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Welcome to my world

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Gerard stays at Frank's for the night....

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Hey Kiddos! I'm finally home from Sunderland! :) Me and the mother had this fight and i apologised but she turned off the lights and kinda didn't say anything so i figured i'd update again and cheer myself up, i hope that's okay! ;) xx

Franks POV
I asked him to stay with me. I didn't mean to even say that, it was just my thoughts getting mixed up with my mouth again, it happens more often than you'd imagine. I just wanted him to stay tonight, those kids knew full well where i lived and wouldn't hesitate vandalising my home. Or they could kidnap me as an alternative revenge plot, although being kidnapped two nights straight would be very unfortunate. Welcome to my world.

"Come in Gerard." I say still nervous even though we had just shared somewhat of an encounter on my concrete, worn away doorstep. He waltzed through the door and turned to face me. "Coffee?" I suggest and he gives me a simple nod. I don't know what is going on here. He touches my face affectionately in front of the entire school and then, he kisses me? This can't be what i think it is. He can't like me back. One. I'm not good enough for him. Two. I'd break his heart when the time came. And that time could be whenever it chose to appear. I had no control whatsoever.

"Frankie?" I turned to face the beautiful boy standing tall and somehow shaky. Unsteady. "Could I-C-could w-we....erm.....goonadate?" He says running a pale bony hand through his waves of black. My heart sinks and i feel my eyes run dry. "Gerard. I'm sorry-" He cuts me off, wearing an expression of hurt. " Oh, of course. You don't feel the same. You're not- you know-gay are you?" He says turning bright red and failing to hide his shame and pure disappointment.
"No. Gerard, i am gay. I know for sure now. It's just, i don't date. Like ever. I'm kinda- not allowed." I confess, his expression changes to one of hope and happiness. "Sorry."
"No, it's fine. Sorry for kissing you so out of nowhere just now." He giggles taking a gulp of his coffee. "No problem, can't change it now." I reply nervously.

We stay at the table all afternoon just talking about life really. Our friends, families, music taste, idols, that kind of thing. Friendly chit chat. He's a really great guy and i know that we can't be anything more than friends. But to be honest, a friendship with him is more than i deserve. And especially more than worthwhile. He likes to call me Frankie and as a result i call him Gee. If only it was different. If only i wasn't me.

Gerards POV
"Are you sure you'll be okay? I can stay if you like. I'll just crash on the couch or something." I say, genuinely worrying about my new friend. God it's strange calling him that. A nice strange, but i can't help wishing i could add a three letter word =before that word.
"No, i'll be fine thanks. Just keep that brother of yours on watch, he's scary when he turns into a kidnapper!" Frank says dramtically, faking being petrified of Mikey. How anyone could be scared of such a delicate baby brother i don't know, but then again we both learned to fight and fend for ourselves and Frank had been protected all throughout his childhood. It was like two parallel universes. I chiuckled at him hiding under his duvet. " Well, goondight Frankie. I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled as i left his perfect suburban world.

"Gerard! Honey, where have you been? I was looking all over for you!" My mother shrieked enveloping me in a bear hug and smothering me in lipstick kisses. Welcome to my world. "I was seriously considering calling the cops. I thought you'd been attacked and beaten. Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed hugging me close and tight again. She began to cry lightly into my cotton clad chest. " Hey Mom, i'm fine. Sorry i forgot to call. I was just at a friends." I smile as she wipes her eyes and nods quickly. " I'm sorry son. Go and sit at the table. I'll make a start on dinner." She smiles.

"So boys, how was school today?" Mom asked setting down a bowl of rice salad and a plate of chicken steaks. We always had carbs for dinner. Always. And we always had veg thrown in somewhere. Our Mom wanted us to grow properly and be healthy. She also belived that filling us up at dinner would mean we wouldn't be hungry later and so money could be saved. Breakfast and dinner were her specialities for filling us up. Well, when we actually got up on time.

"It was alright." Mikey grunts, piling rice onto his plate.
"Gerard?" Mom smiles brightly at me handing me the chicken steaks.
"It was, okay." I reply shortly.
"Well that's good then. I got your report cards today by the way." She continued. Mom, ever the desperate conversation starter. "You're both doing pretty well. Mostly passes. You both need to do your homework more often though, your grades could shoot up if you put the work in."
We both nod and then wink at one another. Fuck work, it's all play in this house. The Way World.
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