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Megabyte's Trouble

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Dixon just got back from the Accademy, when Megabyte is after the Core Crystal, that is missing from the Principle Office, if he finds it he could rule. Where is it, and who actually has it?

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Megabyte's Trouble

Megabyte was attacking the Principle Office, again, this time without the help of Hack and Slash, and a flash of light from a tear appeared. The tear changed into a portal and Mike the TV was standing with his camera binomes. As Mike reported what was going on, a young teen Guardian came out of the portal, followed by a cadet. "Wellman, get to the Diner," the teen said. "What's going on?" Wellman asked. "I don't know, but since I'm in charge now, Megabyte will be deleted," the teen said.
Suddenly, a teen boy on a surfboard came up, and the Guardian said, "Hacker, what's Megabyte up to now?" As a explosion was near them, Hacker yelled, "HE'S TRYING TO STEAL THE CORE CRYSTAL, AGAIN, DIXON!" Ray appeared, and said, "Wellman, get on; Hacker, help Dixon!" Alright," Wellman said.
After Wellman and Ray went to the Diner, Hacker said, "Let's go!" The moment Megabyte saw Dixon and Hacker, he said, "Retreat!" Herr Doktor was on the Principle Office's road, and he looked at Bunnyfoot, and asked, "Why is he afraid of her?" "You should be less concerned about her, and more concerned about your deletion," Matrix said, pointing GUN at Herr Doktor's head. Dixon and Hacker then appeared, and Dixon said, "Let him go, we need the whole virus, not the output end." Matrix looked at Dixon, and out of respect, put GUN back at his waist. Herr Doktor and Bunnyfoot, followed Megabyte to the TOR.
Micro-seconds later, Dixon had spoken to her Mom, Dot, and had found out that nobody knew why Megabyte had attacked the Principle Office, since the Core Crystal had vanished two seconds before Wellman had gone to the
Super Computer. "Wait, if Megabyte doesn't have it, then where is it?" Guardian Little Enzo Matrix, who wasn't as little anymore, asked. "No one know, sugah," Mouse said.
Several milla-seconds later, Dixon came to the Diner, and a NOTEPAD with Megabyte's sign on it, was on the table. "I now have the Core Crystal, and there is nothing you can do from stopping me from infecting the Super Computer!" Cecil came in, and said, "Dixon, Megabyte took Wellman and TigerCat." "Then he's barking up the wrong Sprite," Dixon said. Dixon looked at Glitch and it went into communication form. "Hacker, let's go pickup Wellman and TigerCat," Dixon said, as explosions were coming from the TOR.
At the TOR, Megabyte said, "Catch those two, now, one of them has the Core Crystal!" Five micro-seconds later, Dixon, Hacker, AndrAla, Ray, and Frisket were waiting for Wellman and TigerCat near the TOR, when Wellman ran out followed by a Game Sprite. The Game Sprite said, "Wellman, when this is over, the Super Computer should give you a medal." "I don't ask for a medal, just peace with viruses and other creatures," Wellman said.
As they got on their zip-boards, they met with the group. "Don't worry, they didn't get the Core Crystal," Wellman said. "Wellman, TigerCat, are you two alright?" Dixon asked. "Of course, sis, and they won't be following, we gave Megabyte's vehicles and system a free tuneup," Wellman said. "Good, because Mom wants to talk to you," Dixon said, "Let's go."
Millaseconds after the group left, Megabyte was
talking to a vehicle repair binome, who said, "Bring them to Sector One, and we'll repair them." "THEY WON'T START!" Megabyte roared. "Okay, then call the Principle Office for a tow," the binome said. "They're the ones that caused it," Megabyte said. "Then it looks like you're off to a great start," the binome said, sarcastically. It would be minutes before anyone would have trouble again. After Dot had a word with Wellman, and he gave her the Core Crystal, Wellman left the room, only to be jumped on by TigerCat, who started purring, and kneading the back of his neck with her claws. "TigerCat, cut it out," Wellman said.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Reboot characters, whatsoever, they belong to Rainmaker. I am just a fan that loves Reboot!
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