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Finding Jess

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I didn't like "The Real Paul Anka" at all. Rory and Jess belong together

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I do not own Gilmore Girls!
I didn't like AT ALL the way that this episode went. Rory and Jess belong together, and Rory is an idiot sticking it out with Logan. Sorry, I just don't like Logan at all, and hated to see her miss a chance for real happiness with Jess. So this is my account for the episode "The Real Paul Anka"

Chapter 1

When Rory walked into the room, she saw Logan packing up his stuff. He had heard her, and had sighed. I wish that I could just leave him for good! I just can't let go! This exact problem had been bugging her for months, but it was worse in the last week. Nothing was the same, and there was no reason why she should immediately forgive him- but she was hooked, and couldn't seem to shake him off her. He had a hold on her, and that scared her.

"So, I guess I'm off." He said obviously upset at her for still being mad.

"Yup" is all she could get out.

"I will be out of cell phone reach for a couple of days." Hoping that this would be enough to get her talking.

"Mmmhm." Is all she allowed to come out. She couldn't get over the fact that he had cheated on her. There was no reason why she should forgive him so quickly; him asking her too was way out of line. Especially if he expected everything to be perfect again right away. She longed to find the strength to break up with him, but she didn't have the words to do so. He made her forget all of her problems when he was around, and she couldn't think straight to break up with him. This time though, he might have gone too far.
Then he left, and she sighed with relief. She had time to herself, she didn't have to worry about coming home, and he couldn't get a hold of her for awhile even if he wanted to. Leafing through their mail, she caught herself smiling. Jess Mariano. Would that name ever not give her the chills? She wondered if she would ever really get over him. Or if he would ever stop running in and out of her life. The last time he had really saved her from herself and her life though. She continued reading the pamphlet. The more she read, the more she knew that she had to go. I really want to see Jess again.....she marveled at the thought. And she wondered what would come of her going there, but she didn't care. She had to go. Without another thought, she jumped into her car, and drove away.

Parking her car, she realized that she had butterflies. It's just Jess. But it's JESS! She couldn't stop the fluttering feeling. As she walked inside she couldn't help but be impressed. This was HUGE! She hadn't realized that this would be such a big deal. Then she saw him. He looked so important. He caught her eye, and they both had to remember to breathe.

Jess saw her and their entire history played in front of him. Would he really, maybe get the chance to have her back again? Could he make it work? He hadn't realized that he still had such strong feelings for her. But they showed themselves. He wondered if he would ever get over her. If he would ever not mess up and actually get a chance to be with her. He wanted to leave this place with her, but that was the old Jess. He would have to say hi, and then wait till the end to really speak with her. "Hey" he said quietly.

She had heard it though "hi."

"This is a nice surprise" trying not to assume too much.

"I'm glad" she said, glad that he was happy to see her, she had been a bit of a mess the last time they had seen each other, "Sorry I didn't RSVP. I just kind of decided to come."

"Naw, this isn't really an RSVP kind of thing, just showing up is good." There were so many things that he wanted to say, to talk about. So many things that he needed to apologize for. But all of that had to wait. He had to feel out what she was really thinking and really doing here.

"Well, good then" she had no idea what to say, she had just needed to come. Get a glance at an old life, how things used to be before Logan. Looking around she said "So this is Truncheon Books."

"Yeah, this is it"

"Luke!" Rory was very surprised to see him there.
"Yeah, he's here." And they walked over together to see Luke and the little girl that was with him.

Luke was just as surprised to see Rory. What is with them? Their.....thing ended years ago, and yet here they are. "Hey, Rory, good to see you here. Hey Jess, I was actually thinking of leaving."

"Okay, well wait right here for a minute? I have to go get something. Stick around until I get back." He said, and gave a look at Rory, hoping that she'd stay around too.


When he came back, Jess handed a book to Luke.

"You didn't have to do that, I was going to buy it so that you would get the money." Luke said, opening the book, there was an envelope inside. "You didn't have to do that Jess, you do now owe me."

"I owe you, just take it. If you rip it up, I will just send another."

Seeing that it was important to Jess to repay his uncle, Luke sighed and took the money. "Jess, I am really proud of you for all of this, for everything; the book, your life. I'm, really proud." And they hugged.
As soon as Luke left, Jess turned to Rory. What was she doing here? He hoped that she was there because of her feelings for him, but he didn't know for sure. "So, you're here alone?" he asked, hoping that her answer would give him some clue as to why she was here.

"Yup" she said.

Okay, maybe there is a chance for Rory and Jess again. There had been so many times that he had messed up, there was so much they needed to say to each other. But maybe this was the time. Maybe this time everything would be perfect, and go as perfectly as he saw it going in his head. With that they walked off together, and Jess was very obviously more relaxed around her.

After awhile, he had to get back to some of the things that needed to happen that day. He hated to leave, and he really hoped that she would stay so that they could talk. The whole time, Jess just wanted to get back to Rory. What would happen to them? But there was plenty of other stuff to keep him busy for awhile, after all, a lot of people, so very important to his career were to see him also.


After everything had calmed down, some co-worker friends asked Jess to join them to celebrate, but Jess could see that Rory was still there. So he declined. And he walked over to where she was sitting.

Grabbing a stool to sit next to her, he said "You know, you don't have to read it again."

"I know I don't" she said with a smile. She loved how well the two of the could just talk together.

"There is so many things that I would change in it."

"Like what?" she said surprised.

"I would keep the back cover, everything else goes." And he turned a little more to face her.

"You know why I love your book?"

"Why?" he asked honestly wanting to know.

"It doesn't remind me of anything. It's not a rip off, It's all just you." She said, and turned a little more to face him.
"That's some high praise miss Yale editor." He loved the two of the together. They were just perfect together. Even after all this time, and after so many things going wrong.

"Yeah, well, I don't get to write as much as I would like. I am mostly assigning, and motivating, hand holding, and rewriting."

"And you love it, every minute of it, come on- tell me you don't love it!"

"I do love it, it's exciting."

"You look happier then when I saw you last."

"I am"

"So, you fixed everything?" Needing to make sure that she was really here to see him.

"Yeah everything's fixed." Knowing he meant Logan, and secretly asking if there was a chance for them.

Okay, then. "I'm glad you're here." He said, leaning in closer to her.

"Yeah, me too" she said, and they kissed.

It was all Jess and Rory, all over again. Why could she always see everything so clearly when Logan wasn't around? She could see that he was no good for her, that he was manipulative, and had her completely in his clutches. After they pulled away from the sweet kiss, they both smiled and said "hey." Just like nothing had ever gone wrong of the two of them. It was perfect, and right. Only she was cheating on Logan. Rory started crying. Everything with Logan made so much sense. She needed to get out of that relationship. Jess suddenly saw her crying and grabbed her hug her.

"Hey, what's wrong?" very worried about her. Maybe everything in her life wasn't fixed. Maybe she needed help.

"Logan. He- he cheated on me. And I gave in, again. And forgave him. And- and nothing is good about that relationship. I hate it. When I- I'm with him, I hate myself. Bu- but he makes me forget about all Th-at when I'm with him. And, I- just need help." She finally got out.

Jess's heart clenched at the name Logan. She's still with that idiot. But at least she wants out. I can help her. "Rory, you're still with him?" he got out, obviously hurt, but trying to push past that and try to help her.

She didn't say anything, just nodded her head into his shoulder more, and sobbed harder. She's really still in all this pretty deep. Jess had no real idea what to do, but he knew that he had to help. For now, he just held her while she cried. After awhile he said, "Rory, why don't you tell me the whole story?" and she nodded and pulled away so that they could talk.
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