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Up All Night

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Smut... Not a lot of important things happen, so you weirdos who don't read smut can skip it if you so desire. Or you can steel your nerves and read some fucking awesome shit!

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Frank was surprised when Gerard's lips crashed against his own, but quickly he's relaxed and now isn't so much as hesitating to work his mouth against Gerard's, even daring to pull Gerard closer to himself.

Gerard straddles Frank on the chair, clearly dominating as his tongue invades Frank's eager mouth. How many times has Gerard had sex with Lindsey, imagining it was Frank the whole time? Too many times to count, so excuse him if he seems too eager.

Gerard reluctantly breaks the kiss, needing to ask Frank for permission before he ends up forcing himself on the younger man, who is also indebted to Gerard.

"Will you be mine? And I won't kick you out if you say no." Gerard asks, blushing at how incredibly forward he's being. Frank smiles, puffing lips opening to reveal somewhat dirty teeth.

"Forever." Frank promises, softly pulling Gerard's lips back to his own by the back of His neck. Frank gasps as Gerard excitedly rushes his tongue back into Frank's mouth, exploring the cavern and rubbing their to tongues together deliciously, Frank moaning at the quick yet passionate movements.

'I guess my fantasies of being on top aren't going to happen this time around.' Frank thinks, gasping as Gerard starts to grind down on his hardening cock.

Frank feels Gerard smirk into the kiss, and is a tad disappointed when Gerard's tongue is no longer in his mouth.

Frank is not, however, disappointed when Gerard's mouth latches onto his neck, tongue caressing the spot, sucking and biting also causing Frank to gasp and moan, and he doesn't even notice as hi waistcoat is lost to Gerard.

Frank is left with a great lust as Gerard stops grinding, something Frank almost forgets when Gerard starts gently biting, sucking and licking a particularily tender spot on his neck, barely noticing the swift movements that is Gerard unbuttoning his dress-shirt.

Frank does, however, notice when Gerard's lips are clamped over the pink flesh of his nipple, rolling the hard nub between his teeth, and at some point, licking circles in the tenderly pleasurable area.

"Gerard..." Frank moans breathily as Gerard licks a line down his torso, popping the button on his dress pants, something Gerard had bought him, along with the entirety of his attire.

"Yes, Frankie?" Gerard asks, looking up through thick lashes at his... Lover.

Frank pouts slightly. "You're not giving me a chance to take off your clothes." Gerard blinks, then chuckles, bringing his mouth up to Frankie's. He doesnt just want Gerard's mouth on his cock, but full on anal intercourse. Gerard realizes this in a moment and allows His waist oat to be pulled off, just kissing Frankie as his collared shirt is disregarded, thrown to the floor.

Gerard licks down Frank's jaw, down his neck, chest and torso, causing Frank to tilt back his head in pleasure, erection almost straining freeof his unbuttoned pants.

"Someone is excited." Gerard notes out loud, pulling the zipper so cruelly down Franks dark pants, teasing the man, causing him to shiver in anticipation. (Rocky Horror FTW!)

Gerard starts to pull off Frankie's pants, Frank lifting up his hips to assist (anyone remember that crack Gerard made about having Frank "assist" him at the dinner scene?) Gerard, before deciding to make the playing field more even.

Gerard moans as Frank starts to play with his zipper and button, and soon both are out of commission, gasping as the pants are ripped down as far as they'll go in the straddling position.

Gerard swiftly stands up, pulling off the leg-coverings and getting back on Frank, grinding their pulsing cocks together.

Both men moan, and Frank feels Gerard's lips attack his with a renewed fervor.

Deciding the chair is likely not the most comfortable place to shove his cock up Frank's ass, Gerard gets off his partner, pulling Frankie up with him, pushing the younger against the wall of chalkboard, ravishing Frankie's mouth with his own, ravishing Frank's body with his hands.

Frankie doesn't even care that his back is going to be covered in chalk.

