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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [23]

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Belleview gets a new student, and Gerard doesn't like him... at all.

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*Taylor's Pov*

During 3rd period math class, our teacher stopped the closs in the middle of doing silent, pointless bookwork, all thanks to the three idiots in the back for fooling around during class the other day. I don't know why the teacher had to punish all of us, and not just them.

Everyone, but the three boys, don't deserve the 10 pages of freaking work. Well, at least we didn't have to write an essay to the teacher and our parents about our classes 'disruptive' behavior. My English teacher does that, she does it when just 1 student acts up. Stupid, yeah I know.

''Class, we have a new student! Everyone please welcome Billie Joe Armstrong! Billie, you may come in now.'' The teacher smiled out the door.

I sighed. I really didn't care about new students much, so I'll just go back to work. I wanted to get it done with, since we only 20 minutes of class remaining, and I didn't want any homework tonight, but before I got the chance to look down at my paper, in came the sexiest guy, besides Gerard of course, I have ever seen in my lifetime.

''Class, this is Billie!'' The teacher told us,beamingly.

''Hey class.'' Billie waved. A few girls in the back rows giggled. I just continued to stare at him.

''Billie, why don't you introduce yourself to the class? Tell us about you!''

''Alright. His green piercing eyes landed right one me, and he smirked.

I blushed and looked away.

''I'm Billie Joe. I'm 17, about to turn 18. I just moved here from Detroit. I have a band. We're called Green Day, by the way. I sing and play guitar. And ladies, I'm currently single.'' He winked, but it was more toward me. I blushed even deeper.

The teacher laughed. ''Alright, why don't you go take a seat next to Taylor?''

''Taylor? Where's the girl with the pretty name?'' Billie Joe called out, looking around the room, until his eyes finally stopped on me...again.

Every girl in the classroom pointed to themselves. I rolled my eyes.\

Billie laughed. ''No, really.''

I sighed, and slowly raised my hand up high. ''I'm Taylor.'' I said, quietly, still looking down at my notebook.

He smiled. ''Great. I was hoping it'll be you.''

I blushed. Wow, the new student was really a flirt. He was obviously flirting with me. I kinda liked it, no wait what? What am I saying?! I have a boyfriend!

He took his seat and the class continued on with the work. I felt the girl's jealous stares burn my back and a few 'whispers'.

''Why her?!''

''Ugh, he's so hot!''

''I think I'm gonna ask him out!''

''No, I am!''

''He's so going to be the father of my babies.''

I rolled my eyes. ''Oh grow up.'' I muttered.

''Hey. I'm Billie. I'm assuming that you're Taylor, right?'' Billie Joe asked me, while leaning in towards me.

''Yeah.'' I gulped, and he laughed. I glared at him.


''Nothing, just listening to the conversation the girls are saying about me. 'father of my babies' cracks me the fuck up!''

I rolled my eyes. ''Ha ha.''

He looked over at me, blinking. ''Do you think I'm hot?''

I froze. I dropped my pencil and slowly looked at him. I glared at him. ''I have a boyfriend, now why would I think you're hot?''

His face fell. ''You have a boyfriend?''

''Of course, I do.'' I snapped. ''So if you please, stop fucking flirting with me! Gerard would so kill you, if he found out.''

He chuckled. I rolled my eyes, sighing in annoyance. He was here, for like,let me see, 5 minutes? and he was already bugging the living crap outta me.

''I shoulda know a pretty girl like you, would be already taken. Gerard's a very lucky guy to have you.'' Billie smiled.

''I guess so.'' I blushed,muttering, going back to my work.

''Hey, what's your next class? Maybe we have more classes together! You can show me around.'' He grinned. He had some nice teeth... I heard the girls behind us, sigh dreamingly. He chuckled.

''Sure, I guess. But, I'm meeting Gerard after class, so what's your next class?''

''Uhh, 4th period Art.'' He scratched his head,confused. ''Aww, c'mon, I suck at art! Why the hell did they give me art!? I fucking hate it.'' He ran a hand through his nicely gelled, spikey black hair.

''Gerard and I have that class to.''

''Great. I won't be alone then.'' He smiled. ''So when is this class over?'' As his words, left his mouth, the bell for next period rang.

''Does that answer your question?'' I smiled, packing up my things.

He laughed. ''Yeah, guess it does.''

I laughed, and placed my books in my arms. ''Sorry for snapping at you.''

''It's fine.'' He smiled.

''Right, so we better go. Oh, and Gerard is the jealous type, so please do not flirt with me anymore, okay?''


''Good, let's go.'' We walked out into the hallway.

''I have to tell you something.'' I had to quickly warm him about Lindsey, before it was too late, and he falls into her evil spell.


''Okay, well,there's this girl, her name is Lindsey, she is a major slut, and she's also a bitch. She might not seem like it at first, but trust me, she is. Just try to stay away from her. She's been trying to steal Gerard away from me, you do NOT want to get involved with her.''

