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The Best Day Ever

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FRERARD. Based on a walk to remember.

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Hey ficwadders. I'm making a comeback today as i'm out of school for personal issues. This story is going to replace my story Bulletproof Hero as i was beginning to struggle with it and wasn't really happy with it. However, if anybody wants it back i can always rewrite it and hopefully make it better than the last version as chances are i'll be rewriting it at some point :) Hope this story is okay! :)

Franks POV
Frank, Dinner's Ready! Mom yells up the stairs to me, breaking the comforting voices of Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain. It's the littlest things like these that become the most significant.For the past seventeen years, at this exact hour and minute this has been the usual occurance. Since the day i turned five this has been the case and it's a very set routine. I lay the table and Mom dishes up. My Dad's in the Air Force and so he's not home very much and when he does come home, both Mom and I love to spoil him. To fill the massive void in my life when he's gone, is my very own inspiration. My Grandpa. My favourite teenager in the world! He exclaims, i feel nothing but pure admiration and joy at his words as i laugh and gently hug him. This seems a fair greeting, as he's my favourite elderly person in the world.

My family are my world and i can't imagine ever leaving them behind. Even if i did mean by going on dates with people. Dating is a difficult subject. I don't date. I have a good reason not to date if you ask me, a very good reason. It's less painful that way, less complicated. My parents should have all of my time, nobody else, they deserve my time, even if it is just to say thankyou to them for all they have done and still do to this day.

After IVF to conceive me and my twin sister, it's only right i stick with them. I know what you're probably thinking, you're probably thinking your sister can keep them company. Well in a way she can, in spirit. My older sister Angela passed away after just three months of gracing us all with her life. Cot death is rare. And i can only thank God it is so rare.

I guess God found his perfect angel, even if i never find mine.

Gerards POV
Shut the fuck up! I yell in the boys face. I said leave my little brother alone! Fucking come near him and you'll have all of us to deal with next time! I say pointing at my rather large group of friends. Brothers and Sisters more like. Imey simply cowers behind me, the poor kid. We have more than enough to deal with at home, we don't need this shit too.

I take a gulp from my beer bottle, the liquid calming me down as it flows gently like a stream into my blood which is boiling with pure rage. I crack the the bottle on an iron railing and place it below the boy's slightly tanned throat. This? Count it as your warning. I snarl before releasing him and watching him run like a deer caught in the headlights.
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