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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [24]

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Lindsey finally meets Billie. He rejects her :P. Gerard and them decide to go to the party...

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*Lindsey's POV*

''Did you check out the new guy? He is so hot! I would so bang him!'' My best-friend Mikayla told me.

''New guy? No, I haven't.'' I frowned. ''Is he single?''

''I don't really know. Taylor and him hit it off pretty well, he was totally flirting with her! I thought she was dating that Jared guy or something.''

That slut! ''Taylor? Taylor Mills?''

''Yeah.'' Kayla nods. ''She's in my 3rd period math class.''

''She is dating Gerard Way. That slut! Who the hell does she think she is?!'' I seethed. ''I always get the new guys.''

Kayla shrugs.

''That bitch!'' I exclaim. ''She's trying to be a wannabe me! So not gonna happen. I have to have the new guy!''

''But, I thought you said, you wanted Gerard?''

''I do, but he's hard to get to, at the moment. I hope that fake whore didn't tell him about me, or else she's going to be dead meat.''

''Bitch, probably did.'' Kayla rolled her eyes.

''Great.'' I muttered. ''Hey, Kayla. Where's Katie?'' I asked. ''I need to tell you guys something.''

'' She's probably with Drew in the janitor's closet, banging each other. You know them.'' She giggled.

I rolled my eyes, but smiled. ''He's such a horndog, they have sex at least 20 times a day.''

''I know. Katie is a lucky bitch.''

''Yeah, anyways, I'm throwing a house party this week, everyone is invited, so can you, Andrew, Katie, Drew, Beth and Tony bring the alcohol and shit?''

''Yeah, of course. But your parents?''

''Out of town.''


Ashley was my 12 year old sister. She was a total brat, but I loved her. ''Went with the rents.''

''Oh, well, sure of course we can.''

''Great.'' I smiled. My plan was now in action. I just have to get Taylor and them to go to the party, including the new guy.

~ ~ ~

Taylor's POV

''Did you know that we have a new student/.'' I heard Gerard ask Frankie. I rolled my eyes.

''Yeah, he seems pretty fucking cool!'' Frank exclaimed.

''Yeah, yeah.'' Gerard muttered.

''So... I invited him to hang out with us, today!'' Frank grinned, clapping his hands together,

''Really/.'' I smiled, walking over to them.

''Yeah, you've seen him?''

''Yeah, we're friends.''

''No, you're not.''

''Gerard, shut up.'' I told him. He was so jealous of Billie. It was kind of cute, but it was also really, really anoying.

''Sorry.'' He sighed.

''It's okay, but I think you need to apologize to Billie.''

''Why does he need to apologize?'' Frank asked.

''He was acting like a jealous asshole towards Billie.''

''Afraid he'll take awa your girl from you,Way?'' Frank joked, teasing Gerard. Gerard clenched his fists. ''Frank, shut the hell up.''

''So, it's true!'' Frank gasped.

What's true?'' Billie Joe walked up to us, I smiled at him, before shooting Gerard a warning glare. ''Oh, hey Billie. Nothing at all.'' I lied, looking at Gerard.

''Alright... if you say so.'' Billie gave me a weird look. ''So, what are we going to do?''

''Well, we're going to wait for Gerard's brother, and his girlfriend.''

''Oh, okay.''


Gerard cut me off. ''Taylor, no.''

I rolled my eyes. ''Fine then, I won't tell him.''

''Tell me what?''

''Alicia, his brother's girlfriend, is pregnant with his baby.''

Billie blinked twice. ''Pregnant? Umm, okay. None of my buisness, but congrats to them, I guess.''

''You're right, it's none of your damn buisness.'' Gerard growled. ''Taylor, you just had to tell him, didn't you?''

I rolled my eyes. ''Gee, stop it. I just thought that, since he's our friend, he'd like to know.'' I shot Billie a ''sorry about that' look. He smiled and nodded in return,

''He's no friend of mine.''

''Gerard, you really need to stop being such a-''

Frank cut me off. ''Yeah, stop being such a meany head!''

I laughed. ''My words, exactly.''

He rolled his eyes. ''Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's go.'' He grabbed my hand.

''Woah, wait,aren't we going to wait for-''

Gerard cut me off. ''They went home early, I forgot to tell you that, come on, let's get out of here.''


~ ~ ~

''Hey, guys.'' Lindsey's annoying voice came from behind us, we all groaned and turned around to face the blond headed demon.

''What do you want now?'' Gerard hissed, giving my hand a hard squeeze. I whimpered a little. ''If it's about that stupid party, you're throwing, you can just forget it. We are NOT going.''

Lindsey rolled her eyes, but continued smiling. ''Aww, come on, you guys have to come. It won't be fun without you all there.''

I rolled my eyes. ''Look, we don't want to go the party, so can you please just fuck off? Thank you.''

''I will leave you guys alone if you come to the party.'' She smirked. ''I swear, I will.''

''Yeah, right.'' Gerard scoffed. ''Come on guys, let's get the hell outta here.''

''Hold on! Who's this?'' Lindsey turned to Billie, and smiled. ''Hey, what's your name? I'm Lindsey, you're kinda cute..
She battled her eyebrows at him, and I wanted to vomit.

''My name is not interested, thank you.'' He smiled, biting his lip. Lindsey raised her eyebrows and scowled. ''Umm, excuse me? No, you do not turn me down.'' She hissed.

''I just did.''

Lindsey scoffed, and then turned back to face Gerard, Frank, and I.

''So how about it? Come to my party with your jerk of a friend.'' Lindsey hissed out at Billie. ''And, I'll leave you alone for good.''

I looked at Gerard, who was thinking to himself. He eventually sighed. ''Alright, we'll go. But you better leave us alone, after the party.'' He said to her, with narrowed eyes,

''I will, don't ya'll worry. Thank you.'' She smiled, lying. We watched as she bouncing off towards her friends.

''I don't know if I trust her or not. She seems scary.'' Billie shuddered.

I laughed. ''Yeah, that she is. We can never trust her, but she does sound pretty honest about this, so we're going to give her a chance..''

~ ~ ~ ~

A/N: Crappy ending, I know. Lol. Hope you enjoyed anyways. Next chapter, will be the party! :P
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