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Homophobia is gay

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Gerard and Frankie are thrown together....

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Gerards POV
"Gee! Gee!" I crack one eye open to reveal a flailing around pyjama clad Mikey panicking.
"Whats wrong? I'm tired!" I whine.
"It's eight fifteen! We missed the bus!" He squeals.
"Fuck!" I yell sitting up, suddenly very awake.
"Run Mikes! Get dressed!" I decide, we're walking. One more day off school and we're expelled, unless Mom calls in which she won't unless we're at deaths door and if we call her we're going to be grounded. Yeah, fucked either way. We know.

The sun shines as we walk quickly down the deserted, never ending street. If only i hadn't let Mom borrow the car. It always happens. I take that baby for granted. When i actually need my car, i don't have it.

We storm down the grey cracked concrete that leads us to the grand silver gates of hell on earth. School. I know it could be worse for meN
i do but still, i cant be bothered with this. Especially when you're crushing on someone you're more than likely to see everyday.

Finally we reach school, half an hour late for my first lesson which is Biology. "Bye Mikes!" I call as we saunter off in different directions. I stumble into the class and imeadeately am met with snickers and death glares from my so called friends. I shrink into my jacket and walk to my usual seat, sitting down and ignoring the world. It's then i'm hit with a ball of folded paper. I slowly unravel the object and see it's a flyer with my photograph printed onto it. GERARD WAY or GERARD GAY it reads. My face flushes red and i ball my fists into my sides. How did they find out? I only just found out myself. The snickering grows and i run from there. I get up and get out. How could someone do this to me? Why? Why didn't my friends protect me?

I run to the soccer field and sit under the large oak tree. I hide my head in my knees and cry alone in the dewy grass. I lay back, my head landing on
Something soft and cushioned. I turn around sharply and am met by those eyes. Those orbs that hypnotise me. He's whimpering softly. Across his bare torso in sharpie FAGGOT is written in bold letters. I dash to his side and wrap my jacket around him as he shivers. "Frank! What happened?" I try to refrain from screaming. "W_Why G-Gerard?" He shakes and shivers as i soothe him, rubbing his heaving back.

"Frankie, i didn't do this! Please believe me!" I beg him as i can't have him thinking i'd ever want to hurt him. "Who did this?" I ask him absolutely livid at those bastards. " Y-your friends." He sighs.
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