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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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Authors Note:
Not sure about this chapter. It needs edited and such like always so just bear with me just now please. Thanks for reading.

Gerard's Perspective

I stumbled through the door to my home on tired, heavy feet behind Mikey. I had made it through the rest of the day unnoticeable as I hid away in the background. It seemed to be doing me some good, for the most part, people were leaving me alone. They weren't outright saying nasty shit to me but they weren't making it half obvious when they were talking about me either.

I found myself in the kitchen, Mikey on my heels as I made us coffee. I asked if he wanted something to eat which he declined as he stood nervously at the doorway, eyes darting about the kitchen as he ringed his hands.

"What's up Mikes?" I asked, frowning in concern.

"Well," my younger sibling started as he looked up at me, "there's this party tonight, just across the street and I was wondering... Would you come with me, Gee?"

I looked at him through wide eyes, my mouth a little agape. Surely he can't be serious? He can't seriously think I'd come to a party with him, where there would be actual people, a lot of them may I add, and alcohol and probably drugs. I would be expected to socialise and converse with said people and this was something I was not prepared to do. Never in my life did I think this day would come. My younger brother was officially mad.

"M-Mikes, I'm sorry I c-can’t do that. I'm tired and I j-just...” I trailed off as I pleaded him with my eyes, hoping he would understand.

"Please, Gee? I really want to go but I don't want to go on my own. It'll be fun and safe, I swear Gee, please just come?" He begged from the doorway and I could slowly feel myself giving in.

"Mikey, no. I can't, I really, really can't."

"Gee, please. There's not gonna be a lot of people, fifty tops... It's at Frank’s house just across the street, his friend Bob has invited these really cool people and I really want to go Gee, please will you come? You might even make friends, please? If you really can't handle it then you can come home and I'll ditch it with you too. Please just come Gee, please." he was begging now, jumping up and down at the doorway begging for me to tag along to the party with him and I couldn't say no, I was worried I would break his heart if I did.

"Okay, Mikes, I'll come but please, don't leave me or anything on my own with people..." I pleaded and I was grateful when he understood.

"Oh! Oh, of course Gee! It'll probably just be me, you, Frank, Ray, Bob and a few girls anyway while everyone else parties and shit. Thank you, Gee! So, so much. I'm glad you’re coming." he said as he made his way over to me and hugged me tightly, leaving me gasping for breath when he finally let go. I merely grunted as I watched him skip away to get ready before I myself began to prepare for the upcoming events.

Three hours later and I was ready to go. I stood at the doorway in my tight black jeans, black converse and an oversized black hoodie over a band tee as I waited patiently for my younger sibling. I had my hood up like always and I had even put a little eyeliner around my eyes, smudging it to my satisfaction. I may not the like the idea of this party but I had to try and make myself look good and acceptable, I had to please people.

Just as I looked at the clock in the kitchen, Mikey came jumping down the stairs. The little fucker was beyond excited. He was dressed in a similar outfit to me only he was wearing much more colour and he had his guitar slung over his shoulder, for reasons I did not know.

I was already regretting my decision to go to this party and we weren't even out the door yet. It was definitely going to be a long night.

"You ready to go, Gee?" Mikey asked as he swung open the door waiting for my reply.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I mumbled, shoving my hands in my deep pockets as I followed him out into the cold dark night, it was barely even seven o'clock yet.

"Mum won't be back until later but I left her a note explaining that there was a possibly a chance of us staying at Franks but if not we'll be home around midnight."

"Midnight?!" I asked, my head snapping up to meet his eyes. How the fuck was I going to last until midnight?

"Yeah, don't worry, Gee. Honestly, Frank has the best parties. They're safe though, Frank's cool like that. He doesn't take anyone shit, trust me." Mikey said, a small grin rested on his face as we continued our walk down the street.

Before I knew it, I was being shoved through the door of Frank’s house into a sea of drunken, sweaty bodies. People well everywhere, jumping up and down to the beat of the blaring music. The room reeked of alcohol and I was finding it hard to breathe in such a warm, stuff, tight space; it was worse than the narrow corridors at school.

I could feel the familiar panic tingle through my body and my breathing deepened as I struggled my way through the crowd, keeping my hood up and head down. I could feel tears begin to prickle behind my eyes and I let out a shaky breath, shoving through body after body, I had to grit my teeth to stop myself from crying out. I wasn't ready for this, there was too many people touching me and shoving me, I just wanted out.

What felt like eternity later, I stumbled from the crowd, panting and sweating? I slid down against the wall as I steadied my breathing and rubbed my sore eyes, bringing my legs up to my chest and leaning my head against my knees.

It took me a few minutes to realise I had lost Mikey and that he was probably somewhere in the crowd and I wasn't ready to go looking for him yet. I kept myself huddled against the wall, trying my best to make myself unnoticeable to everyone around me. The majority of people here were already drunk or high already and more people seemed to be arriving by the minute.

Words can't explain how out of place I felt and all I really wanted was to be at home.

Time seemed to drag on and before long I was beginning to get restless, my ass was numb now too. I began to fidget around on the floor, trying to get more comfortable when I heard my name being called by a deep, drunken voice.

"GERARLD!" Okay, well close enough I guess. My head snapped up to the direction of the voice, my tired eyes scanning over a large boy with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, he was obviously a jock, it radiated off of him in vibes. "Hey babyyy," he slurred as he stumbled over to me in ugly Nike trainers. He really did look and sound vile. He started to make his way around people, spilling his drink as he did so but still he kept coming, getting closer and closer. With each step he took, panic bubbled inside me and I scrambled up off the floor and started looking for an exit. My eyes landed upon a small staircase leading to the second floor of the house and deciding it was my best option, I darted to that staircase, dodging people making-out before dashing up the stairs two at a time.

"GERALD? WHERE ARE YOU?" I could still hear the ugly jock call from downstairs and I pushed my legs further, turning the corner and sprinting down the corridor with my head down.

To my surprise, I didn't get very far from the staircase where I've collided with something dark and warm and human and smells so, so well. I send us both hurling to the ground and I cling to their shirt as I lay on top of them, panting and shaking. Their scent filling my nose, turning my brain to mush and my tense body limp.

It takes me a few minutes to realise that not only and I lying on top of another human being but that the said human being is male and not only does he smell so, so good but he is also very, very attractive. I also realise that there is no tears, no panic attacks and most of all no screaming or flashbacks.

It takes me all the strength I am humanly possible of to pull my limp body up off the poor boy I squashed instead of snuggling deeper into his neck and hugging the shit out of him. I couldn't ignore the tingling sensation that stung my pale sting when it touched his but I kept silent as I helped the poor boy up mumbling incoherent apologies behind my hood.

Once he's up and steady he looks at me with a timid smile on his face and he holds his hand out me, his smile growing further.

"Hi, I'm Frank."

How was it? Was this a good way for them to meet or omg just please tell me what you think about this whole chapter and I will give you a cookie plus a baby unicorn. Mhm
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