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The show must go on

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Gerard goes into school with his head held high... but where is Frank?

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Hey lovely little ficwadders! Aww my babies! Merry fucking christmas! Gah i'm friggin excited! Although i am fighting with my Mom and it's super awkward! But still! I hope your christmas is a blast and you all get a nice break from the stress of being a kid! :) And i hope next year is your best year yet! :) xxx I'll be updating probably boxing day kinda time again! :) xxxx

Gerards POV
I ignore those piercing glares, the raised eyebrows of the snooty cheerleading squad, the mutterings of the plastics and the cursing and spitting of those people i used to call my friends. Why the fuck did i bother? Why did i spend so much time with them when i could have been with the likes of Frankie? Or just anyone else, there were better people out there. People who could bring out the best of Gerard Way, not the evil rebellious brat that lived deep inside.

I scan through the hoards of people that seem like a blur to my eyes. None of them really standing out to me, none of them unique or special to me in any way. I'm looking for one person in particular really. As much as i tell myself i'm just looking for a familiar friendly face it doesn't overshadow the fact that i am infact looking for only one person, and quite clearly, he's not here.

He wouldn't be inside the building would he? It's pretty early in the day, why you'd actually go inside this hell hole longer than necessary i don't have the foggiest idea. But he was different in alot of ways, and he was mysterious in infuriating forms. I decide i'll take a quick look just in case. And no, it's not for my benefit or anything. It's just- they might try and hurt him again. You know? Okay, fuck it. I want to see him again.

Sorry it's so uneventful and short, i promise a long and exciting next chapter ;) x
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