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Ridiculous Thoughts

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Cranberries title. The after math and drinking. Bad girls.

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It had been an hour since Frank had told Jamia and Lindsey the bad news. Gerard was shocked, he could hardly believe the death of his only heir.

Gerard had gone to bed, and Frank, feeling slightly rejected, had gone back to the workshop to paint on silly toy trains, designing prototypes and such. He had never expected to be as good at his job as he is.

Lindsey, however, was not dealing with the death of her only daughter in a particularly quiet, or lonely way. No, she was sitting on the couch in the living room, crying into Jamia's arms.

"I…She was only five years old!" Lindsey cries into Jamia's neck.

"Sh…it'll be all right." Jamia whispers into the distressed woman's hair, hugging her close.

"It's all my fault! I'm the one who suggested to Gerard that we send her away! God knows he didn't want her to go!" Lindsey cries, liquid guilt streaming from her eyes.

"Lindsey, it's not your fault. You couldn't have known. God won't blame you." Jamia assures the older woman, rubbing circles in her back.

"But how do you know?" Lindsey asks, tear stained face lifted to look into Jamia's eyes.

"Because Gerard won't blame you. I'll be here for you, so will God and Gerard." Jamia smiles slightly, kissing the older woman's forehead.

"Th-thank you, Jamia." LIndsey whispers, wiping away her tears. Jamia could get her through this, if nothing else, never mind such a silly God.

"Anytime." Jamia smiles softly, squeezing the childless mother.

"Jamia…" Lindsey whispers, eye-locking with the other woman.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Lindsey inches forward her face, bringing her lips to the younger woman's. Lindsey, has little left to lose. Her daughter is gone, and she is left with a husband she doesn't love and who doesn't really love her back. Not in the way she wants to be loved.

If Jamia reports her as queer, all she'll lose is her life, as her stomped up heart has little chance of survival anyway. Kissing Jamia is an all or nothing gamble.

But to Lindsey's surprise, and joy, Jamia doesn't so much as hesitate to kiss back. After a moment, the kiss stops being so chaste. Their mouths move together, their tongues sneaking into opposite mouths, exploring the best they can. Lindsey stops thinking about Bandit. All she thinks about is Jamia, the woman who doesn't seem to mind, maybe even enjoys, kissing her back.

It's not Lindsey who breaks the kiss, for all that can be said about Jamia's cooperation.

"Are you sure, Lindsey?" Jamia asks, slightly out of breath.

LIndsey nods, snuggling into the younger woman. "I've never been so sure of anything."

"We're going to have to tell Frank and Gerard…" JAmia reasons, wondering how Gerard will react to his wife being queer. Frank, of course, already knows that Jamia is queer.

Lindsey nods, wondering the same things about Frank that Jamia is wondering about Gerard. Gerard would surely be happy for her. Frank…unknown. "When should we tell them?"

"Now?" Jamia suggests. Lindsey sighs, getting off her lover.

"I'll get Gerard, why don't you get Frank?" Lindsey asks, quickly pecking Jamia's cheek.

Jamia smiles, exiting the room alongside Lindsey, both off to find their spouses.

Linsey walks to her shared room, knowing she'll find Gerard there. She opens the door softly, looking around to locate her husband. The bed is empty, perfectly made.

Lindsey steps into the room, confident her man of marriage is still present. She scans the room, almost missing the hunched figure sitting against the wall and the empty bottles of alcohol in the corner.

"Gerard?" Lindsey gasps. He'd promised her and Bandit that he'd stop doing this, drinking so much! A business man can't afford to do things like this. Pathetic, that's what it is.

Gerard jerks his head from his pulled up knees, thunking it against the wall, starring at Lindsey with pain filled, almost empty eyes. Desperately trying to be empty, emotionless.

"Li's'y…" He slurs, looking at his wife with pained eyes.

"Gerard! You promised Bandit and I that you'd stop drinking like this!" Lindsey yells.

"It doesn' matta…?" Ah chuckle. "B's dead and your off with zat Jamia woman all the time. Maybe… it would just be better if I were out of it…Yanno? you two could just…fuck all the time." Gerard says, and Lindsey knows he's really far gone in misery as he pounds his head against the wall.

"Gerard! Don't ever say that!" Lindsey yells at him. "Nothing would be better if you died!"

"Why?" Gerad asks bitterly. "The only person who really loved me is dead. You love Jamia. I'm all alone again."

"Gerard! If nothing else you're a very close friend of mine! YOu've kept me safe from detection for years!" Lindsey yells, unhappily picking up bottles from the floor with a sigh.

Gerard sighs back at her. "It d'sn't matter, Li's'y. B was so much of me, e'en if she was al'ys gone…"

"But you still have me, Jamia and Frank." Lindsey says quietly, sitting beside her husband, setting the bottles back onto the floor.

"Frank would have me hung if he knew how much I cared about him. I wish I wasn't so damn queer!" Gerard yells, tears sliding off his cheeks, wishing he could just be normal for once. But no, he can't be normal--he is in love with a man. Gerard hangs his head in shame at the blasphemous idea.

"Gerard…maybe someday you'll find someone. Or maybe you'll learn to be content just being friends with Frank. I don;t know, but if you keep drinking you''l end up dead. And no one wants that."

Gerard laughs at the thought.

"You need to sleep this off." Lindsey tells her husband, and begins to force him to bed. She stays with him until he's asleep, then begins her way to an expectant audience of Ieros.

"Jamia, we can tell them tomorrow." LIndsey says upon her return, rubbing her temple.

"Couldn't you wake Gerard?" Jamia asks, frowning slightly.

Lindsey sighs. "I just got him to sleep. He's returned to some habits."

"What habit?" Frank asks, concerned.

"Drinking himself to death."

So yes. Happy holidays.

On another note, I hoped you like this chapter. Special thanks to Layla (xXLaylaxX) for reading this chapter before I published it. Had to make sure the content was acceptable. LOL. Yes, Gerard is drinking. Yes, I killed Bandit. Yes, you're going to hate me by the end of this story.

Oh, Mikey. He will, for sure, exist in this story. But he won't be...Never mind. No spoilers!

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