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Chapter 5

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Rory and Jess

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** I am sorry about that discrepancy. I had totally forgotten that Logan had been there. I was just remembering the conversation with him saying "maybe I will stop by in Stars Hollow, and see that town of yours" so I am sorry.

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Chapter 5

Logan was out of the picture, she couldn't dwell on what she had been through this year with him. She had to move on, or else she could ruin everything with Jess. That thought scared her, and she looked up from her pie to look him in the eye. Was he really ready to have a real relationship? What were the chances of him leaving her again? But he had pulled her out of her life of the last year, gotten her cleaned up and her heart was on the mend, she could do this now. He had made her okay. He had to stay; she was completely relying on him.

Jess noticed her look up from her pie; her eyes were penetrating his to see what there was there. Her eyes were still red, and splotchy, and still had a hint of the hurt that she had endured from him. How could he let her know that he was here for good? Probably just by being there, everyday. He wanted to fix her heart, he wanted to make it all better, but he couldn't. He could kill this guy, how could he heart her like this? Then a sickening feeling hit him with the knowledge that he had hurt her just as badly. He had messed up bad. But this was his chance to fix it; he had to fix what he had hurt. He tried to say all of this with his eyes, hoping that he could relieve her fears.
When she had finished her pie, the world seemed just a little bit better. Pie and coffee could do that to her, and she loved that fact, that she can count on them like that. What to do now.......she wondered. They had never officially said that they were going to go out once Logan was taken care of; she hoped that he assumed that they were together now, but she couldn't be sure.

"What are we doing now?" Rory asked, not sure what was going to happen, but knowing that she wanted to know what he was thinking.

"Rory, are we just done? Is this all? I helped you be able to break up with him, and no I have to go on my merry way? Was that all this was, helping you find your way?" Jess was getting a little angry at the thought of her just leaving him like that. And he wanted to hear what she had to say.

"No! Jess! No, I....I want, us. This guy had me all messed up, and it might take awhile to get back to how things are supposed to be, but I want you there next to me while I am figuring things out. You were right way back when you visited my dorm- we belong together." She said, hoping that she was being understood.

"Okay." Thinking that this was good, very good. This would just have to be taken slowly. And he got up, took her hand, and they walked upstairs, into Luke's apartment.

Logan was nervous. He kept telling himself that he shouldn't be, he had managed to get her back two other times, why not this time too? But there was some doubt... what if he couldn't get her back? What would he do? He had never been with a girl like Rory; she actually cared about the life that he so desperately wanted out of. As he drove to Stars Hollow, a million things were going through his mind. She hadn't forgiven him. That hurt deeply. She had run away for days and he had not had a clue where she was. And then he had gotten mad, and yelled, and left for his trip.......What had happened? Thinking about things had completely distracted him, and he had missed his exit. Now he really was mad, he slammed his hand on the steering wheel, and yelled. He looked for the next exit, as he continued to yell in anger at himself. All he wanted was to get to Rory, make everything okay. Then he spotted something off the exit that caught his attention. He knew he would have to stop before he got to Rory.


When Rory walked into the apartment and breathed in quickly. She hadn't been up here with Jess in a long time. Images that she had nearly forgotten came to her all at once, and she looked at Jess, who was having the same thing happen to him. The very first they were together they had come up, and all nervously almost shared a kiss. Then later on they had become very comfortable, and made out up here; until Luke showed up. So many memories were up here it was almost intoxicating. Both just stood and waited for the deep feelings this was bringing up to subside. Then they sat down, and once again; maybe just because of the atmosphere, were extremely nervous around each other.
But, Jess and Rory had always been able to talk- about anything and anywhere. That was their common ground. That was their comfort area. They would suddenly jump into conversation about books and could stay in that place for hours. That was the core of their relationship. That was where their souls met, and understood each other. That was Rory and Jess. Neither had any idea how this was supposed to go, or how this would work, they were just Rory and Jess, and they belonged together.

As Logan entered Stars Hollow, he was struck by how small the town was. The idea of a small town was crazy for him, and he had no idea how people could live here. He watched for Rory to be walking down the street, and looked at all the signs for all of the places she had ever mentioned to him.....Miss Patty's, The book shop, Luke's, LUKES! Hadn't Rory and Lorelai gone to Luke's everyday for, forever? He was almost positive that that was the place. He made a u-turn, and pulled up in front of Luke's. Suddenly, Logan was really nervous. He had been nervous the whole drive here, but this was real. He was really going to beg Rory to come back to him. Could he really capture her heart again? How many times could he get her back before she left him for good? Rory was a strong person, and she was a fighter. If she didn't want something, she wouldn't take it. He had very carefully talked his way back into her affections, but how many more times would that work?

