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Demolition Brothers

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Gerard learns the truth is the best option and Frankie thinks he knows what would make his life rosy.

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Hello for chapter two! Sorry the last was so complex, hopefully this will clear things up a little :)

Gerards POV
"Well?" The man i assume to be Mr Iero pushes on.
"I was just untying your son, s-sir. My little brother here obviously got the wrong guy this time.- we were playing a prank on a friend." I lie trying to make this look less crazy.
Mikeys getting wilder each day, he kidnapped that adorable kid over his father winning a bet with him? And three fucking bucks? Come the fuck on!
"Hmmm. See i might believe that if your brother hadn't been talking to me earlier tonight. He was on the sidewalk busking. Magic tricks to be specific. And i played him at his own game, won myself three bucks. Then i come home and my sons gone and a note's left by my door demanding a thousand."
Mikeys fucking desire to buy a motorcycle! The truth is all i can go by now. Thanks for making that sharp exit Mikes.

"Sir, he wants a motorcycle. Hence why he demanded that much money. He also hates being outsmarted. He probably wouldn't have gone to all this trouble if he didn't know you the way he does." I say trying to not make my point obvious to the small kid i'm untying from the chair. You see the Ieros are a wealthy family. Probably among the wealthiest in town. Mikey and I? Practically on the poverty line. The thing is, franks dad has his money from the army and his Mom inherited a whole lot of cash from a distant relative not long back.

My little brother? Thats a little different. He wants a motorcycle obviously. Why? Because he can enter the annual race contest. Why does he want to enter the contest? Because the prize is cash. Ten thousand dollars to be exact, money we need to live on. Money that could help our mom out. Her job as a nursing assistant barely paid the bills, hardly paid for us to eat, we never got holidays like other kids but she was trying and we loved her for that. Yes,i do own a mustang. Why don't you sell it? I hear you wonder. Well its all i have left of my Moms dad, and my Mom doesn't want me to sell it either. That motor was her dads pride and joy apart from her of course.

"Sorry dude." I say untying the last of the rope wrapped around Franks torso.
"Thankyou. I wouldn't have been able to stay like that much longer." He whimpered as his father slung an arm around his broad shoulders.
"You're welcome and i promise Mikey will be dealt with what he deserves." I say as mr Iero nods and leads a shaken Frank out of the door.

When will i see him next?

Franks POV
Held ransom. Set free. And developing a crazy, well crazier crush on the same guy i hadn't stopped thinking of. All in the space of a night. Mikey kidnapping me was pretty random, pretty worrying almost but he didn't threaten me in any way. Barely spoke to me to be honest. And then when i think he's going to get violent and scary like the kidnappers in horror flicks, he allows me to be met with the prettiest face known to earth. Oh and he also allowed me to be freed.

Being a rich kid isnt always a bed of roses. But i know waking up to that face every day would be.
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