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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [25] Part 1/3

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It's the night of the party. Part 1/2

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Taylor's Pov. (The night of the paty)

I don't know what I should wear. I like had this really short strapless black dress that only went down to my midthigh. It fit my body pretty tightly. I'm not sure if I should wear it or not, I didn't want to look slutty, but yet, Gerard would love it, and the girls who are going to the party, are probably going to be wearing dresses shorter than mine, so why not? I'll wear it.

''Ali, you done in there yet?'' I called. Alicia had come over earlier, so we could prepare and get ready for the party together.

The door opened. ''Yeah, but do we have to go?'' She asked, grumpily. ''I look awful.''

I looked her up and down, not in a sexual way of course, and my jaw dropped. Alicia had on this really pretty dark purple dress, that went down to her knees. It had ruffles in the middle. It was absoutely beautiful on her, It hugged her body tightly too. You could see the little baby bump, that was beginning to form. It was cute. Alicia had also put on light eyeliner, with sparkles on them. It made her brown eyes stand out more. Her black hair was pulled up into a pony tail, and it reached a little past her shoulders. She also had put on a little red lipstick. Her nails were nicely painted black and purple. She looked fantastic.

''Wow, Alicat, I don't know what to say! You look amazing! I can see that baby bump your begining to grow, it's so cute!'' I smiled.

''Wow, really?'' She smiled. I nod. ''Yeah, really. Mikey will love it!''

''Thanks!'' She grinned.

''Anytime, now I am going to go get ready. You can do anything you want. I'll be out in 10 to 15 minutes, okay.''

''Yeah, okay. Can I use your laptop?''

''Yeah sure, knock yourself out.'' I closed the door behind me. I walked in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I slowly picked up the brush and lightly brushed it through my hair. I really wanted to curl it, but I didn't have time, so I decided againist it. I smoothed out my dress.

I took a deep breath, and slowly put on the eyeliner. I don't like using makeup, but I wanted to look good for Gerard tonight. I have been thinking that, it was about time Gerard and I, you know, did 'it'. I was more than ready, and I'm sure he was too, I'm a little nervous, but I'll get over it, so I decided, after the party would be a perfect time for us to do it. That is, if we don't get wasted...

I wanted my first time to be special, so I didn't want the both, or Gerard drunk when we do it...

~ ~ ~

After I got myself ready, I walked back out. ''Well, what do you think?'' I asked, spinning around in front of Alicia. She looked up from the laptop, and gasped.

''Holy shit,Taylor. You look fricken amazing. Is this all for Gee?'' She asked, winking.

I blushed. ''Maybe.., okay, fine, it is for Gerard.'' I sat down next to her. ''What time is it?''

''Umm, 6:02, when do we leave to meet the guys?''

''7:00, so that leaves us with 58 minutes to do whatever we want, so what do you wanna do?'' I asked.

She shrugged. ''I dunno. I was watching an episode of 16 and pregnant.'' She laughed. ''Ironic, huh?''

I laughed and nodded. ''You should totally go on that show. You're 16... and pregnant.''

She laughed. ''Nah, I don't want to be on TV.''

I scoffed. '''Well, maybe I wanted to.'' I teased, grinning at her.

''Okay, go get knocked up by Gee, and then you can- oh wait, nevermind, you're 18.'' She frowned.

''It's alright.''

~ ~ ~

@ 7:00...

''Okay.'' I said, getting up. ''Time to go, come on.'' I helped Alicia, get up onto her feet. She rubbed her stomach. ''Alright.'' She smiled. ''Let's go.''

~ ~

I knocked on the door of the Way's house, Alicia was right behind me. It opened a few seconds later, Donna stood in the doorway, smiling at us.

''Hi, Donna.'' I smiled. ''Are the boys ready?''

''Not quite yet, and don't mind me by saying, but you two look simply fantasic. You must be going to a party or something. Gerard and Mikey don't tell me anything anymore.'' She grinned.

''Thanks.'' We blushed.

''And yes, we arre going to a party.'' Alicia smiled.

''Okay, let me go get the boys. Gerard! Mikey! The girls are here!'' Donna shouted up the stairs.

''Coming, ma!'' I heard Mikey shout, and then I heard footsteps racing down the stairs. I laughed and a second later, Gerard and Mikey were standing beside their mother. They turned to us, and both their mouths dropped, as they looked us up and down. We giggled.

I stared at Gerard, smiling. I blushed a few straids of hair from out of my face. ''Gee, you look totally fricken hot.'' I giggled, as I looked him up and down. He was wearing all black, of course. I also noticed that he had cut his hair, and dyed it back to black.

''Uhh...'' Was all he could say, as he continued staring at me, in shock. I laughed.

''Gerard, stop staring at the poor girl, you kids go have fun now, and please be careful.'' Donna said, laughing as she pushed the guys to us. She closed the door.

''Ali- you- ahh- look- umm- sexy.'' Mikey coughed, blushing. Alicia giggled. ''Thanks, you don't look bad yourself.''

''Oh my god Gee, you dyed and cut you hair!'' I smiled, as I ran my finger through his hair. ''I love it.'' He still continued staring at me, not saying a word.

He finally snapped out of it, and pulled me in for a tight hug. ''Are you sure you still want to go? I'm kinda turned on with what you're wearing.'' He whispered huskily, breathing down on my neck. I shivered, but giggled. ''Yes, I want to go.'' I suddenly felt something poke me, I frowned and looked down to see what was poking me.

My eyes widened as I saw what was poking me.

''Oh my god, Gerard!'' Mikey said, covering his eyes. ''Oh my god. I don't want to see that!''

Alicia looked at him, confused. ''Mikey, what are you-'' She looked over at Gerard, and looked down. Her eyes widened, and she looked up at Gee then at me.

Gerard blushed, and covered it with his hands. He looked at me, and bit his lip.''I'm sorry.''

I laughed,and kissed him. ''It's totally okay, Gee. Just get rid of it, before we go to the party, okay?'' I giggled. Oh my god, I can't believe that he had... umm, you know, in his pants. And it was all because of me. Never in my life, did I think, I could turn on a guy.

''Right.'' He mumbled, adjusting his pants. ''Let's go.'' He slowly put his arm around my waist, and pulled me close. Mikey did the same thing to Alicia as we headed to Gee's car....

~ ~ ~

A/N: This chapter was funny to write lol. I split it into 2 parts. so the next part, will be at the party. Hope you enjoyed. xoxo :P
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