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They're building a coffin my size

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This is super short but is meant to be effective haha! Sorry about that! Frankies little secret :(

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Hey kiddos! Thanks for your reviews and advice! You're my little honey bees! And you can run away with me anytime you want! :) x

Franks POV
The shrill wail of the ambulances and police cars cruising the dark, winding streets startle me from my slumber. The beams of orange flickering streetlights burst in through my drawn curtains and stop me from returning to a world of my own perfection. The land of dreams. I decide to try and read. The Dickens classic- A Christmas Carol. The book would fill the void that should be sleep, if i could get the tall skinny beauty off my mind for even a few good seconds.

Why did he have this power over me? The one i wanted, but knew i would never have. The one i was going to remember until my dying day. Even if it was only predicted to be a few months away. I wanted my last days with him, but i knew i'd die as iKd lived. Alone and unloved.
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