Billie listened and nodded his head in understandment. ''Alright. What does she look like?''

''Blond hair, blue eyes, 5''6, 105 pounds, your typical high school bitch, cliche I know.''

''Alright, thanks for telling me.''

''You're welcome.''

''So where are we meeting Gerard, that is his name right?''

I nod. ''Yup. And we are going to meet him right outside our next class. I see him right now.'' I smiled, running to Gee, Billie right behind me.

''Hey.'' Gerard smiled, kissing me.

''Hey.'' I smiled.

''How was your day so far?'' He asked, not noticing Billie, who was right behind us.

''Good, boring. The usual. You?''

''Same here.'' He sighed, but smiled. ''We have art now. I can't wait until you finally show me what you have been working on.''

I laughed. ''Same.'' I looked over at Billie, who was staring at me, biting his lip awkwardly. I pulled away from Gee.

''Gerard, I would like for you to meet, Billie Joe Armstrong, he's new to the area.'' I grabbed Billies arm, and pulled him to me.

''Oww, my arm.'' He muttered. I felt Gerard tense up. ''Gerard, this is Billie. Billie, this is Gerard.'' I introduced them to each other.

''Hey dude, nice to meet you.'' Billie smiled, and put out his hand for a hand shake. Gerard glared down at his hand.

''Gerard, shake it. Don't be jealous.'' I whispered.

''I'm not. I just don't like him.'' He whispered back.

''How can you dislike him, already?'' I rolled my eyes.

''I just do.''

I shook my head and sighed. ''Sorry Billie. Mr.Butthead over here is grumpy. You might as well put your hand down.'' Gerard shot me a glared, I laughed and ruffled his hair. Billie chuckled and dropped his hand to his side.

Gerard wrapped an arm around my waist, and pulled me close to him. I snuggled up againist while I looked at Billie. ''We should get to class guys, the bell is about to ring.''

~ ~

We walked into class. Gerard and I walked hand-in-hand to our seats, in the back. Billie was stopped by the teacher.

''What are you doing in my classroom,young man? You're not in my class.''

''Sorry, I'm new.'' Billie told her, looking back at me. I smiled and waved. Girls in front of me giggled, and started whispering, the boys rolled their eyes.

''Why is he looking at you?'' Gerard ground out, clenching his fists on the desk, his nostrils flaring. ''Please, don't tell me we have a male version of Lindsey now.'' He hissed.

''Gerard! He's not like that at all!'' I gasped, looking at Gee in shock. ''That's rude. You don't even know him, and here you are calling him a manwhore!''

''Sorry, but every fucking girl is drooling over him!'' Gerard pointed out.

''Yeah, so? That doesn't make him a manwhore!''

Gerard eventually sighed in defeat. I sighed too.

''Attention students! We have a new student joining us today! Class, meet Billie Joe Armstrong! Billie, please introduce yourself to us.''

''Alright, well I'm Billie. I'm 17, turning 18 in a few days, I love music, I can sing and play the guitar-''

''Ahh, so what? Gerard muttered to himself, glaring at Billie.

''Gerard stop!'' I warned.

''- I have a band. We're called Green Day. I'm in it with my two best-friends, Tre and Mike. Yeah, and I can't draw shit. I don't know why they put me in here, who fucking knows.''

The class giggled, and the teacher sighed. ''Thank you. You may sit down now.''

''Okay, where?''

''Anywhere, where there is an empty seat.''

''Okay..'' Billie's eyes scanned the room, ignoring the girl's stares, he eventually looked back over at me. I smiled and pointed to the chair right next to me. He smiled.

''What? Hell no!'' Gerard whined. ''Why.Taylor,why?'' He said that as he glared over at Billie as he sat down besides me.


''Gerard, behave. He's cool.'' I whispered, before turning to Billie Joe. ''Hey.''

We pulled out our drawings and ideas, as the teacher handed Billie a few pieces of blank paper. I stared at him.

''What the fuck am I supposed to do?'' He whined, looking down at the papers.

The girl, who's name was, Alison, turned to us. ''I know what you can do. You can do me!'' She smiled, winking at Billie.

Gerard rolled his eyes, as I bit my lip.

Billie looked up a her and jumped. '' Uhh, how about hell to the no. Sorry.'' He quickly looked back down at the paper, shuddering.

Alison huffed, and turned back around.

''Getting sick n tired of all these girls trying to throw themselves at me.'' He muttered. I felt bad for him.

''Since this is art class, why don't you, I don't know, do art!'' Gerard said, sarcastically, being an asshole.

''Gerard!'' I snapped. ''Chill out, alright?'' I leaned over, and gave him a peck on the lips, and that seemed to relax im. ''Right....'' He muttered,before going back to work.

''Sorry about that. Well, since you like music, why don't' you draw something music related? Like a guitar or something?''

''I can't draw.''

''Well, at least try!''

''Fine.'' He sighed. I smiled. ''That's the spirit!'' I flipped open my sketchbook to my drawing of Gee, and went straight to work.
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