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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [26]

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Billie comforts Taylor...

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Taylor's Pov:

''What happened?'' Billie asked, as we sat down on the front steps. I looked up from the ground, and at him. ''Gerard cheated on me.''


''Lindsey...'' I sobbed. ''I caught them in bed together.''

''Oh, hunny, come here.'' Billie scooted closer to me, and forced me to sit down in his lap, I buried my face in his chest, sobbing.

''Were they know?''

''No, well, I don't know! They didn't have their shirts on, they were kissing and all. It doesn't matter through, it's over. Gerard and I are done. I broke up with him.''

''Hun, it does matter,well, you matter. I don' care if I only known you, for like 2 days, it feels I've known you for 10 years, but anyways, I don't want to see you hurt''

I smiled a little.

''I want to kill the son of a bitch, for hurting such a pretty girl, like yourself. He doesn't deserve you. You deserve alot better than the piece of skumbag.''

''You think, I'm pretty?'' I gasped, sniffing.

''Of course, I do. Why? Do you think you're not?''

I shook my head. ''No... I don't, that's why Gerard cheated on me, I'm not pretty enough for him. I don't know what he seen in me, yeah, he's my best-friend, but still...''

''Correction, you're to pretty for him. Don't say that. You're absoutely fucking gorgeous, Taylor.''

''Really?'' I looked up at him, shocked.

Billie smiled, and nodded. ''Yes, really. Please, don't cry over him. He doesn't deserve you. He's not really worth it, nor is Lindsey.'' He reached over, and wiped away a tear from my cheek.

''I guess, you're right...'' I whispered, looking back down on the ground. ''But Billie, he told me, he saw a future for us... he said he saw us married with a kid in a few years...''

''That was probably all complete bullshit, I'm sorry.'' Bille told me.

''Oh...'' I whispered.

''Yeah, but do you know what I'm saying? You are beautiful, hell, you're far from beauiful, you're absoutely fucking sexy. That's why I flirted with you on my first day, but I backed off, when I found out you were happy with another guy. But now, I don't want to back off. He hurt you, and I want to fix that. I want to make you happy again. I want to see you're beautiful smile again, cheesy, I know.... but... yeah. I'm kind of admitting my feelings towards you, right now...''

''Billie, you're really sweet.'' I smiled, sniffing. ''You really are. I like you to, but it's too soon. I don't to be in another relationship in a long time,until I get over my breakup with Gee...''

Billie nodded. ''I understand.'' He smiled.

''Thank you.''

A few minutes of silence pass, until we heard someone call my name.

''TAYLOR!'' Gerard shouted, stepping out of the house, looking down at me, not noticing me. I looked down at the ground, tears falling down again.

Billie stood up. ''You shouldn't be here. She doesn't want to see you right now. She's upset, as you can probably see.''

Gerard glared at him. ''You're the one, who shouldn't be here. I need to talk to Taylor.''

I looked up at him, tears falling down. ''I don't want to talk to you, Gerard.''

''But, baby-''

''Don't call me that. I'm not your girlfriend or your best-friend anymore. Just please go away, and leave me alone.'' I told him,bitterly, glaring down at the ground. He caused me so much pain and anger, time to do the same thing with him.

''Oh, I see what''s going on here.'' He said, angerly, looking back and forth between Billie and I. ''You've been sleeping around with each other, haven't you.'' He demanded.

I started crying. He was practically calling me a whore. ''What? No!''

Gerard scoffed. ''Yeah, sure.''

''Listen, you son of a bitch.'' Billie growled, glaring at Gerard. ''We are not sleeping together, I saw Taylor crying, and ran out to see what was the matter, and obviously, the matter is you, she told me. I know everything now. You're the one who cheated on her, with that whore. She, unlike you, stayed faithful to you, in the relationship, and you're the one who fucked it up, so watch who the fuck, you're calling a whore, asshole.''

Gerard was about to say something, but I cut him off.

''Billie is right, Gerard. I did stay faithful to you, I would never do that to you anyways, so I'm upset you would believe Billie and I are sleepin together. You're the one who cheated on me, so what right, do you have, to call me a whore? I really though we would work, I really loved you, Gerard, I really did, but it seems to me, I wasn't good enough for you, that you couldn't wait for me. I'm sorry, but please get out of my sight. It's over. Everything is finished between us,Gerard, just get out of my life.''

I know, what I said was harsh, but it was the truth, and the truth hurt sometimes. Gerard looked at me hurt. He didn't know what to say, but he knew what I said, was the truth. He just had to accept that.

''Fine, but know that, I didn't mean to hurt you'' With that being said, he stomped back into the house.

I sighed, wiping away the rears away. I looked back up at Billie, he was glaring at the closed door, his fists were tightly clenched.


''Yeah, Tay?''

''Can you walk home with me? I want to go now, and I don't want to be in the same car as him, it would be too awkward. I need the exercise anyway.''

''Of course.'' He smiled, helping me up.

''Thank you.''

''Anytime, Tay.''

~ ~ ~

Nobody's POV::

''Hey, Gee. Have you seen, Taylor?'' Mikey asked, walking up to his older brother, who was chugging down his 10th beer.

Gerard turned to him. ''Taylor who?'' He slurred.

Mikey rolled his eyes. ''Haha, very funny. You know who, and oh my god, are you drunk?''

''No....'' Gerard finished the beer, and reached back down to pick up another, but Mikey stopped him. ''That's enough. You don't need anymore.''

''You're not my father.'' He shooed his brother's hands away, and picked up another beer,he opened it and chugged it down.

Mikey sighed. ''Guess, I'm driving all of us back home then...'' He said, walking away from his brother, back over to Ali.

''Gerard's drunk.''

''No really?'' She said, sarcastically.

''Yeah, anyways, you know where Taylor went? Haven't seen her anywhere, and I would ask Frank, but he's too busy with a girl.''

Ali shook her head. ''Nope. Maybe, she went outside?''

''Yeah maybe, come on, let's go.''

The couple walked out of the house, and looked around. They were the only ones out there. ''I don't think she's out here.'' Alicia frowned.

''Yeah... wait, look, I think that's her up there by the corner!'' Mikey said, pointing to two dark figures over by the next street.

''Hmm, yeah, that could be her! wait, who is she with? Oh my god, come on, let's go!'' Alicia started running, she grabbed Mikey's hand, and dragged him with her.

~ ~ ~

Taylor's Pov:

''I don't know about you, but I feel like we're being stalked.'' Billie said, looking at me.I laughed a little, and ruffled his hair.

''You're probably just-'' I was cut off, when I heard footsteps behind us. I stopped and froze. ''Billie, oh ym god, you're right, let's go!''

I grabbed his hand, and started running,

''Taylor! Wait, it's just us!'' The voice called. It was Mikey!

I stopped and turned around. Mikey and Alicia, ran up to us, bending over panting.

''Guys, what are you doing?''

''We wanted to know, who you were running away with. Oh hey, Billie.'' Mikey smiled over, at Billie. Billie smiled. ''Mikey, you thought I was some creep, didn't you?''

''Yeah, so I had to make sure Taylor was going to be alright.''

I laughed. ''Oh Mikey''

''So, where are you guys going?'' Alicia asked, looking at me.


''Oh, well can we walk with you? Gerard and Frank are drunk out of their minds, they'll probably spend the night over there,, like everyone else who is drunk.''


''Great, so why is Gerard drunk? Did something happen? He only drank when he was with Lind- did something happen?''

I tensed and froze.

''I don't know.'' I lied.

Billie looked at me.

''Are you sure?''


''Okay...'' Mikey said, hesitantly.

We walked the rest of the way home in silence....
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