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Goodbye Graceful

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Bad news and toy making. Falling In Reverse title XD

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Gerard Way and Frank Iero got along as famously as their wives did. Very, very well. But a month had passed since Frank had moved in, and the men were almost mirrors in their affection for each other. They were similar people, too. Only the fact that Frank was more hyper than Gerard, something Frank suspected would have been different had Gerard not been raised so strictly. They were wonderful in business together, calm or excited no matter, because both had fire. At the very least, a fire for each other that could burn cities down.

No, Gerard had come to like Frank more than considered healthy, unbeknownst to Gerard was that Frank was having similar problems in the love department. Gerard meant a lot to Frank, as much as his own wife, if not somehow more.

"Why don't we paint designs on the trains?" Frank suggests, pointing to plain wood children's toy trains. "We can have all different designs."

Gerard shrugs. "That could work." Frank could tell he could care less about the trains.

"What's on your mind?" He asks the elder, curious as to Gerard's idea.

"Well, I think we should start making dolls." Gerard tells, seeking the shorter man's advice.

"As long as they don't break too easily." Frank nods thoughtfully, approving the idea.

"Yeah, I used to hate it when my dolls broke." Gerard adds, absentmindedly painting on a toy train.

Frank laughs.

"What?" Gerard asks, looking up from the hunk of wood.

"You…You had dolls?!" Frank laughs, holding his sides together as if his innards are about to spill out.

Gerard's eyes widen. Did he really just say that? 'Oh God, Frank probably thinks I'm queer!'

"I…I…Um…." Gerard tries, and fails, to think of a proper excuse. "Yeah." He sighs.

"Your parents bought you dolls?" Frank asks, bewildered. Dolls are a girl's toy.

Gerard shakes his head. "They thought my brother was going to be a girl. So they bought dolls, and I discovered them in a spare room one day." Gerard explains, then hangs his head. "I know, I'm a freak."

Frank stops laughing. "Oh Gerard, you're not a freak!" Frank grins as the other lifts his head. Then puts a thoughtful look on his face. "Well, not too much." He teases.

"Hey!" Gerard protests, pouting. "Then why did you laugh?"

"I laughed because I can I can just imagine you playing with the little porcelain baby dolls." Frank smiles at the notion. "Not to mention the fact that you seemed t=so calm about mentioning it. And then your face, afterwards!" Frank giggles. A legitimate giggle, girly and higher pitched than a normal laugh. "It was so adorable!" Frank smiles wider, before realizing what HE just said.

Gerard takes his turn laughing, choosing to ignore the last comment. "Anyway, I was thinking we could model some of the dolls after Lily and Cherry. And we could have a set of older model, include Bandit?"

Frank nods in agreement. "That could work. I don't really know what Bandit looks like, though. Speaking of Bandit, isn't she coming home soon?" Frank asks. It hadn't taken him long to start calling the Way manor 'home.'

`"Yes, she should be arriving tomorrow. I can't wait." A smile crosses Gerard's face at the thought of his daughter and Frank getting along great.

"Do you think she'll accept me?" Frank asks, biting his lip.

"I'm sure she'll come to love you as much as I do." Then, freezing at what he just said, Gerard 'clarifies'. "As much as Lindsey and I do."

Frank blushes. "I hope so."

Gerard grins, ruffling Frank's hair. "I don't see how she couldn't."

Frank smiles back at the older man, ignoring the excited shivers running down his spine from the older man's touch, looking into the older man's eyes happily.

And for Frank, that's all there is for a moment. Gerard's eyes, his beautiful eyes. The green-brown all molded together perfectly, the way the shade seems to change from different lights and backgrounds.

Gerard coughs, pulling himself and Frank out of the trance of each other's eyes. "Sorry." He mutters.

"It's fine." Frank smiles. There always seems to be so much smiling.

Suddenly the workshop door opens, and a messenger walks in the room.

"Mr. Way." The messenger says, and Gerard nods towards the young adult. "i have a very important message for you and your wife." The man rummages through his messenger bag, pulling out a small manilla envelope, and delivering it to Gerard.

"Thank you." Gerard says, looking at the envelope, missing the nod of a response from the messenger.

"I'm sorry for your loss." The man says as he shuts the door behind him, leaving the two men alone with the post.

'Loss? What is the boy talking about? Who did I lose? Was Mikey assassinated? What happened?' Gerard thinks, staring at the letter in dread.

Frank coughs into his own hand, trying to bring life back to the stock-still Gerard.

"We should open it, shouldn't we Gerard?" Frank asks softly, placing his hand on Gerard's shoulder. Someone Gerard loves could be dead, the postman said it himself.

Gerard jumps slightly at the contact, looking over at the younger man who has tempted him since day one. "Someone's dead…" Gerard whispers, terrified of the envelope's message, biting his lip. An awful habit, but a habit none the less.

Frank hugs the older man, trying to reassure the distraught toymaker. "Don't worry. It might not be that bad. Lindsey will help get you through this." He says, pressing his head against Gerard's chest, trying (and failing) to say Lindsey's name without bitter jealousy. Not only did Lindsey have his wife enamored, but his secret desire!

"Yeah…" Gerard agrees, dragging out the word in a way that makes Frank doubt the sincerity.

"I'll be here, too." Frank smiles hopefully to himself, wanting the other man to want him around in a time of need.

The older man sighs in relief. "As long as I have you." Gerard's heart lets out a little flutter, happy that the smaller man wants to help him get through his pain.

Frank couldn't believe it. Gerard sounded happier about being around Frank than his own wife! Is there something amiss in their relationship? Is that why they sent their daughter away? But they seem so nice together, so perfect for each other…just like him and Jamia.

Gerard, after gathering up the nerves, opens the envelope slowly, ads if caring about destroying the packaging. Frank knows Gerard could care less. It's like Gerard thinks it's going to explode if he makes a wrong move, that's how careful he is.

"Oh, no…" Gerard mutters, reading through the short message. Frank looks up at his face, seeing a silent tear drop from his eye. Sometimes the silent ones are most painful.

"Who is it?" Frank asks softly.

"B-Bandit." Gerard manages, his face blank after the silent tear.

DUN DUN DUN!! Heh, I promise I didn't just nonchalantly kill Bandit. It's really the turning point of the story, and I promise there will be no more dying children! Heh. I'm so excited for the next chapter I can't even tell you. I'll probably update soon, you know. I love the next chapter so much and I haven't even written it!

woo woo! ANOTHER GREEN CHAPTER! you guys make me so happy.

Guess what? My mother stole my bed. No, seriously. I was at my dad's house (divorce) and I came back to find my bed gone, and my parent's bed in it's place. I don't even want to think about what that bed has seen…

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