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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [25] Part 2/3

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@ at the party. Taylor reveals her 'surprise' to Gerard, Lindsey's plan is in action. Part 2/3

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Taylor's Pov:

It was around 7:25 when we arrived to Lindsey's place. After all, we had to pick up Frankie, and Billie, on the way.

''Alright guys, before we go inside. 4 things. 1. Alicia, no alcohol, 2. Stay away from Lindsey and her sluts as much as you can, 3. Stay together and 4. No alcohol, well, you can have at least 1-2 cups, I'll let you have thatm but no more after that, alright?''

We all nod.

''Great.'' I smiled. ''Let's go.'' I grabbed Gerard's hand, and Mikey grabbed Alicia. Billie walked beside me, hands in his jacket pockets.

''Well, here goes nothing.'' Gerard muttered, before giving my hand a tight squeeze.

~ ~ ~

Lindsey's Pov:

''Oh look they came!' I smiled, peaking out the blinds. ''My plan is so totally going to work.'' I went over to the door to let them in.

''Hey guys, glad you came.'' I smiled, looking each of them, up and down. I frowned at Taylor. She was actually looking good tonight.... I didn't like that fact at all.

''Gerard, you look hot.'' I smiled, earning a glare from Taylor.'' I smirked, as Gee rolled his eyes.

''Watch it.'' I heard Taylor mutter. I laughed. Like I was afraid of her? Yeah, right! ''Just kidding,jeez. Calm your tits,girl.'' I giggled, and rolled my eyes.

''You all look good. Hope you have fun. Beer and shit are over there.'' I pointed towards the table, filled with shit, I turned my back towards them, smirking as I walked up to my current and soon to be old boy toy.

~ ~

Taylor's Pov:

''Well.'' I shouted, over the very loud music, that Lindsey had playing. ''Let's party!'' I wiggled my hips, teasing Gerard. I saw him gulp. I smirked.

'' I can't dance.'' Ali frowned. '

'Me neither.'' Mikey said.

''Who cares if you can't or not? It's a party, let's have fun, and dance anyway! I can't dance, and I'm still going to!'' I moved my hips to the beat of the song. Gerard and Billie were staring, or well, more like drooling. I smiled, and threw my hands up in the air.

''I need a beer.'' Gerard said. ''You want one?'' He turned to Billie, looking at me through the corner of his eyes.

''Yeah man, you know what, I'll go with you.'' Billie said, as he followed my boyfriend over to the table, that contained the booze and everything.

I stopped doing my little dance, and looked at Mikey and Alicia. They were staring at me in shock.

''What?'' I giggled.


I shrugged. ''Umm, dancing?''

''You should've seen the way Gerard AND Billie were looking at you. They looked as if they could...'' Mikey drifted off, biting his lip. ''You know, I could use a beer myself. Want one?'' He asked me.

I shook my head. ''No thanks, I don't do alcohol.'' I promised my mom, that I would stay away from the booze and drugs. I didn't want to break that promise.

''If you say so... Ali, I'll be right back. If there is any, do you want a soda?''

''Yes, please.''

''Be right back..''

''Oh wait, Mikey.'' I stopped him.


''Tell Gerard and Billie, they shouldn't drink alot, alright? I have something for Gee, afterwards, and I don't want him to be wasted as fuck. Okay?''

'Okay... I'll tell them. Don't worry.'' With that being said, he walked off. I turned to Frankie.

''Frank, you aren't doing anything crazy right now, are you alright?'' I asked, putting a hand on his forehead. He giggled and swatted it away.

''Of course I am, silly girl. I'm just a little bit tired, but after a few beers and shit, I should be myself again.''

''Right...'' I giggled, looking over at Alicia. She was staring at something, or someone. I frowned. ''Ali, whatcha looking at?'' I tried to follow her gaze, but somebody got in my way.

''That girl over there.'' She said, pointing to a blond-haired girl over by the corner, with a few of her friends. I looked over.


''She's been staring at Mikey, since we got here. I don't know if I should go up to her, and say to back off, or to go up and kick her ass for ogling my man.''

I laughed. ''Ali, calm down. You can do all that, if or when she makes a move on him. For now, let's have a good time!''

Frank walked over to the beer, and grabbed 3 bottles. Typical Frank...

''Alright...'' She sighed, looking around for Mikey.

