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Leave Out All the Rest

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Gerard meets this woman his wife is infatuated with.

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It would seem, in the day and age of Gerard and Lindsey Way, being queer was not, in fact, legal. In the late 1870s, you could, and would, be hung for such a vile crime. A crime against nature, a crime against God.
            It was a fact known to both members of the marriage. That neither Gerard nor Lindsey was attracted to the other. But no one knew, no one suspected the wealthy New Jersey family of Way was not exactly what it seemed to be.  It was Lindsey who had taken a liking to a woman who worked in a café, and it was her husband who did not have any qualms. How could he, when he wasn’t attracted to Lindsey, or her sex as a whole?
            Lindsey liked this woman very much, so much, in fact, that she wanted her husband to meet the girl. That is what led the young couple into their family’s carriage, off to the café in which Jamia, Lindsey’s secret love works. Lindsey was now bouncing her leg up and down, eager to see the said woman.
            “Lindsey, honey, I know you like this woman, but you do know that it’s unlikely that she’s queer, right? You’ve seen the ring on her finger.” Gerard says, sighing.
            “And she has seen the ring on mine.” Lindsey pouts, and then smiles softly. “But thanks for the concern, sugar.”
            The endearments were fake, a guise if you will. But Lindsey and Gerard were quite honestly friends. They were both sure that if they did indeed desire to love and lay with the opposite sexes of themselves they would be perfectly matched. Arguments between them are rare, and they always make up. They would be such a lovely couple of lovers; people told them they suited each other frequently. But Gerard and Lindsey were not lovers, simply married. That’s how they found themselves out and about today, so Lindsey could discreetly stalk Jamia. Gerard had nothing better to do, and thought to humor his wife.
            The carriage stopped, the coachman opening the door of the rather large carriage for the seemingly perfect couple. Gerard got out first, extending his hand, helping the lady out of the horse drawn vehicle.  Gerard was happy to see the bounce in Lindsey’s step as she walked, smiling, to the small café.
            Gerard was not jealous over someone he didn’t really love, but he was very worried about Lindsey’s infatuation. Worried that his wife would give on too much, she would end up dead. They could both end up dead, in fact. He did not want him and his wife to end up dead, and what a shame it would bring their daughter, Bandit, if they were hung for being queer. Not that they really knew their daughter.
            Bandit came home for Christmas, Easter, and summer breaks. She was five, and off to a boarding school to be educated.  It wasn’t as if the Ways sent their daughter because they didn’t love her-they did- it was an arrangement made to teach the girl to be social, teach her about life, and not have her parents making her soft with coddling. Besides, this way, they Way family could keep its secrets, and its life.
            Gerard opens the door for his wife, a tinkle of bells as he does so, signaling to the staff the arrival of precious customers. The café is small, only a few tables in it, but a decent view of the street through a large window.
            Lindsey walks through the open door, into the café; her face alive for what Gerard feels like must be the first time in eternity. She must really like this woman, Gerard thought.
            A tired sounding “coming!” From a backroom seemed to put stress on Lindsey, a frown suddenly taking over her recently alive features.
            A moderately small woman with dark hair and semi-tanned skin, and bags under her eyes emerges from behind a sturdy wood door. A smile, worn, brightens on the woman as she sees Lindsey, and Gerard must assume the woman is Jamia, looking at Jamia’s brightened expression and Lindsey’s worried stare.
            “Are you alright, Jamia?” Lindsey asks, genuinely concerned.
            Jamia sighs. “Well, no… but it’s not really your problem. I take it this is your husband?” Jamia glances over Gerard. Pretty, but not the kind of thing Jamia is interested in.
            Gerard nods to her. “It’s nice to meet the woman I’ve heard so much about.” He smiles.
            Lindsey blushes, softly hitting his shoulder with her handbag. He chuckles at her behavior as Jamia leads the two to their seats, a four-person table at the front of the empty shop.
            “Jamia, why don’t you sit with us a moment?” Lindsey asks, removing her shawl. The tired looking woman nods, sitting next to Lindsey, happy to be apart of her friend’s life.
