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Chapter 3

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Rory and Jess belong to together

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I don't own Gilmore Girls!
I sure like Jess and Rory together! They are just so perfect. 
Chapter 3

Jess was really excited about this chance to prove to Rory that he had grown up. If only he could decide how to handle this. And she was completely silent in the seat beside him.....not helpful. "Rory, how do you want to handle this? Do you love him?" he asked, hoping he already knew the answer.

"No Jess. I thought I did, but I just don't know. I don't love him, he keeps me thinking that I do, but I don't. And I hate what he has done to my life." She spoke quietly, and brokenly. She couldn't get out of this mess on her own. She was just too deep in it all. She needed someone to pull her out. Jess was always good at showing up when she least expected it, and with horrible timing. This time he had broken that precedence. The last time that he had just shown up, she had desperately needed to see him- although she had had no idea. He had started to get her out of the life that she had created, but now she needed more help. She finally understood the hold that Logan had on her. Being away from him for a couple of days, it had really hit her. It wasn't right. It wasn't her. This wasn't her life, or the kind of boyfriend that she would have picked for herself a couple of years ago. Jess was her window into her old world. She needed to find that old Rory, and wake her up from inside of her. Jess was the man to help her. "Jess, I really need out of this relationship. I don't even know what that means, because I have been in it all for so long, but I need out. I want out. I want you."

"Okay, where does this guy live?" Jess asked
"With me." She started, not sure what he would think of that.

"Oh, you guys are living together?" he said surprised, and then said, "I think then, that the first thing to do is get all of your stuff out of there."

"Good plan" she said, wondering if she would really go through with this. Could she really get out of this relationship?

"Are you ready to call him? And tell him you're leaving?" he ventured.

"I don't think so....I jus- I just can't. I have no power when I am with him." And she got all teary again. I thought that all these tears were gone!

"Shhhh. Okay okay. Rory, we will figure this out. I could even come with you, Rory. Just give me a chance to figure it out. Maybe we'll stay in Stars Hollow for a few days to figure it all out. See that? I am willing to stay in Stars Hollow for a couple of days for you, Rory that means something. You know how I feel about Stars Hollow." He stopped himself from the rant that was coming. "How long til he will be missing you?"

"He already is. That was him last night, remember?" she said, not able to look at him.

"Right." He said. They were really close to Stars Hollow, and as they pulled off the freeway he sighed. He couldn't believe that he was back here. He would have to ask Luke if he could stay with him. It would probably be okay, after last time he was there, but he should have asked earlier. Then he realized that Luke wasn't even home right now. He was on a trip with his daughter. Shoot, I have no where to stay.

He pulled next to the curb in front of the diner, and sighed again. Stopping the car, he reached for Rory. She would need so much encouragement to get through this. So he pulled her into a hug. But it was an awkward hug because of the conversation they had had last night......she couldn't be his yet. As they pulled away, he noticed how lost she looked, and how tired. He walked her into the diner, and they got some coffee to go. They would walk to the Dragonfly and see Lorelai. Rory needed her mother.


After explaining why they were here to Lorelai, Rory looked worried. She hadn't liked Logan, but she didn't particularly like Jess either. It was a toss-up to whom Lorelai didn't like more, but at least Jess had never changed who Rory was. There was much more to discuss, so she took them into the dining room to talk more in private. Lorelai was still a little confused at how Jess got into all of this. "Rory, you want to tell me the whole story here? How did you meet up with Jess?"

Rory knew that there would be a lot to explain. Lorelai didn't even really know that it was Jess that got her to come home. So that was where she had to start. Lorelai's whole composure changed when she found out about Jess's place in getting Rory back to Yale. "Jess! Oh, my gosh, I had no idea. Hmm. Thank you! And congratulations about your book!" She was sincere about all of it, and he was impressed. "So, um. What did you need my help with?"

Rory then explained why she had come to Stars Hollow for a couple of days the week before. She had just found out that Logan had cheated on her, and had run away for awhile. Lorelai had known it was something like that, what with the constant phone calls she didn't answer, and she had just seemed down the whole time, but this was big. And then she went back to him?!? "Rory, you let him back in after that?" she knew that her daughter was in deep, but she had never been able to say much about it. They had made up, but she was still a little worried about being too opinionated about her life.

