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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [25] Part 3/3

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Part 3/3. Taylor catches Gerard and Lindsey together... in bed.

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Taylor's Pov.

''Great'' I muttered to myself. Gerard was totally fucked up, and I left him by himself for like, I don't know, 5 minutes, to go to the bathroom? Jeez, he couldn't have drowned down that many bottles... in 5 minutes. He must've had something more stronger than beer. I had saw vodka on the table, maybe he had a few rounds of that.... anyways, it doesn't matter anyway, but what does matter, is that our 'special' night was already ruined....

I looked around for Mikey, and Alicia. They were nowhere to be seen. I frowned, they must be outside or something. It was too smoky in here, for Ali and the baby to handle. I looked around for Frank, next. Not bothering to find Gerard, because he was probably passed out somewhere.

I was about to walk by a couch, until I noticed who was on the couch. I gasped. It was Frank, and this girl, I have never seen before. She was brunette. She was pretty, and she didn't look like one of Lindsey's little followers, so she was okay for him, I guess.

They were too busy giggling, to notice me.

''Frank.'' The girl giggled. ''Stop it, we can't.''

I raised my eyesbrows.

''But baby...'' Frank whined, drunkingly.

''I said no.Frankie. You're too out of it.'' The girl, giggled again. ''Maybe tomorrow...after you introduce me to your friends, first.''

I walked away. It was nice that Frank had met someone. Now, where was Gerard? I looked around everywhere, pushing by couples who were making out, earning me a few glares, but I didn't care. I wanted to find my boyfriend.

I noticed Lindsey's friends and their 'boyfriends' over by the corner. Lindsey wasn't over there. My heart stopped. Where was Lindsey?'' Now, I frantically ran over to them. They shot me sneers, but I didn't care.

''Hey, have you guys, seen Gerard and or Lindsey?'' I asked, trying not to gag, because of what they were wearing.

''Yes, we do.'' The blond, took a drag out of her cigeratte, blowing the smoke in my face. I coughed. ''Okay, where?''

''Why should we tell you?'' She and her friends laughed.

''Because, I want to find my boyfriend.'' I rolled my eyes, god, did they really have to be jerks?

''You'll ruin her plan, if we tell you.''

''What plan?''

''Oh, you know.... her plan.... oh, please. don't tell me, you don't know it.'' The blond stared at me. I shook my head. ''No...''

''It was really obvious, to what she was up to. Are you fucking dumb or something?''

''No, look, tell me what this 'plan' is, and tell me where they are!'' I shouted at them. They all laughed, and took long drags out of their cancer sticks.

''Right.... once you find them, then you'll know what her plan was. They're upstairs.''

My heart stopped. ''U-upstairs? Together?'' I asked, looking at them. They all nod. ''Well, that's what I just said.'' The blond laughed. ''Stupid.''

I ran up to the stairs, my mind racing with thoughts, I didn't really want to think of. I heard a girl mutter, 'poor girl, she's going to get her heart broken.'

I ran up the stairs. I stood at the end of the hallway, there were two bedroom doors, on each side. Both of the doors closed. I heard a giggle, from the room on the left, so I burst open the door.

The sight in front of me broke my heart. There on the bed, was Lindsey and Gerard. Gerard was on top of Lindsey, he was shirtless, and I'm pretty sure she was shirtless to.

''What the fuck?!'' I screeched, feeling the tears stinging in my eyes. How could Gerard do this to me?

Gerard froze at my voice. He quickly jumped off of Lindsey, and stood,staring at me. ''What's wrong-'' Lindsey followed his gaze, her eyes eventually landed on me. She smirked. ''Oh hey, Taylor.''

''YOU FUCKING WHORE!'' I screamed, pushing by Gerard, and tackled Lindsey on the bed. ''You SLUT!'' I screamed, slapping her. ''HE'S MY BOYFRIEND!'' Lindsey tried squirming out, from under me, but I pinned her down tightly.

I looked up at Gerard, tears sliding down my face. ''H-how could you?'' I whispered.

''Taylor, baby, I-''

I cut him off. ''Save it.'' I looked back down at Lindsey.

''You're not worth it.'' I hissed in her face, causing her to laugh. She managed to push me off of her. ''Aww, it's okay. I'm sorry he chose me over-'''

''SHUT UP!''

I stood up and walked up to Gerard. I slapped him, hard across the face. ''You a-asshole!'' I screamed, collapsing againist him. I felt him wrap his arms tightly around me.

''I'm sorry.'' He whispered, resting his chin on my head.

''You bastard. I-I hate you!'' I sobbed, beating on his chest, with my fists. ''I hate you so much!''

''I know..''

''I should probably go now. Thanks for the fun, Gee baby.'' Lindsey smiled, putting her shirt back on, leaving the room.''

''Gerard, we're over.'' I said blankly, pulling away from him.

He looked down at me. ''Taylor, baby, please-'' He pleaded.

I shook my head, wiping away my tears. ''No, I don't want to be with someone, who won't stay faithful to me.'' I glared at him. ''I'm sorry, Gee, but you cheated on me with that slut.''

''Tay, I-''

I cut him off. ''Save it. I don't want to hear it.'' I said, walked out the room, leaving him behind, crying. My heart pained at the sound, but I shook it off, I didn't care, he had hurt me even worse.

My whole body was numb. I collapsed on the floor, crying, as soon as I shut the door behind me. Lindsey, ruined my life, yet again, and I should've seen it coming... I feel so stupid right now.

I ran down the stairs, and out of the house crying. Billie must've saw, because he ran out, following me.

''Taylor! What's wrong?'' He asked, concerned, as I stopped and turned to him.

''Oh, you're crying, come here.'' He said, pulling me in a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head on his shoulder, crying. For some reason, it felt good, being in Billie's arms...
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