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Chapter 2

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I didn't like how the Rory/Jess thing went in the episode of season 6. So here it should supposed to be.

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Chapter 2

They stepped over to a table so that they could talk this out, all the way through, he needed to hear the whole story, not just what she could get out before her boyfriend came back. Somehow they got to the table, though they had never taken their eyes off of each other. Once they had sat down, she cried again. Was there no end to these tears? But she had to get this out; if he was going to help her, then he needed to hear the story. So she took a deep breath and started. She talked about how she met Logan, and what happened with Dean. That that was probably where the rift between her and her mother started; with her and Dean. She retold the story of how they had come to be friends; and he opened a whole new world for her. The world of her grandparents made so much more sense, or so she thought. The more she talked the more it all made sense, and the more it hit her. Logan had her wrapped around his finger. How had it come to this? She hated him when they first met! But she kept telling the story, how right after he had given her the book; she had run home to her mother, school, and a real job that she loved. What she had said was true; she had fixed everything but him. Although they had been broken up for awhile, she couldn't seem to not go back to him. She talked about how he cheated on her, and she found out, and how she reacted- one 'I love you' and she gave him back her heart.

Jess tried to control his anger when she talked about Logan hurting her, and he tried to control his heart breaking when she choked up because of how much this all hurt her. She wasn't the girl that knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it anymore, she was lost and confused and under some heavy pressure from a manipulative boyfriend. Dean and her affair had been new to him, he had had no idea about that, but he tried to just listen. She knew exactly how he felt about Dean, and she didn't need to hear it again. They talked for hours, and suddenly, Jess looked up from Rory's face and saw that it was really late. She was coming to the end, and choking up more and more, so he gently stopped her, and just held her again for awhile while she sobbed into his shoulder. He whispered to her that it would be okay, and that he would fix everything, if only she would let him. But there was a lot to fix, and he had no clue where to start. But this time, he wouldn't be running away, like he had said in her dorm room, she could count on him now. After awhile, Jess said quietly, "It's really late Rory".

She looked up surprised, having no idea how much time had passed. What am I going to do? It is a long drive home, and I am so not in the mood to drive all by myself right now. She tried to think of a solution, and Jess watched her face change while she was going through all of her options.

"Rory, ca-"he stopped; he wanted to be very careful about this. "You want to stay in Philadelphia tonight?" and waited for a reaction, "I could take you to a hotel, and then tomorrow morning pick you up, and we could drive to Stars Hollow together and figure out how to handle this." When she didn't look up, he continued, hoping that she wasn't thinking of running from him. He grabbed her had and said, "Rory, do you want my help? Because I will help you get out of all of this......if you want." This was the moment. Rory and he really hadn't had much of a chance for a relationship. The timing had always been off. But her; lost and confused right now, was a perfect time for him to step in and help her put a life back together for herself. Please let her let me in. Please!

It wasn't that Rory was second-guessing this. She wanted it more then anything; this was the step that would bring Rory back to who she really was. But that step was scary, and she didn't know how to say yes to it. "I'd like that" is all she could manage.

Jess could breathe again, and he sighed and said, "Okay, let's get you set all up." And he took her to his car, and drove her to a nearby hotel. Jess wanted nothing more then to stay in the hotel with her, but not like this. Not now when she was so broken and confused. So he stayed just long enough to see that she had everything that she needed- including his phone number if she needed to talk, kissed her goodnight, and told her he would be by around 9am to leave for Stars Hollow. She looked so tired right then, that he thought she could probably sleep for days, but it was all emotional stress, and that you couldn't just sleep off. As he walked out of the room, he heard her phone ring. He spun around, and she grabbed for her phone, they both knew who that was. He also knew that she couldn't answer that phone; she tended to run back to him after just hearing his voice.
"Rory, you don't have to answer that." he said gently.

"I know, I won't." but she was looking teary, so he came back to her. "Jess, it's okay, I don't want to talk to him right now. Everything hurts too much, I just can't- deal with him or this, right now."

"Okay" he said, and he left, praying that she would be okay here alone.


Jess didn't sleep at all, he thought all night about the right way to do this. She was in a relationship, no matter how bad of one it was. She would have to take care of that before anything happened between them. He knew that was right, and felt bad for kissing her goodnight. Things between them would have to wait until Logan and Rory were taken care of.

When he picked her up the next morning he could tell that she had gotten a little rest. She looked better, more in control of her life and emotions. "Hey" she said, really glad to see him. She went towards him to kiss him, but he stepped away.

"Hey" he said, and saw the hurt when he didn't let her kiss him. "Rory, you are in a relationship. I know it's a bad one, and you want out. But I want to do the right thing and wait until it's over to start in on us." And he added emphasis on the fact that, "I want there to be an us. I just want to do it the right way."

"Okay." Was her only answer. And they walked out to his car in silence.

Most of the drive was in silence, and she got a chance to think through things. How were they going to fix this? What did Jess have in mind?

I don't know how to fix everything up! Hehe I know that I want Jess to fix everything, and end up with Rory, but I'm not sure how.
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