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2. Deadly Kiss

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Ava and Frank go out for a smoke and things get heated.

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*Ava’s POV*

“Hey Guys! Great show!,” I said as I plopped down on the couch beside Gerard. His scraggly red hair was matted to his head with sweat and his winsome face beamed with excitement.

“Thanks! I really felt good about the crowd, man. I think our music affected them in a positive way, ya know?”

I simply nodded my head. As the other guys began to chatter excitedly about the show, I turned my head to notice Frank still standing by the door, a slight smirk on his lips as he observed everyone’s excitement. He seemed a little out of it. I stood, praying to myself that I wouldn’t fall and make an ass of myself, and walked over to him. His hazel eyes met mine and he smiled at me. That smile of his, man it’s beautiful. It can light up a whole night’s sky with its brilliance. Again I felt a rush of heat cover my whole body as he looked at me.

I placed my hand on his crossed arm, pulling his wrist slightly in an attempt to remove him from his guarded position. “What?”

He licked his lips and leaned closer, his breath hot in my face. “You look amazing, Ava. Like, really amazing.” He grinned at me again and I felt my face flush.

“Thank you.” I pulled my hair over my shoulder and began to pick apart the strands, a nervous habit I had.

“You wanna get out of here, and let these girls gossip?”

My eyes connected with his and I nodded. “Yeah, let’s get some air or something.”

“Me and Ava’s gonna go smoke. We’ll be right back, and then we can head out and celebrate!” Frank announced our departure, took my hand and pulled me out of the door before anyone really noticed. By the backstage door was an exit to the alley between the two buildings. He quickly ushered me out the door into the cool night air. The air was damp and very brisk – very refreshing. Before the door even had time to close I was being pushed up against the wall and Frank’s lips were on mine. A slight moan escaped my lips as I kissed him back eagerly. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me as his hands went into my hair, guiding the kiss effortlessly. Involuntarily my back arched, pressing my body closer to his an ache forming between my legs that I’d rarely experienced. I felt on fire. I had never needed something so much, it was like his kiss was oxygen and I was drowning. His left hand moved from my now tangled hair down between us and under the fabric of my shirt. The sensual touch of his warm hand against my cold flesh was maddening. His touch was not a caress; it was a hungry exploration as his tongue massaged my own.

As if the world stopped spinning and he came to his senses, he pulled back abruptly. Our labored breaths were coming out in puffs of white mist as we both struggled to catch our breath. He stepped back and awkwardly adjusted himself, his face flushed. I sagged against the wall unable to trust my legs which were now the consistency of jelly. “I’m sorry Aves….I didn’t…I mean I did…” He sighed a heavily and ran his hand through his dark hair. “I don’t know what came over me. I’ve been thinking about that since the first song.”

I attempted to straighten myself out in vain as I looked up at him. “I’m not complaining. I’ve wanted to do that since tenth grade.” I gave him a wink.

“Oh thank God!” He said as he grabbed me again, and crashed his lips against mine. This kiss wasn’t as rushed, but definitely as hungry. There we were making out in the moon light in an alley. Not the classiest place for a first kiss, I’ll admit, but it was still kind of romantic. His mouth traveled across my cheek and down my jaw. I tilted my head slightly as he came to my neck and moaned his name softly as chill bumps covered my entire body. Suddenly I felt a sting and my fingers clutched as his shoulders. I could hear him murmuring but everything was getting hazy. The last thing I remember is the man of my dreams looking at me, his eyes full of terror and his lips glistening with blood.
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