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We don't need Education to be Musicians anyway

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Frankie and Gerard bump into eachother at school :)

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Hey! Another off school day, so here's the next chapter :) xxx

Gerards POV
I park up my black Mustang and climb out with Mikey in tow. Now Mikes, slightest sign of trouble from those jerks you come and find me straight away, okay? He nods his head quickly, but i can tell how nervous he is. And despite me not being intimidated in the slightest tiny bit by those idiots, i get why he's scared. He's tall and skinny while those guys are tall yes, but fucking big. Muscles sticking out of their tanned, sweat covered skin. They're football guys, i guess it's a strange thought that a guy who plays croquet scares the living shit out of them. And yes that guy happens to be yours truly.

Thanks Gee, see you later. Mikey waves as he goes to his form class,i continue my path of skipping form time and smoking a cigarette or three. Ah Mr Way! Just the person i was looking for. Mrs Law 's shrill, high pitched voice wafts through the open space behind me, forcing me to meet her snake like face. What? I say bluntly, she's used to me not talking to her as though she's some kind of Queen. Hmm definitely got the right child then. She almost snarls. Haha! Child? I'll give her fucking child in a minute.

Come with me Mr Way, we need to have a chat. She says and beckons for me to follow her. I follow only because i realise Coach Fitch is down the hall and he won't hesitate in manhandling me back to her if i try to make a sharp exit. Why is life so hard?

Mr Way, it gives me great pleasure to tell you we caught you on our CCTV Cameras downing Vodka shots, on school premises.... WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF? she yells turning crimson red as she screams at me as i slowly flick my lighter on and off.
I was thirsty. I reply smartly.
Get out of my sight! She hisses and i smile gladly before walking away.
Our little run ins always end like this, and i never feel guilty for this either. After all, she messed with me, not the other way around.

As i open the door and try to leave i collide with a small dark little figure that crashes onto the dark oak flooring. Oh my god, i'm so sorry, i didn't mean to.. The soft yet raspy voice trails off as he meets my eyes. We stand there staring at one another for a couple of minutes until he scrambles around on the floor, collecting masses of paper and books. Uh... Sorry! He squeaks before entering the Devil Womans office. She sure resembles him when she's dealing with me.

I make my way to Art Class in a dazed and distracted fashion. Who was that beautiful person? The tiny dark little figure that had eyes for melting hearts, eyes that could bear through your soul and expose you to something that terrified me. I knew exactly what was going on. But i had to resist, I was falling hard and fast. Too wreckless to stop it at all. And the craziest part? We had never even spoken, and i only knew the truth about me. That i was after all, indeed, Gay.

Franks POV
Had he been staring at me? That tall, pretty man. He was pretty. So pretty. Prettier than the cheerleaders or the dainty little good girls who spent hours applying their make up. He had thick, dark eyelashes that hung perfectly, surrounding his captivating, sparkling, astoundingly perfect pools of glittering green. I had never felt so struck all at once before. But i knew him, he was the infamous Gerard Way. The fearless prince of Belleville high, whilst i faced each day preparing for a beating from the Jocks and his very own homophobic bunch of friends.
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