we were about to walk out of Starbucks, I accidently slammed into someone.

''Fuck! Watch where you are- oh hey, guys!'' I froze. It was lindsey.

''What do you want?'' Gerard rolled his eyes,glaring at the blond headed she devil, who stood before us. She smiled. I knew it was a fake one.

''I just want to say that I'm sorry for all the shit I have done, to you guys. I was hoping we could all start all over again?'' Lindsey looked over at me, with a little smirk forming. Oh no, she was up to something, I just know it.

''I don't-''

I cut Mikey off. ''Hell no. You're up to something, so hell to the no. we are not starting 'over' nor are we going to be friends, I hate you, You hate me.'''

She laughed that annoing laugh of hers. We flinched because it was so nasually. ''Hate you? Oh no, hun. I don't hate anyone. I actually like you. I was actually kind of hoping, you'll all come to my house party. I'm throwing at my place, since my old folks are going away with my sisters, this week.''

''No.'' Gerard told her blankly. ''Look, can you please just leave? We want to go home.''

Lindsey looked over at him, and her smile grew. ''Gerard!'' She flung herself at him. I raised my eyebrows. Uh, excuse me? I watched as her hand drop and grab his ass. He jumped and pushed her back. '

''What the fuck?'' He yelped.

''You slut! He's my boyfriend, Oh, I knew you were just up to something! Come on, let's go.'' I grabbed both Gerard and Alicia's hands, Lindsey stopped us. She was seriously starting to piss me off. Heck, her presence alone, pisses me off.

''Oh hey look, It's preggo girl! Hey, you look amazing! How far along are you?''

Alicia glared at her. ''I'm around 5-6 weeks, not like that is any of your buisness or anything.''

''Is it a boy or a girl?!'' Lindsey 'fakely' beamed.

''We don't know yet. We don't find that out, until the 5th month. Are you mentally dumb or something?'' Mikey stared at her.

Lindsey flipped her hair, and turned away from them. ''Fine, I was just trying to be nice.'' She huffed. ''But you know where to find me, in case if you all change your minds...''

''Let's get the hell out of here.'' Gerard said, grabbin my hand.

We ran out to where we parked the car, but guess what? The car was gone and so was Frank. Oh no...

''FRANK!!!!!!!'' We all shouted. Frank was a dead man...

~ ~ ~

A/N: hehe hope you enjoyed :D

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