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Escape the Fate title (Ronnie era) Hangovers and Jesus' mother.

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Gerard woke up with a raging headache—a feeling he had not experienced in quite some time. Lindsey was asleep in the bed next to him, peaceful, unlike her husband.

Gerard groans and shuts his eyes, trying to ignore the splitting of his head. Gerard lay there, trying to ignore the pain for a substantial amount of time before he feels Lindsey stirring beside him. He doesn’t open his eye to the harsh, homophobic, God-fearing world even when his wife does.

“Gerard?” Lindsey asks, shaking her husband. Gerard groans, burying his head under the feather filled pillows and blankets.

‘My daughter is dead and my wife acts as if she could care less.’ He thinks.

“Gerard, get up.”

“Leave me to rot.” Gerard moans, wanting to be left in a quiet world to deal with his burning brain matter.

Lindsey sighs. “Is this really what you want? To let down the memory of your only child? To rot away, letting Jamia and I down? What about Frank? You are good friends. Do you really want to give that up?”

Gerard thinks about it. “No.”

“Then get up!”

“Sh!” Gerard hisses, begging for a less noisy world. Gerard nods, slowly sitting up, ignoring the desire to flop back from his sitting position, or hiss at the sudden light, ignoring the pounding on his temple.

“Jamia and I have something to tell you and Frank after breakfast, so hurry up.” Lindsey says impatiently.

Gerard sighs, swinging his legs off the bed. “Are you pregnant? Did Jamia get you pregnant?”

Lindsey giggles. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Then how did Mary get pregnant? Maybe she was queer and some woman impregnated her. Mary knew being queer was punishable by death, so she never told anyone Jesus’ father was a woman.” Gerard argues.

Lindsey chuckles, quickly changing clothes. “I forgot how weird you are hung-over.”

“Yes, yes.” Gerard says, stripping and changing into new clothes. He goes to kiss his wife’s cheek, but she stops him.

“Uh-uh.” She says, keeping her arms between herself and Gerard. Gerard smirks. The kiss was a test, they never kiss each other’s cheeks privately, and Lindsey failed.

“You and Jamia are together now, aren’t you?” Gerard asks, ignoring his head pains in triumph.

“What?” Lindsey says, blushing at her inability to keep a secret from Gerard—he knows her too well. “You will have to wait and see.” She pokes Gerard’s nose and bounces out of the room.

Gerard smiles once Lindsey is gone. Then e remembers he’s not supposed to smile yet. ‘I’ll mourn once more for Bandit at the funeral.’ He thinks, and continues smiling at his wife’s good fortune. If only he and Frank could have what Lindsey and Jamia have… Oh God, Frank.

How is Frank going to react? Frank is a God-fearing man; he won’t be all right with the women being queer. He won’t like it; he’ll take his children and run. Run to the church, run to the law. He’ll tell them, tell them all, and then Lindsey and Jamia will be dead. Gerard can’t handle the death of his best friend and wife.

If Lindsey dies, how will Gerard cope with Bandit’s death alone? The Way family has few close friends, and Gerard would be truly alone. F Frank were to rat the women out, would he be able to hide that he’s queer himself? Or would he be so far in despair that he’d let something slip? And even if he didn’t let anything slip, Gerard would never be able to find a wife as understanding, as accepting, as good of a friend as Lindsey. He’ll have to talk to Frank alone, after the women announce their undying love for each other.

If he has to, Gerard will forcibly keep Frank at the manor. He can’t lose Frank and Lindsey. They’re all he has left now.

~After Breakfast, in the Sitting Room~

Gerard and Frank sit in armchairs across from each other, their wives sitting together on the small couch, better known as a loveseat. Gerard feels a bit better after getting some food into his system. His head still feels like it’s splitting, just not like someone is opening it in a violent fashion with an ice pick.

Lindsey takes a nervous breath, trying to calm her panicking nerves. “Well, Jamia and I… we are, well, we’re um…”

“We’re together.” Jamia finishes, gathering up the nerves her partner currently lacks. Lindsey has never been good at this kind of thing, though, so Gerard isn’t surprised that Jamia had to step in.

Gerard smirks. He was so right. “Congratulations.” He says, and then looks at Frank.

Frank is smiling at the two women, then catches Gerard’s eye.

‘Meet me in the workshop in twenty minutes.’ Is the message passed between their eyes, and both nod in confirmation.

Hopefully this will be resolved peacefully.

“I’m happy for you.” Frank smiles at the coupled women, breaking the emotionless eye-lock.


So yeah. I have a list of things that happened while I typed this up that you will find interesting.
1) I ate 9 oranges
2) My mother texted me a graffiti she found in one of her restaurants. It said "Green Day Rox"
3) I found out that My Chemical Romance has action figures (I got distracted...)
4) I looked up a picture of an ice pick and found a picture of one being shoved up someone's nose.

Oh, life. I also went to the doctor. I bled all over when they gave me shots, and I'm going to have to get glasses int he next couple of years. DX Also, I printed this story out for my mother to read. I took out the sex part, though. It was weird.

REVIEW! What happened to all my reviewers? And if you think I'm a sadist now....MWA HA HA HA (Oh, Mikey will make an appearance soon.)

Sorry this chapter took a while, I have MAJOR write's block. And I'm going to Canada on Monday, so any updates may take a while.

REVIEW! Sorry it's so damn short!
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