Frankie gasps as Gerard's hand reaches into his undergarment, gently stroking his pleasures organ as Gerard's other hand slips off Frankie's underwear, the unnecessary thing.

Frank moans loudly into Gerard's mouth as Gerard renews the kiss and starts to pump the cock in his hand, and Gerard audaciously smirks in return.

Frank feels his orgasm coming on as Gerard's hand does unimaginable things to his cock.

"Gee..." Frank moans, gasping as he comes into his orgasm, cum squirting all over Gerard's hand.

Gerard chuckles at Frank's heavy panting, and leads his naked partner onto the floor, somehow loosing his boxers along the way.

Frank's blood rushes south at the mere sight of the organ that is going to be inside of him, the enormity of Gerard's erection astounding.

Frank lays down, Gerard on top of him, hovering above. When Gerard's fingers enter Frank's mouth, Frank sucks, coating them with saliva. While neither man has ever had sex with a man previously, both have had anal sex with their wives and know what it entrails.

Gerard retracts his fingers from Frank's mouth, and Frank whines at the loss. He quite liked those fingers, thank you very much.

Gerard chuckles, and Frank gasps as Gerard starts to trail lightly around his hole. waiting for the perfect moment, Gerard pushes a finger slowly into Frank, causing more pain than pleasure, even though the digit is only halfway in.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Gerard's finger makes its way fully into Frank. Gerard waits a moment for Frank to adjust to the single digit before he pushes in a second as slowly as the first, careful not to hurt his Frankie.

Once Frank seems relaxed enough, Gerard starts to slowly scissor into his arse, regretfully causing more pain than pleasure to the young man. after a minute or two to adjust, Gerard's fingers exit Frankie, and positions his clock in their stead, slowly, inch by slothly inch, pushing into Frank.

It takes more than a minute for Frank to adjust to the slight awkwardness of having Gerard inside him, and the pain lessens, and before Frank knows it Gerard is fully inside him, patiently waiting for Frank to be ready for him to move.

Thuroughly adjusted, Frank wraps his legs around Gerard, commanding the older to "move".

Gerard doesn't need to be told twice as he pulls back slowly, his return journey only a tad faster. "Faster..." Frank moans, voice breathy and and low and definitely turning Gerard on.

Gerard complies, thrusting in and out of Frankie at almost illegal speeds, thrusting into a different spot each time as Frankie moans in ecstacy, going deeper with each thrust.

"Gerard!" Frank screams, clenching as Gerard no doubt hits a sweet spot.

Screams and moans mingle between the two as Gerard rams into that spot again and again, Frankie screaming out his name, both on the brink of an orgasm.

"Gerard! I think! I'm gonna! Cum!" Frank yells on thrusts.

"As am I." Gerard says, and two thrusts later they're cumming together, Frank squirting the white substance on their stomachs while Gerard releases into the warm cavern of Frank's butt.

They both arch their sweat-covered backs, groaning in pure pleasure as they ride out their orgasms together.

Frank unclassified his legs from Gerard, who rolls onto his back next to Frankie after pulling out of the man.

Next to Frankie.

Next to his Frankie.

You like? I feel like I'm missing something but I can't remember what... So if there are gaping holes tell me.

I also really like it righ now buy know I'm going to hate it in the morning.

Excuse for awful grammar and spelling: I wrote this whole thing on my goddamn phone! My computer won't let me on after 9pm (you can thank my stepmum for that) so now my hands are very cramped.

I liked this, it only took me three hours, it usually takes me longer. Why was this so epically fast? Because Shiwoggi, an author who is to me Cosmic Zomie level awesome, sent a review!

I want to thank you all for the lovely rates and reviews, they keep me writing. (... This sounds like I'm saying goodbye. I'm not. That i know of)

Oh yeah, I set my IPod on shuffle while writing this. MCR, BVB, A7x, the Cranberries, Lily Allen and Abba. Talk about a weird mix!

Does anyone else think that BOTDF's Siq with a Q in the beginning sounds like the theme song to the game Bean Machine?

R N R because I cramped my hands for you!
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