"Yeah I did." She said and looked down. "Then we had a big fight because he could tell that I hadn't really forgiven him, and I went to see Jess. I can see what trouble I am in with Logan. I want- I need out." and she sighed. "But I can't by myself. I have always loved Jess. I have never gotten over him. And he can help me out of this. We just don't know what to do."

"Rory, I can see that you are very upset. And I agree that Logan isn't good for you. But, no offense Jess, I don't know if you should be jumping from one guy to another."

"I don't know what's going to happen between me and Jess......and we have been through enough together, that that can wait for awhile. I know that need out of this relationship with Logan." She thought about what to say next, and realized that she wanted to be alone with her mother. "Jess, could my mom and I talk alone for awhile?"

Jess had kind of felt awkward about being there anyways, so he said "yeah sure, I will be at Luke's." and he got up and left. Rory and Lorelai were really good together, she could help her in ways that Jess just couldn't. Their bond went deeper then any male relationship that either of them had. They were part of each other.

After he left, Rory and Lorelai really got into it. "Mom, I need help. I have gotten my life back together! All except him. He isn't good for me, and I can't fight against him." She started crying all over again, and Lorelai just got up and held her. Rory was really in deep. She had tried not to get too involved, but she had been really worried about her. Maybe Jess really was good for her now. He seemed so much more stable then before, and he had grown up a lot according to Luke. "Rory, I think that this thing with Jess and you will be really good. Maybe he can get you out of this mess with Logan. And he really cares about you. Stick by him. I think you guys could really fix this." All she wanted was her daughter to be okay. She had never been too crazy about Jess, but his stability was what Rory needed right now. He was grounded and she used to be. Maybe a hint from her old life was just what could get her out of all of this. She hoped that her happy daughter would be back again soon.

"I love you mom." Rory said, confident in what she was about to do, and with the support of her mother, Rory got up and left to find Jess. And she was actually smiling. Lorelai could be happy now too.

"Jess, my mom is with us, and I am ready." she said once she had found him in the diner.

Jess was happy to learn that Lorelai supported Rory on this. It was really important that they agreed. It made things easier for Rory; she wouldn't have to choose between Jess and Lorelai. That meant that she could go through with this without regret. But she still looked tired, so he took her upstairs to get a nap. He still didn't know exactly how to handle this, and her nap would buy them time.

An hour later, Jess heard a cell phone ringing. She had left her purse downstairs with him. Jess found that interesting. He could take care of the whole thing right now, without her. And she wouldn't have to do a thing. He wanted to desperately, just to get this jerk off of her back. But he also knew that that would make it bad between them.

When Rory woke up, she felt a huge weight on her. This was bigger then anything she had ever had to deal with. Rory, who was normally so completely sure of everything, had no idea how to deal with this. She had let all of this go way too far. But Jess was with her, she remembered as she woke up more and more. Jess. That was a whole other mess. Her and Jess had had such a history. Was there really a 2nd chance for them? This was more life a 4th chance. She sighed; she would deal with that later. Logan had to be taken care of first. She walked downstairs and sat down next to Jess. "I'm ready." She said quietly.

He looked surprised but, got up with her and said "okay, do you want me with you when you call?"

She looked shaky but said no, and left the diner to call him. Dialing his number proved harder then normal; her hands weren't working right, and she had to start over a couple of times. After one ring he answered.

"Hello?" he said, and his voice sounded strained.

He was still on that trip with his friends, but now he was within cell phone coverage. "Hey" she said.

He went silent, knowing that this wasn't going to be good. "What's up Ace?"

"Logan, I can't be in this relationship anymore. You have cheated on me, and made me give back into you. You have completely changed who I am, and I don't like that person anymore. You made me love you, but I will get over that. This time I am out, and you will not get me back. I am coming to get my stuff this afternoon with a friend, and you won't see me again." Knowing she didn't want to hear what he would say, she hung up. She couldn't listen to his voice beg her to forgive him. She just sat on the curb and cried.
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