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Almost Easy

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Title=Avenged Sevenfold. I saw them live. Last week. Anyway, first encounters.

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“We’ll come help you get your belongings.” Lindsey smiles at Jamia, and Gerard can already sense something wicked on its way toward the two women. The women, and Gerard, are coming back into the town from the manor in which the way family resides. To say the least, Jamia had been very impressed at the enormity of the couple’s abode.

“Thank you, Lindsey. And thank you, Mr. Way.” Jamia smiles.

“Please, call me Gerard.” Gerard smiles softly at the woman of his wife’s infatuation. “Any friend of Lindsey’s is a friend of mine. Besides, from all Lindsey’s told me I feel like I already know you.”

Lindsey hits his arm lightly, a pout in her expression. “Gerard!” She chastises him in a quiet hiss.

“Oh, I think Frank must be home!” Jamia exclaims as she exits the carriage after Gerard, followed by Lindsey, noticing a light in the window of a second floor dwelling in the three-story apartment. Her home. He old home, anyway. She is going to live with Lindsey, beautiful, kind, lovely Lindsey…

Shaking her head of her thoughts, Jamia leads the couple of six years into the apartment, and up the unstable gray stairs to the second floor landing. She leads the two “lovebirds” down the hall, until she reaches her own tiny flat.

“Frank is your husband?” Gerard asks, curios at her earlier exclamation.

“Yes.” Jamia and Lindsey nod, both knowing the fact well, it is a recited fact that is not all together a bad arrangement. “Frank, are you home?” Jamia calls to a closed door, a dirty thing with rusty hinges. She knocks on it, and the wealthy couple fears the door will collapse. Jamia, of course, has a key, but would rather not dig to the bottom of her purse for it.

“Yes, I am. I’ll get the door in a minute.” A voice from behind the door calls. A pretty voice, Gerard thinks. Masculine, with a little hint of feminity. An effeminate, but surely male voice.

Within the promised minute, the door flies open, and a short man appears in it’s place. “Jamia, you had me worried sick! Where were you?! I was worrie-we have guests?” The man stops his rampage, his hands still placed on his hips. “The house if filthy and all our belongings are sold!” The man frowns.

“Frank, this is Lindsey.” Jamia introduces Lindsey, her arm on the other woman’s.

“Nice to meet you.” Lindsey smiles softly, that smile that Gerard knows really means she despises the man, but still holds him well in her heart. He must take good care of Jamia. Frank nods towards the girl that isn’t his wife.

“And this is her husband, Mr. Way.” Jamia says, giving Gerard the same smile that Lindsey had just given Frank Iero, gesticulating for Gerard to respond.

Gerard does respond, but he does not, however say anything at all, though if you were to look you would find his mouth slightly ajar. He’s to busy staring at one of the most beautiful creatures that walks New Jersey to notice much of Jamia.

Frank Iero is an unusually short man, yet too tall to be legally considered a midget, with a very peculiar hairstyle. His hair is brown, and short, all except for his bangs, which curl to his left ear in a fashion Gerard has never seen before. It is considered unacceptable for men to have long hair, and yet, this worked for Mr. Iero all the same.

The boy, or man, whatever it is, has fair skin, only a few blemishes, is freshly shaven, and has perfectly not too pointed ears. And the eyes… surrounded by a wave of dark lashes on top and bottom, the eyes are no doubt the most captivating and the centerpiece of the man. Brown, to an extent, but also so filled in with vibrant yet relaxed green. The kind of eyes that could heal a dying man or set an entire soul on fire. He was in whole, to Gerard, one of the most beautiful men in New Jersey. To Gerard, that is a very dangerous thing.

“Honey…” Lindsey asks, a bit aggravated, discreetly stabbing her husband’s ribcage with her cloth-covered elbow.

“Y-yes?” Gerard asks, and then snaps out of his daze back to the sad reality of his marriage and being queer, illegally.

“Introduce yourself.” Lindsey instructs, impatiently.

“O-oh.” Gerard blushes heavily. “It is nice to meet you, Mr. Iero. I’m Gerard Way, but considering your living arrangements Gerard will work just fine.” Gerard tips his hat to the man, who is thoroughly unimpressed by Gerard’s personality thus far, being controlled by his wife. Frank immediately assumed Gerard a bumbling idiot. A gorgeous bumbling idiot.

