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(Not) Good Enough

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Evanescence title. LOL. Jobs and life.

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"So…." Gerard says, attempting to break the awkward silence that has fallen over the diner table. The room is so quiet you can almost hear crickets coming from the potato bowl. A cough from Lindsey.

"Jamia, you work at the cafe every day. We'll need to get you a carriage in the morning?" Lindsey asks, smiling at the younger woman.

"That would be very nice, thank you." Jamia returns the smile, almost nervously.

"What about you, Frank? Do you work?" Gerard asks, very interested int he younger man. The younger man who happens to fit just about every fetish Gerard has ever had. Short, reasonably pointy ears, brown eyes…

"I… I'm in between jobs at the moment." Frank frowns. "I was taking care of the twins while Jamia worked for a while." He elaborates.

"How would you like to work for me?" Gerard asks, smiling at the unemployed man with warm eyes.

"You…you work?" Frank looks at the wealthy man in surprise.

Gerard laughs. "Yes. I may be well born but I have to maintain my wealth, don't I?"

"I would suppose so…" Frank reasons, looking over at the two women, who are engrossed in their own conversation across the peas. "Im sorry, I just assumed…" Frank looks slightly embarrassed.

Gerard shrugs. "I'm used to it. People see that I'm rich, and automatically assume I'm a good for nothing masochist. I have to work, just like everyone else. I just do different types of things."

"What do you do?" The shorter man asks before loading his mouth up with string squash.

"Realty, sharecropping. The like." The older man shrugs again, signaling it's not his favorite thing.

"So you…" Frank tries to understand exactly what it is the older man does, but pulls a blank, scrunching up his face in determination.

"I basically own the town and all the surrounding farms. I let my sharecroppers live on the land I lend them, but I get half of what they make annually." The richer of the two explains, chuckling at the other's face.

"And how exactly would I help you with this?" Frank asks, eyebrows raised, more confident now that he understands the situation.

"Just help me arrange properties, or you could be my assistant, negotiations chief… I don't know. " Gerard smiles softly at the thought of Frank 'assisting' him. "Or… I run a toy company, too. You could help me design the new products." He adds hopefully, wanting to spend more time with his new infatuation. 'And I think Lindsey has it bad…' He thinks.

"So you're just…giving me a job? Just like that?" Frank asks, surprised.

"Well, I've gotten to know you in the last bit, which is as good a job interview as any. And my gut tells me to go with it." Gerard smiles, unaware of the butterflies in Frank's stomach as Gerard compliments him on his first impressions. Gerard winks. "Mess it up and I'll fire you." He says, all in good humor.

Frank laughs a bit nervously at his new employer's joke. "I won't." He promises.

Gerard smiles at the man, and takes a sip from his glass of wine.

"Your twin girls. I'll get a Nanny for them, so we can work. That all right with you?" Gerard questions.

"Oh, no, we can't afford--" Frank starts, only to be cut off by Gerard waving his hand through the air, as if banishing the idea of money.

"Don't worry, I'll pay for it. My daughter had a wonderful Nanny when she was younger, I can likely get the same woman. She would love to look after children as beautiful as Lily and Cherry." Gerard grins.

"You have a daughter?" Frank asks, genuinely intrigued at the unexpected notion. He hadn't seen any signs of recent child activity in the large house, and certainly had not seen a child, so he had assumed the Way family had no heirs.

Gerard nods. "Yes, her name is Bandit."

Frank chokes on his dark red drink of wine, alarmed by the name Gerard and Lindsey audaciously gave their daughter.

Gerard chuckles at the other man's response. "We named her Bandit because we adored the name. We thought it was humorous and beautiful, so it's what we chose. Not because we think she's going to be an awful person who breaks the law." He clarifies.

"I didn't think--"

"Yes, you did. It's fine, just another quirk of the Way family. We tend to call her Bennie, she likes that name. Thinks it's more appropriate, she does." Gerard rolls his eyes at this, unaware of how badly Frank wants to ask what the other quirks of the Way family are. "She's coming home for Christmas this year. She doesn't always want to."

"Coming home?" Frank asks, mildly wondering of her whereabouts.

"She's at a boarding school in New York. She's only five years old, but we thought it best." Gerard explains with a sad smile, and Frank can't help but wonder what those mysterious reasons are.

"Oh…" Frank manages to hold his curiosity in.

"Look at the time! I think we ought to retire for tonight!" Jamia exclaims, looking at the old grandfather clock.

"I'll show you to your room." Gerard and Lindsey say together by accident, shooting each other mini death glares before chuckling.

The guests and hosts walk to Jamia and Frank's room, and Frank can't help but realize how wrong he was about Gerard. GErard isn't controlled by his wife, he just wants her to be happy. He's not timid, as Frank originally decided, but rather uncertain in meeting new people, that must be it. The dining room is left for the servants to clean, Jamia and Frank now in their room, Lily and Cherry next door, a servant taking care of the infants until a proper Nanny can be called.

The Way couple walks back to their room on the opposite side of the manor. They go into their room, and after securing the door shut, share a long look and an unspoken agreement is made. Gerard pulls Lindsey into a heated kiss, undressing her as quickly as her long dress will allow. Soon Lindsey is prying Gerard of clothing, and both are naked. Sexual intercourse is had, but not out of a fiery love for one another. No, because the people both man and woman desire are on the other end of the house, because both Gerard and Lindsey know they need to keep their feelings separate. But both of them want sex, and it really isn't that hard to imagine a different face on the one you already have.

You should know that I'm a diabetic, and I got very low while writing this. Like, I couldn't focus on the letters and had to stumble to eat something with sugar. I hate diabetes so fucking much. That subtle hurt of being low is awful. Anyway, for those of you who read Vines, I had a chapter written but I left my notebook at school! I refuse to rewrite it because there is French in it that I don't know by heart. So yeah….
I hate writing this "Getting to know you" stuff. Can you tell?
REVIEW!!!! Hey, you remember last time I told you I have a friend who only reads the notes? Well, it turns out she reads the whole thing because she called me on it. In that pissed sort of "I'm annoyed you think I don't read it but I find it thoroughly amusing how much denial you're in" kind of way.

Oh, I have a question for you. Are we in Egypt? (You answer 'no') Then why are we in denial?! Eh, you get it? I have a friend who is obsessed with bad jokes and OMIGOD HE IS RUINING MY BRAIN!!!

LOL, R AND R!!!!

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