            “Jamia, what’s the matter?” Lindsey asks the smaller woman, folding her hands around the addressee’s.
            “Lindsey…It’s nothing.” Jamia attempts a smile, but it turns to more of a grimace.
            “It’s not nothing, Jamia. Don’t underestimate me. I know you too well not to notice something is wrong.” Lindsey says, hugging the other woman. The women are close, close enough that surnames were constantly disregarded. You would not hear Jamia call Lindsey ‘Mrs. Way’; they were too close for such formalities. The main reason the formalities were dropped was that neither wanted to remember getting married. It wasn’t the happiest day for either of them. But Jamia can’t help but remember Lindsey is married, the husband seated a few feet away. The man seems, to her, nice enough, pretty, but still, not good enough for Lindsey. No one could ever be good enough for Lindsey.
            Jamia sighs, deciding to tell her friend. “Well, my baby girls were in the hospital, and we needed to pay off the hospital, and we ran out of money. My husband and I are being evicted.” Jamia sighs again, rubbing her temple.
            Lindsey looked shocked, even a bit upset by her friend’s predicament. “Do you have anywhere else to stay?”
            Jamia shakes her head. “Both my and my husband’s parents are dead.”
            Lindsey peels off the younger woman, biting her lip. “Why don’t you bring me a tea, and Gerard a coffee please?” She dismisses her infatuation. Jamia nods, she knew Lindsey wouldn’t want to be her friend now that she’s homeless.
            “Gerard, can we keep her?” Lindsey asks, once the woman in question is gone.
            “She’s not a puppy, honey.” Gerard chuckles.
            Lindsey pouts. “You know what I meant! Can she stay with us? I mean, we have such a big place and she has nowhere. We’d have to take her husband and children, too.” Lindsey pleads.
            Gerard sighs. “Will you be alright with that?”
            “What do you mean?” His partner asks, confused.
            “Lindsey, you’ll be living in the same house as a woman who you, for lack of a better word, stalk. You’d always be seeing her. I mean, you’d have to be careful. We could both be hung. Will you be able to control your impulses?”
            Lindsey thinks for a moment. “Yes. I’ll be fine. I want Jamia to have a place to stay, to feel safe.”
            Jamia returns soon, head bowed bringing with her the requested coffee and tea, believing her friendship gone.
            She starts to leave after placing the refreshments on the table, shame filling her body. ‘Of course Lindsey wouldn’t want to be friends with me.’
            “Where are you going?” Lindsey asks the leaving woman, pulling said woman out of the pits of despair.
            “You…you still want to be friends with me?” Jamia asks, caught by surprise and joy, tears filling up her eyes.
            “Of course. Gerard and I have discussed it, and we would love to have you live with us for as long as you need.” Lindsey smiles at the younger woman.
            “A-are you sure?” Jamia asks, holding the tears of joy back, looking at Mr. Way for confirmation, and seeing a nodding head. “Thank you so much.” She says, crying into the older woman’s embrace.
            “You’re welcome, Jamia.” Lindsey smiles, burying her face in Jamia’s  hair.
            Jamia pulls out of the hug, somewhat reluctantly, Gerard notice. How odd.
            “Will my husband and children be able to come?” She asks Mr. Way, biting her lip.
            “Of course! Why don’t you just bring by your belongings tonight? You can stay over.” Lindsey smiles.
            “Lindsey, thank you! But..I don’t know where you live.” Jamia tells the other woman.
            “We’ll take you around after your shift.”
So. Some of you may read my other stories. You may be like ‘WTF is wrong with you, starting a third story?!?’ Well, this is actually the fourth, not the third. I’m working on collaboration, details to be worked out…later. I hope. This virus thing might be a problem. Who knows? Well, anyway, I felt bad about writing so many Frerards, I decided to write one with JamiaXLindsey too. Because I’m fair. And I know NOTHING about those two people…Oh my audacity. So this will all work out, I’m hoping. THE VIRUS WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!! Well, it’ll never take the power of emailing the chapters to my anti-virus phone and posting them there! HA HA I KILL YOU VIRUS!!! You know you had a minor fangasm when you read this. (Like, fan orgasm.)
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