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If i crash on the couch, could i sleep in my clothes?

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Gerard gets extremely protective of Frankie and something amazing happens :)

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Hola kiddos!

Gerards POV
"Ex friends." I correct him, pulling him up by his hands and dusting his back and shoulders off. I storm into the cafeteria, my eyes scanning the putrid souls that sit laughing at me. Mocking me. More importantly, mocking poor innocent Frankie. How could they be this cruel?

Suddenly, something just snaps inside of me and i crack. "Shut the fuck up! All of you bastards! I swear to god you be thankful i don't carry weapons!" I screech, my blood boiling and a silence overcomes the room. I storm straight over to one person who"s not backed down and who i know is the ring leader of this violation. Ryan Ross. I stride up to him, frank looking terrified.

A deafening crack followed by a yelp that should belong to a baby gazelle fills the tense ridden air. Blood pours from his nose as other members of our group look on horrified and hold the coward back. "We're done faggot!" Ryanscreams as i walk away.

I return to Franks side and place one hand on either side of his face. "I'm sorry, they're idiots okay? Come on, i'll walk you home." I say softly as silent tears race down his face.

We walk in a comfortable silence, both of us lost in thought. We turn the corner at the bottom the road and meet a pretty suburban house decked in roses and white picket fences. The cereal packet home, the home every disney movie centres around. Almost as pretty as the boy who lives there. Actually no, nothing is as pretty as he.

"Sorry for crying." A tiny voice mutters as we approach the crisp white front door. He looks at me from behind his chocolate hair. "Thats ok, they're really uncalled for." I say giving him a small reassuring smile. We stay staring at eachother for a few long and perfect moments as summerry droplets of rain begin to tumble out of the perfect skies above us.

I lean into him, unable to stop myself. Before i know it, our lips meet. I pull away quickly, hating the lonely feeling that washes over me once more. I draw back in and ask for entrance into his tiny mouth that embraces all of me with coffe and cigarette scents. To my delight, he allows me inside and we continue like this, battling for dominance. We pull away for breath and are pressed together. Forehead to forehead. "Stay with me tonight?" He asks.
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