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Green Day title. Misunderstandings and heartbreak.

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It Would Seem I'm Going To Hell

Gerard tapped his leg nervously as he sat in the workshop, waiting for Frank to appear. He's got to understand that he can't turn Lindsey and Jamia in; it would ruin Gerard's life.

Best friend dead. Daughter dead. It would be the end of Gerard's world, it would send him in a downward spiral from well known businessman to the town drunk, the town sinner, and finally the one hung for being queer. Distasteful, useless and finally hung. A fitting life form queer, Gerard supposes.

It's not exactly as if Gerard asked God to be tempted by men. It happened, as casually as having freckles. At first, being queer had been awful. Looking at men, not women, having to hide the truth about himself from everyone. The first few months of their marriage, Lindsey didn't even know. She thought he was attracted to her, and the sympathetic glances she gave off knowing she would never love him back were almost maddening in their complexity.

It had been Gerard who asked Lindsey if she was queer. The previous night she had dolled Gerard up in a dress, and rubbed splashes of color on his eyelids. Gerard let her, and didn't fail to notice the extra passion when they did the deed that night.

"Lindsey... What do you think on being queer?" He had asked, calmly, not even saying the word in a hushed tone as most would.

"I...I believe that... I believe that being queer is a sin." She had answered, taking a rather long moment to contemplate her answer.

Gerard had chuckled. "Do you mind sinning then?"

Lindsey had gasped, and then tried to reclaim her dignity. "I don't know what you're talking about." She had said, not meeting her husbands eyes.

"I think you do." Gerard had protested, smirking slightly. Of course, he knew he could be wrong. He also thought it unlikely his wife was attracted to men, considering she was not attracted to her own husband.

"I most certainly do not." She frowned, thrown off her game by her husbands accusations.

"Not to worry, I won't tell anyone." Gerard smiled. "I actually think perhaps we can stop going to church so often."

"Hm... But I enjoy the Women's Christian Temperance Union."

"Those unions are going to eventually get alcohol banned from this country." Gerard had frowned. He quite enjoyed a good drink, thank you very much.

"Alcohol promotes family neglect and child abuse." Lindsey said, keeping a straight face, eyebrows slightly raised. "And I think we need to limit alcohol consumption." She looked at her spouse meaningfully.

"Alcohol can produce family neglect and child abuse. Other things can too, and some people just are not fit to have families. And I take offense to that."

Lindsey had shrugged. "You do drink too much."

"I'm not that bad."

"You should stop drinking do heavily. It'll be the death of you."

"Nice job changing the subject. You are queer, no?" Gerard inquired solid proof.

Lindsey sighed. "What makes you think so?"

"I needn't explain myself. If you had married anyone else, you might need to fear detection. I won't turn you in. If God is so against you being queer then he shouldn't have made you that way." Gerard shrugged.

"Thank you." Lindsey had said, hugging her husband.

It had been a later date when Gerard confessed to being queer himself, after coming home after having much more drink than considered healthy. It's not uncommon for people to die of alcohol poisoning, and Lindsey was quite surprised when Gerard didn't.

Gerard had sobered up some when Lindsey got pregnant, and had stopped going to bars for sport completely when Bandit was born.

Gerard is brought back to himself when he hears a feint knock and the door opens to reveal a still abnormally short Frank Iero. Gerard stands, motioning for Frank to sit with tired eyes.

"Frank," he sighs, sitting next to Frank on stools.

"Gerard." Frank says, frowning at the other.

"Look, I know what you want to say. And I won't let you." Gerard says sternly. Not going to give the devil a chance to speak.

Frank pales. "You're going to do it?"

Gerard is a little confused, but carries on. "I won't let you, it would ruin my life. So is this going to be peaceful or not?"

Franks starts to shake in anger. "So you're going to turn In my wife, and yours, just because of some stupid religious belief?!" Frank yells, jumping up and balling his fists.

Gerard knits his eyebrows together. "Wait... You're not turning Lindsey in to the church?"

Frank shakes his head, temper cooling as he shakes his head, plopping back into his seat. "You're not turning them in either?"

Gerard shakes his head. "I've known Lindsey was queer since she got pregnant. Besides, it would be silly for me to turn her in for an offence I'm also guilty of." He chuckles.

Frank feels his breath catch in his throat. "You...You're queer?" He manages.

Gerard nods, a bit nervously. "Born that way."

"Me as well..." Frank says.

There's a moment of awkward silence, and suddenly Frank's lips are attacked by Gerard's.


The question that needs answering:

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