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Chapter 4

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ROry and Jess belong together

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Chapter 4

Jess had been watching from the window. He knew that she would be completely broken when she got off of the phone, so he wanted to be able to run out to her once that happened. He was really proud of her. The fact that she took this step all alone meant that she was on her way to being the Rory that he had known and loved. But now, it was time to help her heal from this huge hurt. He had been her world for months, and suddenly she didn't have that. She would need a lot of encouragement and care. She might not be herself for awhile. He opened the diner door, and sat on the curb next to her. She crumbled in his arms, and he held her until she stopped crying. She cried out her relief, she cried because she had truly cared about him, she just cried out the last year of her life. Jess was there to hear every sobbed word. He really wanted to be there for.

After awhile, Jess whispered "Can I buy you some pie Rory?"

She smiled through her tears, and nodded. It was time to get up and be okay. Find the old Rory. Some pie with Jess was just the thing to do it. "If I can have some coffee that sounds great." He wiped away her tears and pulled her up with him. They walked hand in hand back into the diner. Rory just wanted to relax. Eating some pie and talking with Jess would be just what she needed. When they got to the counter, he ordered, and got her everything that she would need. He knew that she wasn't okay right now, and he desperately wanted to make it better. The worst part was that he couldn't. Well, maybe he could at least ease the pain. He could make her laugh, and just be a friend for awhile. But he wanted so much more with her. Did she really want what he wanted?

While they ate, Jess kept the conversation light. They talked about his book, and where they had been since they talked last. She really had fixed everything right after they talked that night, and he was impressed. She had been so brave to leave that life that was the Rory that knew. He was scared to bring up the subject of them, and so he kept that out of the conversation.

But Rory was now ready. She knew it was time. She knew that her and Jess had had a long past, and that now was the time for them. Before everything had been messed up, before they had both been too young to understand how much they were made for each other. And they let things get messed up. And the timing had just been off since then. So she got up off of her stool, and leaned in to kiss him. Kissed him for everything that he had done to help her get to this point, for every moment they had been apart since he ran away from her the first time, for not leaving with him when he begged for her to. It was all discussed in that one moment. And they both agreed. There was a lot of history between them, but that was all over. They belonged together, and this was the start of that new relationship. There was nothing that would stop them this time. They were grown up and could both handle this relationship now. He would help her find her way back to her old self. And it would be one step, one kiss at a time.

But she should have known that Logan wouldn't take no for an answer. He never had taken no for an answer. No girl had ever said no to him; all he had ever had to do was flash his beautiful smile at them, and they wouldn't be able to think straight. But Rory was fiery. She had her own thoughts and opinions, not like any other girl he had ever liked. He would not let her go without a huge fight. She would be his; she shouldn't have any doubt about that. He looked up on the internet how to get to Stars Hollow. He had never been there, but knew that there was a good chance she was there right now. He then jumped into his car, and drove away to Stars Hollow as quickly as he could.
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