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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [22]

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All thanks to Frank... Taylor,Gerard, Mikey, and Alicia have to walk home...

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Taylor's POV

''Please remind me to go fucking kill that midget, when we eventually get home in 20 years.'' Gerard panted. We were walking on the side of the road, all thanks to Frank. It sucked.

''My feet are tired! Mikey carry me!'' Alicia whined.

''But, Alicia-''

''Mikey, you better fucking listen to me, or I'll chop of a really important organ of yours.'' She hissed. To be honest with you, she was starting to scare me too. Who wouldn't be? She was scary when pissed off, and she's pregnant now, so it's even worse.

''Fine.'' Mikey sighed, and lifted Alicia off the ground. ''Thank you sweetie.'' She giggled, and kissed his nose.

''yeah, yeah.'' He mumbled.

''What was that?''

''Nothing, hun.'' Mikey sighed.


I sighed. ''Gerard, can you-''


''But you didn't even-''

''I know what you're going to ask, and I say no. I will not carry you, but you can carry me if you like.'' He smiled cheekily. I rolled my eyes. ''Asswipe.'' I mumbled,shaking my head.

''What the hell is an asswipe?''


He rolled his eyes. ''Oh real mature.''

''Can you guys please SHUT UP.'' Alicia snapped.

''Jeez, sorry.''

''Damn, I really need to control my hormones!'' Alicia whined, tapping her stomach. ''Little one, please take it easy on me.'' She said, to her stomach.

''Do you really think the baby is going to listen to you,Alicia?'' Gerard asked,laughing.

''Shut up,Gerard.''

''Yes, mam.'' With that being said, Gerard shut his trap. Thank god.

5 minutes of silence past..

''God, I am so tired! Gerard, carry me.'' I demanded.

''Taylor, but I don't want-''

''I don't really care if you don't want to, you are going to and that's final! Now fucking carry me!'' I snapped at him. ''My feet are sore as fuck.''

''Well, that's not my fault! Blame Frank!''

''Fine, it's Frank's fault. Now, carry me.''

Gerard sighed. ''Fine!'' He picked me up, causing me to squeal, and slung me over his shoulder. ''Uhh, Gee, this wasn't what I had it mind...''

''Oh, do you want me to put you down then?''

''No.'' I mumbled. ''But, if you fart, I will kick your chubby ass to pluto. Got that, buddy?'' I asked, glaring at the ground.

''Fine. I'll try not to.''

''Good, oh and by the way, nice ass.'' I giggled and reached down and slapped it. He jumped a little. I smiled.

''Woah there, calm down, you two.'' Alicia giggled. ''Not the place to be kinky.''

''Alicia.'' I warned.


I rolled my eyes, and looked back down at Gerard's ass. Well, that was all I could do, and I don't really mind at all. I loved staring at my boyfriend's ass. I couldn't look up or anything, like if I did, Gerard would probably lose his grip on me, and I'd fall on my head, and I really don't feel like going to the hospital tonight, or well, the near future. I hate hospitals. -shudder-

''Stop staring at Gee's butt,Tay.'' Alicia giggled.

''I really can't help it, and I do mean that literally. I really can't help it all. I can't lift up my head or anything! I don't really mind at all though.''

''Of course you don't.''


~ ~ ~

We finally saw Gerard and Mikey's house in the distance, and hey guess what? Frank was there. The car was parked in front of the house, so he had to be there. Oh yeah, it was kill Frankie time.

''Gerard,sweetie. Put me down,please.'' I told him.


''Because, I want to go kill Frank.'' I said,very sweetly. I probably sounded creepy as fuck. Judging by his face, yeah I probably did.

''Alright. Have fun.'' He put me down, and I immediately started runnning towards the house. I heard Alicia tell Mikey to put her down. I stopped so Alicia could catch up.

''You alright?'' I asked, she was panting heavily. I didn't know if that was a good or bad sign. She was pregnant after all...

''Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired. I forget the fact that I'm pregnant sometimes.''

''Oh, well, are you ready to go kill a certain midget?'' I smiled.

''Hell yeah.'' She smiled.

We hive-fived each other, before racing towards the house again. We heard the guys in the distant. What slowpokes I thought as we approached the house.

Oh Frankie, you don't know what's coming to ya...

~ ~

A/N: 3 chapters in 1 day! :D enjoy, and please know, I will write again after Christmas, I'm kinda pooped out from writing 3 chapters in 1 day... haha... so until then, xoxo, enjoy your little treat :P
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