Mr. Iero grins, remembering his manners, not showing his distaste towards the other man. “I’m Frank Iero, Jamia’s husband. And what living arrangements are you speaking of?” Frank asks politely.

“The Ways have given us a home!” Jamia grins excitedly.

“Oh, this’s gre- wait, what?” Mr. Iero looks confused, like his wife is insane or he heard incorrectly.

“That’s right, we have a home again.” Jamia smiles at her husband’s disbelief, her arm resting on Lindsey’s.

“Jamia, they seem wealthy. Can we afford what they offer?” Mr. Iero bites his lip, endearing the man more in Gerard’s book.

“They’re not charging us!” Jamia grins at her husband, then at Lindsey, back to her husband.

“Wha-what? Why not?” The shorter husband asks, at a loss for the situation.

“Because we’ll be living in the same house—if you can call what they have a house.” Jamia chuckles.

“Will there be enough room?” The Iero man asks the women.

Lindsey nods.

“It’s huge! Almost castle size!” Jamia smiles happily.

“It’s technically considered a manor.” Gerard interjects, positively changing Frank’s negative opinion of the man.

“And you’re certain about this?” Mr. Iero asks the obvious head of the house, Gerard, looking for confirmation.

“Y-yes.” Gerard stutters under the man’s intense, anxious stare. ‘What’s wrong with me, I’m not usually so nervous!’ He thinks to himself. A cough, to clear the throat and the mind. “Yes, we’re positive.” A smile for the no longer homeless man.

“Thank you!” Mr. Iero says, stepping towards a seemingly dim Gerard, pulling the older man into an embrace filled with joy. “Thank you so much.” He whispers into the wealthy man’s neck. It would seem, to an outsider (or the Ways) that the clan of Iero is a clan of hug givers. Upon closer inspection, you would, however, find both parts of the marriage very smitten with at least one of their manor mates, no matter how dim they may seem.

“Erm…” Gerard says, awkwardly patting the other man’s back. “You are very welcome.”

Giggles are elicited from both wives, for similar reasons. Both know their husband’s too well to not notice.

The women look at each other, and giggle again.

“Are you doing that weird woman telekinesis thing again?” Gerard ask the females as Frank steps out of his arms. He misses the contact, but does his best not to show it.

“We’re just giggling, Gerard!” Lindsey exclaims, with a hint of a grin below her rosy cheeks.

Gerard rolls his eyes. “Whatever.”

Lindsey laughs. “You and Michael used to do it all the time!”

“We did not! How could we do that if we’re not women?” Gerard frowns, he and Mikey used to be able to just glance at each other and understand new worlds and dilemmas, but it was nothing compared to this weird telekinesis that infects the brains of women everywhere.

“Could have fooled me.” Lindsey jokes, thinking back on the time she put make up on Gerard to make him look more like a girl. Come to think of it, that was the night Lindsey got pregnant with Bandit.

“Lindsey…” Gerard sighs, and then redirects his attention to the Ieros. “Are your belongings packed?”

Nods from both man and wife.

Gerard nods his head slowly. “Good. We have an extra carriage we brought with us, you can load your belongings into it. And I understand you have baby twins?”

Frank nods his head. “They’re beautiful. Cheryl and Lily.” He smiles, leading us into a barren flat. A giant bed off to a corner, a crib and a small kitchen.

“The loan company took all our belongings.” Frank explains, leading us to the crib.

“So small…” Lindsey whispers, looking over the empty living space. Frank leads everyone over to the crib, eager to show off his baby girls.

“This is Lily…And Cheryl. But we like to call her Cherry.” Frank smiles, pointing to each girl as he tells her name. Instantly, both Gerard and Lindsey are entranced by the beautifully small children, all manliness set aside.


IT WENT GREEN!!!! (dies of happiness!) OMIFUCK, IT WENT BLOODY FUCKING GREEN!!! I HAVE TO BE ONE OF THE MOST EXCITEDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW, I DON’T EVEN CARE IT’S NOT A WORD!!! I tried to mak this one decent, but I don’t even know how to follow up that last bit of awesome. And being the geneous that I am, I barely have the plot layed out!!! Don’t fret, what I got is going to be kick ass. And beides, I don’t usually even know what I’m writing about until the story’s half done. It’s called having no attention span…which I kind of don’t have.

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