As he entered the diner, his heart dropped when he didn't see Rory around. Feeling brave, and above everyone, as Logan normally felt, he rose his voice above the crowd, and asked "Has anyone seen Rory Gilmore?"
Thankfully, and yet unthankfully for Logan, Miss Patty was there in the diner. She looked at this handsome young man, and knew instantly that this must be Rory's suitor Logan. "I've seen her doll-face. She's upstairs. Can I tell her who's asking?" Miss Patty had no idea about anything that had gone on between the two of them, and so had no problem telling this beautiful young man where she was. When he nodded, though a little weirded out, she got up and went upstairs to Luke's apartment to find Rory telling herself that she just had to find out more about the man downstairs. She knocked on the door, and then let herself in, calling Rory's name.

Rory and Jess could hear someone calling her name, but didn't quite have enough time to process what that meant, so they were still kissing when Miss Patty walked into the room.

"Rory, dear- there is a gorgeous man downstairs waiting for you. I am assuming it's your Logan." She said, and was slightly confused at the sight of her with Jess.

"Logan is here?" Rory said, and her voice quivered a little as she suddenly felt weak. Jess grabbed her hand as his blood began to boil. That idiot has the nerve to show up here??! Without thinking, or wanting to give himself the chance to calm down, Jess ran down the stairs to meet this guy. Rory now really did have deja-vu, and as she remembered how that had turned out, she ran after him trying to grab his hand and stop him. This is going to be bad. Is all Rory could think of. She wanted to cry- because she could remember so vividly what had happened last time, and how much it had hurt her. But she didn't have time to think, Jess was mad and fast. His anger had gotten the better of him, and there was no stopping him. Rory made it downstairs to see the first punch. It was Jess's fist in Logan's face, and it was a good one. All of his anger had been in that punch, and Logan was on the ground. But Jess wasn't done, and Logan, coming to, was all over him. They crashed and banged all over the diner, and Rory had no chance of stop them. All she saw was her world coming to an end. There were gasps and shouts throughout the diner, as people got scared, and the boys were drug outside to finish it up. Both were bleeding, and finally calming down a little, so that they were hearing Rory's sobs to stop.

"Don't I have any say in this at all?!" was what they heard her saying, and both realized that they were being stupid. Right now, she probably wasn't too fond of either of them, and she was just madder and more hurt now.

"Rory, we need to talk!" Logan yelled and pleaded out of breath.

Jess got between the two of them, and waited for what Rory had to say. At the moment, he thought that she might go back to him, after him fighting Logan. She probably wasn't too happy at him, and might be rethinking everything.

"No Logan, it's over." Was all that Rory could get out, and both guys knew that it killed her to say so. She was positive about what she knew was right, but once again her heart was wavering.

"Rory please, just hear me out! At least hear me out. You promised that you forgave me. That you understood that it was all a misunderstanding." He said the things that he knew had worked in the past, and was desperately hoping that they would work again. But the look in her eyes told him that he didn't have a chance.

"No Logan, I- I can't. I have put up with your nonsense for too long. It's over; I can't do it anymore and be the Rory that I know is really me. Please leave." Jess couldn't help but admire how strong she was being. This was a big deal. She was leaving what she knew, and laying it down for who she really was.

Seeing that he really didn't have a chance, Logan sighed, said goodbye and walked back to his car. Every other time, he could have just seen that sooner or later, he could worm his way back in, but not this time. She was done, and there was no use fighting it.

"I will come and get my stuff tomorrow, don't be there." She finished off with, and turned around so that even Jess couldn't see her tears.

When she was done, he looked into her eyes and said, "Rory, I am sorry that I let my anger get the better of me. I'm sorry that I hit him, because you had complete control over the situation." Not sure if she was mad about that, but knowing that he had been wrong.

"Jess, thank you for defending me. And caring enough about me to do that! I just was terrified that it would end like last time." She confessed.

Jess hadn't even thought of that. That really had been the end of there relationship before. How horrible for her! She had seen Jess and Dean in a fight, and then the next she heard, Jess- her boyfriend, had left! Wow, that must have been tough! "Wow, Rory. I am so sorry about that. I hadn't ever thought about that. You saw an ex, and your boyfriend fight, and then I left on you. I am so sorry." He couldn't believe how sad that made him to know how much that had hurt her. "I am not leaving this time." He said, and lifted her chin up so that she had to look him in the eye. "I am not going anywhere, unless it's together."

The End

Thank you for reading! It was a really fun one to write; because it was something that I was really mad about  THEY BELONG TOGETHER!
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