''Come on.'' I grabbed her hand, and pulled her towards me. ''Let's dance!'' I said, starting to dance to the current song.

Alicia looked around, embarrased. ''No, I don't want to. I can't dance!''

''Fine, party pooper.'' I pouted, laughing. ''Have it your way.'' I said, continuing to move to the beat.''

''Here you go, Ali. There was only coke. Hope you don't' mind.'' Mikey said, walking up to Alicia, handing her over the can.

''It's fine. I love coke anyways.'' She opened it, and chugged it down. Mikey and I watched in amusement. She stopped and frowned at us. ''Why are you two staring at me?''

''You finished that whole can, in less than a minute. Wow..''

''Yeah, well, pregnancy makes me very thisty. Now will one of you, please go get another one.''

Mikey and I looked at each other. ''Might as well, bring over a few. I want one to.''

''Fine.'' He sighed, and went back to the table...

~ ~ ~

I felt a pair of hands snake around my waist, as I was dancing. I giggled.

''Hey sexy.'' Gerard breathed in my ear, his hands on my hips. He moved along with me, to the music.

''Hi, Gee.'' I smiled.

''I want to get out of here. I'm getting bored. Mikey and Alicia are just talking, and Frank is sucking a girl's face off, Billie is... well, I don't care where or what he's doing... so....''

I sighed, but continued dancing.

He started to kiss my neck.

''Gee, stop it.'' I moaned, throwing my head back on his shoulder. ''Stop...'' I didn't really want him to stop, but he had to. We were in public.

''What if I don't want to?'' He breathed. I felt his warm breath hit my neck. I shivered.

''You have to.''

''I really don't want to... I know you don't want me to, so why stop?'' He kissed my neck again.

''Gerard, stop it.'' I sighed again, yanking his hands off my hips. ''And yes, I didn't want you to stop, but we're in public, so you had to. Don't worry, after this party, you'll get to do that...'' I drifted off, as I realized I was about to give away my surprise, if you could call it that, to him....

He beamed. ''Really?''

I sighed. Might as well just tell him... ''Yes really, but you'll also get to do much more than that....'' I stared at him, biting my lip.

He cocked his head, confused. ''What?''

I swear... this boy could be so stupid at times.. I leaned over, and whispered. ''We're going to.... you know....'' I couldn't really say 'sex' without blushing madly.

He perked up. ''I though you werent' ready?'' He asked, frowning.

''That was a while ago, I think it's about time...'' I bit my lip.

''Really? Are you sure?''

''I'm sure, I'm more than sure.'' I smiled at him. ''A little nervous, yeah, but that's totally okay. I'm ready, and I'm sure you are too. I know you've been waiting a long time for this.''

''You have No idea.''

I giggled, and wrapped my arms around him, resting my head on his shoulder. ''I love you.'' I whispered, smiling.

''I love you too.'' He said, resting his chin on my shoulder.

~ ~ ~]

Lindsey's Pov: {again}

''Look over there.'' Kayla said, giggling.

''What?'' I asked, following her gaze. She was staring at the new guy. The one who turned me down. What was his name again? Billie?

''He's so fucking hot, I'm going over and ask him out.'' She smiled.

''Don't even try. I tried that, and guess what? He turned me down! Can you believe that? He fucking turned me down. I won't bother with him, for now...'''

''He did? That jerk.'' She scoffed. I rolled my eyes. She was still eye fucking him. ''Oh, would you jusr go over. He probably won't reject you.. just don't act like a bitch.''

''I won't!'' She bounced over to him.

I sighed, and walked around. I smiled. My party was awesome. People were enjoying it. Now, where was Gerard and Taylor? My plan was in action, all I need is to get Gerard mad ass drunk, and my plan will be complete. I decided to spike his drink, instead of Taylor's. What would be the point in getting her drunk? Mikey won't go near the alcohol, because of preggie and all... so that wouldn't work....

I saw their friend, Frank making out with some brunette girl on the couch. I giggled. Someone was going to get lucky tonight, other than me, of course.

I walked over to the beer table, and grabbed a bottle, and chugged it down. I just dumped my boytoy, Jerad, his name was, I think. Gerard was going to be mine, real soon. I smiled.

~ ~ ~

I decided to split this into 3 parts... so yeah, hoped you enjoyed :D. I'll update again, hopefully tomorrow, if not Saturday.
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