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Three cheers for sweet revenge

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Gerard starts to wonder about Frankn when fate draws them together.

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Hello eonderful readers! Merry christmas in advance! Im so excited! :) xx

Gerards POV
I lie still for a while. Just listening to the crickets singing outside my window. The song haunting me and keeping me from losing myself in a world of make believe. Losing myself from the disturbing thoughts that all stemmed from a mixed up punk kid. He was cute, religious, a good student yet he was tattooed and pierced with a dyed black mohawk. I didnt even know this guy properly. But i knew i wanted to know him. No, i had to.

"Gee?" My little brother peered round my door as lightning flickered in the pure bleakness of the sky.
"Mikes? What's Up?"
" I need your help."

He sits shivering in our lounge tied to a chair. Those bambi like eyes even more frightened and wide than the usual gorgeous state. "Mikey, you cannot hold someone ransom for no reason. It's just wrong. This is classed as kidnap!" I yell not taking my eyes off the small teenager in my home.
"His dad conned me Gee!" Mikey whines jumping up and down slightly.
" Mikey! Three bucks is pratically nothing!" I scream helplessly before theres a knock at the door. " Right, you get that and i'll untie him. Then, you're telling Mom you snuck out and hopefully you'll accept being grounded and won't try this shit again!" Man. I sounded like a parent. It was seriously bugging me. Why did i want to protect this kid? Anyone else i probably would have laughed, and then let them go of course depending on what they'd done obviously.

"YOU! Taking my son!" A man's voice blared at me as he stormed in the room, his eyes murdering me.
"I-ermmm..." God. You pathetic twat.
I didn't even talk to the kid yet! Wait, you care you dint flirt with him whilst he was being held prisoner in my house? I am seriously fucked over.
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