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Life Was All A Dream

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(Before Their Eyes title) Breakfast. News.

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Gerard and Frank walk into the dining room together, their faces barely able to contain their overwhelming smiles. The men don't hold hands, they can't with the servants present, but it's obvious to both wives seated at the table that last night went… very well.

Frank and Gerard take their seats, and Frank sits next to Gerard rather than by his wife. Not that Jamia's complaining, as she's sitting right next to Lindsey. The couples couldn't be happier.

Gerard says Grace quickly, more for show than anything, before he starts to eat his food and chatter with Frank happily. There are so many smiles it's almost blinding.

"I think we should all go on an outing." Gerard announces to the queer club.

Lindsey frowns. "The last time we went on an outing you got drunk."

"That was six years ago!" Gerard protests.

Lindsey rolls her eyes. "And you've matured so very much in these last years. Wasn't it a mere two days ago in which I found you drunk out of your mind?"

"…I was in a bad place." Gerard says, a glint of sadness clouding his eyes for a moment. Frank pats gerard's arm, smiling at his lover.

Lindsey sighs. "Where do you want to go?"

"I was thinking… perhaps to the beaches." Gerard says lightly.

"Aren't those miles away?" Jamia asks.

Lindsey nods thoughtfully. "A day trip, then?"

Gerard smiles. "Yes."

"I don't really see the problem with it. Unless you don't want to go Jamia?" Lindsey asks the younger woman.

"It would be lovely. I've never been to the beach." Jamia smiles.

"Will you come, Frank?" Gerard asks Mr.Iero.

Frank smiles. "As long as I''m with you." Frank smiles. "I mean, all of you!" Frank says, frantically trying to hide and exposed emotions deeper than friendship for the older man.

Gerard smiles, amused at Frank's slip up.

"Then we'll go. What fits into your schedule, Jamia?" Gerard asks his wife's lover.

"I'm having Jamia quit her job at the cafe." Lindsey says, smiling at her husband.

Gerard raises his eyebrows. "If she's gong to live with us permanently then I suppose she doesn't need one."

"Knew you wouldn't dare to let me down." Lindsey smiles. Now, if this table had been made up of ordinary Americans, the behavior of Lindsey would be unacceptable, and she would not be a woman held as highly in regard as she is. If Gerard had been sexist like the rest of America, then Lindsey would surely been hanged for being queer and possessed by the devil. It's quite obvious neither husbands are exactly typical in the way they regard the other sex, though.

Gerard smiles at his wife softly. "So, when will this trip occur?"

"After Christmas?" Lindsey suggests.

Gerard nods, carefully thinking it over. "Yes. It might be a bit cold in January, so perhaps we could go in March?"

"We could stay at the beach!" Lindsey decides, her face lighting up. "We could stay for a week. That would be wonderful!"

Jamia nods. "That would be magical."

"Why don't we go in April? It could be a birthday vacation." Frank suggests.

Lindsey takes in a sharp breath.

Gerard frowns. "No, I think March would be better."

Lindsey sighs, resting her head in her hands.

'What's wrong with a birthday vacation?' Frank wonders to himself.

"Let's go in March, then." Jamia decides for all of them. They all nod, smiling affectionately at each other.

A servant walks into the room, breaking the moment as the african-american boy clears his throat, obviously present to deliver a message.

"Speak." Gerard commands.

The boy nods. "I come on the behalf of one Michael Way. He wishes to inform you all that he will be attending your annual Christmas party, that he believes should be accompanied by Bandit Lee Way's funeral."

Gerard pales as Lindsey cringes. Michael…

"Thank you." Frank says, dismissing the boy, noticing the Ways' inner turmoil.

"Lindsey? Are you all right?" Jamia asks the addressed, worried.

"Gerard?" Frank asks, looking at Gerard, who seems to have lost himself in a memory.

It's Lindsey that steps out of her reverie first. "Oh God…" She mutters.

"What is it?" Jamia asks, her concern increasing a tenfold.

"Micheal Way is coming home." She says gravely.

Hello, you all! First off: To those of you who read the last chapter of Vines, disregard it. I'm changing it. As Amos22 pointed out, it was utter shit and will be rewritten and maybe the story won't end next chapter. I'm very sorry about that... I don't think I was quite in the right mind.
Second: You can blame this chapter on the people who reviewed Vines and told me it was shit. They made me sulk and wirte this chapter (that I like), grow a set and delete the shit that was the final chapter of Vines. And to that person (whose username I forgot) who asked me to update this in their review of Vines.
So yeah. I'm sorry, i promise this story doesn't have as shitty of an ending as Vines just did!

Oh, and MIKEY's COMING! I've been waiting fore him. I love him so much in this story because i am a sadist... MWA HA HA HA I AM SO EXCITED I SHOULDN'T BE SO HYPER SO LATE (psht it's only 9)
REVIEW BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! (I can't do a word-count so I have no idea how long it is... I'm hoping around a thousand. Sorry if it's short.)
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